I’ll start and End this blog post with e-mail responses.

First, the Plague (see caption above)

Yes, I am sympathetic to people who have the plague. I am very sympathetic to people whose elderly relatives have the plague and have died due to the plague. I’ve been accused of being a heartless SOB. I’m not. There is a demographic that has been culled hard by the Chinese Plague.

This is my mother and me (above). My mother was a ballerina who danced for American Ballet Theater during its glory days. She still moves like a ballerina. She also danced for Sadler Wells in England. She has the plague and her current husband is terminal with the plague. I think that she will pull through physically, but don’t know how she will handle the loss.

I’m dealing with this.

I still think that the response to the plague (and I don’t blame President Trump) that involves shutting down the nation has been wildly irresponsible and destructive. We knew by early summer who this disease wiped out and could have targeted prevention at them and we didn’t. In fact, in some states, elderly people were PURPOSELY exposed to the plague by public directives – maybe to boost the fatality numbers? I can’t say for sure because I don’t know.


Fuxing Masks

The cupid stunts who are forcing people to wear masks need a decent and thorough ass kicking.


Happy Towel Head

Some people were relieved and happy to see Biden claiming victory.


Is this what it takes?


Then and Now

Beautifully decorated woolly mammoth tusk tip from the last ice age on display at Dolní Věstonice, Czech Republic. It’s dated at between 25,000-30,000 years ago.


FBI – Searching for Clues

The Far Side


Identify the Aircraft

This aircraft (above) shouldn’t be tough at all.

The one below is far more difficult, because I want the aircraft (not that tough) and the NATION that this particular aircraft flew for, which I think is much tougher. There is only one nation that marked this aircraft in this way – and the aircraft flew for several nations.


Identify the General Officer

Yes, he’s German, and he’s inspecting the 21st Panzer Division in Normandy, France, May 1944. This one shouldn’t be difficult at all.


In Response to e-mail

I have commented about pistols shots to the back of the head with “lighter calibers” in the past, which didn’t result in a kill. One commenter asked about 40 Cal. The skull thickens as it gets lower. A shot at point blank range higher in the skull can achieve the desired results.

In the case study above, a young Vietnamese man was shot in the back of the head with an FBI pistol – .40 Caliber, FBI ammo.** You can see the bullet emerging from his forehead. It was an Orange County case, investigated by the Regional Gang Enforcement Task Force (after the FBI withdrew from the Task Force). The pistol was found, matched to the ammunition, but the agent who presumably pulled the trigger was never charged.

So yeah, damned right, it will do the job. Shot placement is important. As Mike W. (who follows this blog) has pointed out, an ear shot is far more effective, but the FBI Special Agent who executed (allegedly) this person, had seen a lot of TV and possibly lacked the experience for more effective shot placement.

The agent to whom the weapon was issued claimed that they gave the firearm to an informant, who might have been the trigger puller.  There was never any disciplinary action involved with this incident.

Jason G. (deceased, above) was a drug dealer. Word on the street had it that he’d been protected by the FBI and then started blackmailing them. Again, word on the street.

** The task force included five agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). ATF had a program called “Drug-Fire” wherein expended shell casings could be linked to specific pistols. The FBI put a number of their “new 40’s” through Drug Fire before issuing them. It was their bad luck that this pistol had been Drug Fired and the expended shell casing had a match with the pistol (an FBI pistol) that fired it… oops. The task force also had three Secret Service Agents who focused on counterfeit US currency – supernotes, traced to Venezuela and Colombian presses.


  1. Sorry to hear of your mom and her husband. Sometimes circumstances just suck.

    Almost all the respirators I have say the same-no protection from virus’s. The point is, they are not expected to do anything, other than provide a religious submission statement.
    The rubber band is getting stretched pretty tight. People are losing long term friendships over this bogus stuff. They are stretched thin, drowning in a sea of fear propaganda , and clutching at the mask like a life preserver. Reason is gone. The truly invidious thing is the displacement of responsibility- YOUR not wearing a mask makes THEM at risk. And the people who can see and reason and evaluate risk are also getting very short on patience.
    The stage is set. Any opportunist could only hope for such a maelstrom of emotion to manipulate.

    • The donkeys will stretch that rubber brand until it breaks and then they will be surprised when the wheels come off the trolly. Billy the Kid is recorded as saying that, “The dumber somebody is, the more surprised they are when you kill them.”

      I won’t write more, my crystal ball is cloudy.

  2. Re: Your mom and her husband–dammit.

    2nd A/C photo are Bf-109’s, likely early models. Markings? I’m gonna guess Spain.

    German officer is Erwin Rommel.

    • The second aircraft is a Bf-109, early model, NOT SPAIN. I think that the markings are a head thumper.

      Yes, of course, the Desert Fox, as Field Marshal on the Atlantic Wall. The photo was taken two weeks before his wife’s birthday (D-Day).

