Navy Missiles for the US Army? 

Read about it at Commander Salamander’s blog. It’s an interesting confluence. With the bevy of high-ranking army generals who are heavily pro-China, Gen. Milley not the least of which, it’s interesting to see that they are taking the threat posed by the PRC seriously.



The blockade of Libyan oil fields and terminals in mid-April 2022.

Libya’s parliament-appointed PM, Fathi Bashagha, attempted to seize power and oust Abdul Hamid Dbeibah’s rival administration in Tripoli, bringing about military clashes in the capital. A new spate of violence is coming?


Where do Europeans go on Vacation?


The War in Ukraine

Simplified map of decreasing Russian objectives in Ukraine.

From Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Finland’s Perspective – h/t Claudio

RFE/RL: Finland shares a 1,340-kilometer land border with Russia. Is that not a cause of concern if Russia is making mischief?

Toveri: The thing is that 90 percent of that border is wilderness, it’s just forest…no road, no network, no anything. Attacking with land forces across the border is mostly impossible…. They don’t have any land force [to do that]; 80 percent of their combat-capable land forces are in Ukraine. The garrisons next to the Finnish border have been emptied…. They don’t have anything.

Of course, they could look to air attacks over that long border, but our air defenses and air force are in pretty good condition, and we’ve seen the quality of the Russian Air Force in Ukraine — it’s really not too impressive. So it would be a very big risk for Russia to try something like that.

Russian problems at home as the war grows unpopular.


The Uvalde Shooter


Why not?


  1. Our courageous, honest, loyal, objective media aren’t covering the curious fact that the school shooter was a tranny. Weird, eh?

    • or that the buffalo shooter was a raging lefty. the picture is not the shooter/has been debunked but there are real pics of him in trannywear.

  2. maybe the libyans are cutting off the flow for other reasons? …..chicken of the tree- dark meat only but tasty in granny’s gravy. i’m ordering a pellet gun for them and the bold bunnies romping around the yard in broad daylight. looks like somebody is already poaching the deer. saw one lone doe, scared of her shadow. very abnormal for here. they usually roam in herds and aren’t afraid of anything…..i’m still seeing reports the russians are winning/meeting all their objectives. i have a pontoon bridge for sale to those people, some repair required. it comes with a free t72, only slight water damage. but wait, there’s more….

    • The Russians are starting to put pressure on Putin to end the bleed, but can he survive the loss of face that would bring?

      • hard to say. he is a proud man, but he would likely sacrifice for the greater good of mother russia. i don’t count him out yet. i heard a rumor he had survived an attempt on his life, but no confirmation of such…. here at home, i can’t wrap my head around the fact that coppers waited approx. hour to make entry at the uvalde school. we also had TWO tornadoes pass within a couple miles of us today. strange days indeed.

  3. Nice to see the Typhon name being resurrected! That was the name for the 1950s predecessor program to what became Aegis. The story of that developmental system is a worthy read, it was awesome and crazy as only Cold War military high-tech can be. They were worried about being able to generate enough electric power for the radar, on a CGN, while still having propulsion…

    My Dad always said squirrel is great.


  4. There’s a specimen for you, a total product of “look at me” self-centered social media, no parents, community disconnect, little or no faith to anchor the soul, and no one looking at glaring mentally ill red flags.

    The media and pundits (most, not all) are focusing on the exact wrong direction of the cause and effect. Guns, hardened schools, and police not doing their jobs (This incident aside, would you when everything is scrutinized for days or months after the fact by people who have no clue what a uniformed officer does?)…not the root problems.

    Heard (credibly) the Resource Officer (we have a neighbor who is one for the school district), was voted down by this school…because…wait for it…nearly every child in that school was an illegal. There is no anchor baby rule, it’s a lie, so the fault lies with the parents of these children, screaming at officers to save their children (should have of course, but that’s a different discussion). These people cannot demand a right they do not truly possess.

    A cascade of failures culminating in these tragedies, and everyone is looking behind rocks, ignoring the chasm right in front of them.

    • There is no legal requirement for a cop to come to your aid.
      He could be coming out of the Tasty Kreme to see you getting carjacked and not have to do a thing about it.

      • Agree that there is no legal requirement for the police to come to our aid if we are the victim of a crime. That fact though, should be taken into consideration when the cops want funding for all the sparkly stuff that they just need to have (SWAT gear, armored vehicles etc.)

        Having said all that isn’t there a moral requirement to respond? If when all the facts come out it is still true these officers stood around for the better part of an hour before making entry how can these people look at themselves in the mirror and think they are honorable people?

        • Once the police arrive and take control of the scene, they are accountable. Why the delay? It makes no sense to me.

          • LL you obviously know more about this than I do but I have read in several different places that the police have no legal requirement to protect a person when a crime was in progress or for that matter to even attempt to stop a crime in progress. Morally yes they do, after all they have taken the taxpayer’s coin but not legally. What I have left of my memory is even telling me there have been some circuit court decisions that upheld that lack of responsibility. It was several years ago but I will try to find something.

        • I just interviewed a prominent lawyer tonight for broadcast tomorrow and asked him this very question, even mentioning Parkland. Thank for the link.
          He was unequivocal.
          I don’t blindly support the blue.
          Some have earned it.
          Many have not, and in a crunch will turn on us.
          Just like the doctors that will not treat you if it will cost then their jobs.

  5. is it not breach of contract, to take our money to protect us but then to not protect us? i was a cop when policing went from “to serve and protect” to law enforcement. i quit and went military. i think i’ll leave it there.

    • The duty to protect and act affirmatively transfers to the police when they arrive and take control of the scene.

  6. Tongue in cheek, at the beginning of Covid I declared the squirrels coming to our bird feeder strategic meat reserve. Now certain members of the house hold have named several and can touch a couple so my name would be mud if I harvest any!

    • Over the years similar things have happened to me. The local buck deer ended up with names, and so forth. However in an effort to full disclosure, MANY years ago, a mockingbird perched outside my daughter Kelly’s window. She wanted me to kill it because it was very noisy. I asked her how I could kill Gregory Peck… She exclaimed, “You named the bird?”

      She instinctively knew that once named, the bird was safe from a pellet.

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