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The Pipeline

Maybe it’s just me, but I find it ironic that those (hippies) protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock turned the area they were protesting in into a “muddy cesspool of human waste and hazardous fuels”. To be fair to them the Occupy Wall Street (hippies) did the same thing to the area where they protested in New York City. 
(Fox News)…North Dakota originally offered protesters a carrot. If they agreed to leave peacefully, they would receive a hotel room and bus ticket to anywhere in the U.S. As of Wednesday night, none had taken it. They also offered a courtesy or ‘ceremonial arrest’ for anyone needing a picture for their Facebook page…Now the cleanup efforts begin. The camps span more than 1,000 acres, which had been, according to state officials, sensitive wildlife habitat. Now, because of an early thaw and thousands of “water protectors” it is a wet, muddy cesspool of human waste and hazardous fuels after protesters turned the native grassland into a dumping ground. 
According to the Col John Henderson of the US Army Corp of Engineers, crews have already removed some 250 truckloads of trash, but his agency plans to spend upwards to $1.2 million of taxpayer money to rehabilitate the area. 
“To ensure that none of this garbage and waste and debris and structures and vehicles ended up in the reservoir. That would be an absolute environmental catastrophe,” Henderson said. 
Most of the protesters who spoke to Fox News said fighting the pipeline was a life-changing experience. They didn’t want the moment to end.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)

It’s pathetic that these protesters have such empty lives that they have to find meaning through living like animals, eating on the charity of the Indians and others — all the while — threatening the health of the Indians who they profess to want to aid and whose health they profess to want to protect. Progs/hippies/liberals share a lot of those contradictory values.  

Some of those very same people wanted corrupt Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States, Commander in Chief and Leader of the Free World. Many of them want to see Elizabeth (Fake Indian) Warren as the next President because she’s a fake Indian. Since they either watch fake or very fake news, that makes sense in a twisted, progressive, corrupt way.

Trannys are Upset

As this blog has pointed out several times with sincere parodies that, the progressive movement, which glories in transgenderism and sodomy, holds to the notion that gender is a construct, not a biological reality, and that “you are what you feel that you are at the moment”.

The Wall Street Journal reports.

In another time, the liberals/progressives who foam at the mouth, rolling on the ground in a fit and projectile vomit at these presidential memorandums that said, “it’s a state problem, not a federal issue”, would be stuffed into a straight jacket and tossed into a padded cell in a lunatic asylum and medicated until they were able to rejoin society.

There may not be a way to talk someone out of the belief that boys magically change into girls by donning a dress and wearing lipstick any more than a spray on tan and Sideshow Bob hair-do make somebody a negro.

Sideshow Bob
Technically speaking, the Left is not insane. They are people who act insane, and adopt insane beliefs, because the act of adopting an insane belief makes them feel that they have godlike sovereign power to discard reality at will, and bend others to their will. Denying an obvious reality makes them feel empowered. The more obvious the reality they deny, the more empowered they feel.

         There is an Up-Side to all this

Surgery can arguably change things, but that’s not how the progs want to define gender. For now, it’s up to the states to decide. In California, everyone is a man, a woman and neither all at the same time. It’s tough to get more progressive than that. I now need to apply for a small business loan under no-interest provisions as a black woman to take full advantage of the progs.  Hopefully they’ll forgive the massive loan (sort of like Obama’s Green Energy loan program) when I default because everybody tried to keep the black woman down and I couldn’t get a break. These things happen. I haven’t decided what sort of business to open – maybe some sort of social justice research think tank that I can run at a loss, funded by the California Legislature.
A New Hope
There are presently 102 openings for federal judgeships in the US. More will come open during the Trump Administration. None of those slots will be filled by progs — and they are appointed for life. It’s not only the Supreme Court that will be transformative with Trump appointees.

16 thoughts on “The Dream Catcher

  1. There are presently 102 openings for federal judgeships

    That will be filled with lawyers (so says the cynic). May the majority be in the Neil Gorsuch mold if that many can be found.

  2. It is much easier to travel thousands of miles, camp on someone else's property, get yourself on national media, eat someone else's food, and poop on someone else's yard, than to do something about the problems within ones own community…

    I sure hope you are right about the judgeships!

  3. Hippies are always looking for a cause. Solving the drug problem in the inner cities would be a noble effort but they take them, so that is not necessarily the best mix.

  4. "… adopting an insane belief makes them feel that they have godlike sovereign power to discard reality at will, and bend others to their will. Denying an obvious reality makes them feel empowered. The more obvious the reality they deny, the more empowered they feel."

    This is basically the definition of a psychological/emotional abuser. If you've ever been in a relationship with someone who redefines reality, you know that it is [unsurprisingly] as destructive on an interpersonal level as this tendency is on a broad, social level.

  5. There's also a lot of "magical thinking" that goes on with progs as they form their opinion of the world around them – and it's all centered on group-think. Example: Inside every ISIS terrorist, there is a friend who will love me for the tranny that I am; I can save the polar bears from extinction by going to the far north and feeding them where the polar cap used to be; Hillary really cared about the little children (but only after they were born – one day before and she'd have their little bodies sold for research); etc. the endless scenarios have become memes – Harambe loves me.

  6. Lets hope they can FIND that many good, conservative lawyers… Re the Dakota Pipeline, it's just the continuing trend, going all the way back to 1968 and Chicago. Trash the place both literally and metaphorically, then run to the next protest, lather, rinse, repeat. None of them really care about anything other than getting their names in the media. Hippies ver 2.0

  7. They do like photo ops of an arrest for their Facebook pages. It gives them street creds with the other freaks.

  8. Speaking of Sideshow Bob, did you hear that fake negro Rachel Dolezal has published a book of her experience? You know, her experience of being white, feeling all of that white privilege and an urge to lord it over those of us who are not as white as her, and then coming to her senses and becoming black.

    I would bet that book flies off the bookstore shelves.

  9. I have put that book on the must-buy list for you for Christmas. I suspect that once you've read it, you'll rush off to the tanning salon to try and wash away all of that privilege. Tell Aunt Sally that the next time you come to supper, all you want to eat is fried chicken and watermelon because you want to feel your new roots. (I'm sure that if she prepared watermelon, she'd figure a way to make even THAT chip a tooth)

  10. Yep and those in DC? Well, they'll have MORE street cred when they get out of prison…

  11. Yes, Aunt Sally's watermelon could chip a tooth. Don't know how she does it, nobody does, it's a gift.

  12. Cherish the gift. There may come a time when you want to turn grits into bullets and nobody else can pull it off.

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