      By way of update, my mother will be fine. I spoke to her this morning. Her husband passed. RIP.

  3. How ’bout Finland on the 109? Sorry to hear about your Mom and her Hubby…will say a little prayer for them and you too.

  4. Prayers for your mom and her husband.

    And wow, was there ever such a scam as the masks. Probably, but this moneyspinning pandora’s box of wickedness is up there.

  5. Lost my mom to flu several years back Sudden 105 fever, she couldn’t recover.

    Panavia Tornado.

    Swiss 109. Not sure which model.

  6. Sorry for your loss and condolences to your mother. Even when death from an illness is anticipated, it’s still always a shock, somehow.

    In another post you said something about whether various MDs who frequent this blog know anything extra about WuFlu death statistics. I am not sure about any gnostic doctor-only info. The MMWR (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report) from the CDC is the only one I know of, and that’s public.


    The problem is that I now view CDC as a potentially compromised source. Which is sad. And very disturbing, but not surprising, as it is happening all over Medicine. For example, a particular epidemiology medical conference I used to participate in (as attendee, presenter and peer-reviewer) has devolved over only the last five years from solid and mostly science-driven to political-agenda driven. I know the persons most responsible for this change (all white men in their 50’s and 60’s, so NOT young radical POCs), and they are personally very decent folks, really nice guys even, but their leadership has been disastrous. Recently I was talking about this with a very good friend (who as a pro-immigration Muslim and Hillary Clinton fan, is politically my opposite in so many ways). Friend has also written off that conference, saying in disgust “It’s not even science any more!” Demographics of the attendees have also changed over the last few years. The Sun People:Ice People ratio, to use Derbyshire’s terminology, has increased dramatically. Whether the change drove the agenda, or the new agenda (all “disparities” all the time!) attracted the Sun People I don’t know. I do know that the leadership in question are ecstatic about it.

    • Emotion does not equal science. I know that you know that, Mike_C. Propaganda relies on emotion and hysteria to be successful.

    • Covid – with a death rate on par with seasonal flu – is being used as an unstated Marshal Law, otherwise emergency powers would have lasted about 2 weeks, a month tops. Pelosi offered she delayed any relief to the trampled business owners until the new president was elected, Biden. They knew they’d steal it.

      Marshal Law coupled to Stockholm Syndrome…this will get more weird.

  7. I am sorry to hear about your mother’s husband and am glad that your mother is doing well.

    I got the aircraft before I got to SL’s comment. The first is a Tornado and the second iare Bf-109s.

  8. Well – dang. I was having a pretty good day until I read about your mom and her husband (RIP) It touched off a bit on an anxiety attack. I will add mom’s husband to my prayer list and also pray for peace for for your mom due to her loss, LL.

  9. True condolences about your mom’s husband. Glad she is getting better but getting over the shock of losing someone so close to you is tough.

    I got the Tornado and Rommel but failed on the Bf109

  10. Hospice has been called for my dad today. He tried several times to join during WW2, but was small at 15. He finally got in the nat guard but the war was over. He was in the Dixie Division for Korea in a training division. Unfortunately he was a skilled craftsman a woodworker. The officers kept him busy repairing their quarters. When it came time to ship out, his CO, was trying to send him to OCS , because he had no training.
    Most of my life he dog cussed the leadership of the US Army. Threatened to disown me if a joined the Navy, in 1970. Was totally pissed when my son joined the army. Though ,He was proud when his grandson became a ranger. He just never forgave those officers.

    • Close as dammit to 50-years on, and I remember orificers who deserve no forgiveness as well. You learn things in the Army you can use your whole life.

      L-L, sorry to hear of your mother’s loss. “We are diminished”

    • I’m sorry about your father, and feel for you and your family who will soon have to say good bye. Nothing easy about that.

      There are people in every profession who deserve retroactive birth control. I can tell stories – almost endlessly – about incompetent officers, and NCO’s. Sadly that sort of legendary incompetence extends to Biden, the man who calls himself president elect, and may end up as C-in-C. I can’t think of a scarier scenario, unless Camela becomes C-in-C.

  11. LL, probably one of the best Mom-son photos I’ve seen. They say you get your hair genes from your mother’s side…

  12. I appreciate the outpouring of love and kindness from you all.

    My Mother’s husband of 27 years, RH, had been ill with respiratory problems for some time. He was a four-pack-a-day smoker, having picked up the habit in the Army – Combat – WW2, African, Italian, European. Point of the spear leaves its marks on you, doesn’t it?

    There are always a few tears, but he was a Christian man, who lived life on his own terms, and died without regrets. All in all, you can say that his memory was an inspiration and his life as lived, is his benediction.

  13. Larry, I’m glad your mother will be alright. I’m sad for you both that her husband passed . Please accept my condolences .

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