The Ebola Blues

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The Sunday Sermonette is simply this: Elections have consequences. Any prudent regime would have slapped a travel restriction on natives and travelers from countries where ebola is present. The US has not.
White House – President Obama underscored the need to remain calm today, even though Africans have traveled to the US, exposing hundreds to the virus that they brought with them – and those people contacted other people. That’s how viruses spread. The president also stressed that under ObamaCare where if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor (period) and if you like your hospital you can keep your hospital (period) — you can be treated effectively and your ebola infection can be cured (period).
Those Americans who voted for President Obama feel a measure of comfort in his words. Everyone else is barricaded in their homes with keep-out signs on the doors and windows. In order to reassure the public that there is nothing to fear, President Obama is currently golfing (on a ship near the South Pole).

Texas, the port of entry for Africans coming to America with the ebola virus is celebrating diversity by embracing cousins from across the water.

10 thoughts on “The Ebola Blues

  1. His being 'inclusive'… One of his campaign promises… And if we stopped people coming in that would be racist… sigh

  2. Well, I've never been a huge fan of Dallasites, but I didn't exactly want their innards to melt.
    I am really confused about the decision to send 3,000 troops into the middle of an epidemic. Don't we need our military men and women for the purposes of national security? Or wait– we're not fighting any wars right now– I forgot. So sure, let's morph them into an army of humanitarian aid workers. That's what they enlisted to do, I'm sure.

  3. It's alright, we'll just get Dallas SWAT to shoot the virus, like our army's going to do in Liberia.

  4. The soldiers have been sent out to contain ebola and to give aid and comfort to the dying Africans whose guts are melting. Napalm would kill the virus much more cleanly.

  5. Mohammed didn't claim to be a negro, but maybe he was. I know that modern Middle Easterners don't claim the American Black Muslim movement or American blacks as their "spiritual brothers".

  6. Travel restrictions should have been put in place globally. It's mental. Now it's in Madrid. Very scary.
    Anyway, HI Larry! How's life? I've been busy as hell so sorry for my tardiness. 🙂

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