The ObamaCare Shadow

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I can’t fault Congress from exempting its legislators (America’s favorite sons and daughters) from the provisions of ObamaCare. There is nothing about it that is in the least bit desirable. I do find fault with them sticking all of us with this disaster that’s about to absorb 20% of the American economy into the Byzantine world of American bureaucracy.

(IBD) The average price for the lowest-cost ObamaCare “bronze” plan in eight states is 122% higher than the cheapest plan currently available in those states, according to an IBD analysis of rate filings and a recent Government Accountability Office report.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) pronounced that the legislature had to pass it to see what was in it. America has seen and it doesn’t look very promising. In Ohio, for example, the least expensive “bronze” plan for a 25-year-old will cost $1,956 a year. That’s almost three times higher than the cheapest plan in that state today, and higher than even the median-priced plan in the state, according to the GAO report.

The Obama Administration tells us not to look at cost — turn instead to subsidies (free money) that will bring down the price. A young worker making $20,000 in Maryland, for example, would pay about $1,000 for the cheapest ObamaCare plan, after the subsidy. That’s still $278 more than the least expensive plan offered in the state today.

Because coverage is guaranteed, people have an incentive to put off buying insurance until they get sick, thereby saving premium costs in the meantime. And the community rating rules reduce premiums for the sick, but raise them for the healthy. 

The combination of the two can create a premium “death spiral.” If young, healthy people refuse to buy coverage, the insurance pool gets older and sicker, and premiums climb still higher. (IBD opcit)

Will you get to keep your doctor under ObamaCare? The president sold it as a “yes”, but today everyone is saying, “no”.  It’s just one more lie. One more broken promise.

Remember that the only reason that ObamaCare passed the US Supreme Court is because it’s a tax. It’s wealth redistribution with a lot of the redistributed money going into the pockets of those same insurance companies that President Obama vilified in order to get his landmark legislation enacted.

10 thoughts on “The ObamaCare Shadow

  1. Listening to union reps squeal, complaining about the health care legislation that THEY helped ram down American throats would be pleasurable if our country's economy were not being wrecked in the process.

  2. And the terminology changes in cancer, cancerous, etc. to limit testing are a defacto death panel for the older folks… It's already starting!

  3. How much more before the general populace does something about what is being done? It appears that most are comfortable with not going beyond a few shouted words…

  4. My opinion only: ObamaCare will be quietly scrapped by some time in 2015 and will be folded into Medicare.

    People will begin to howl when their rates triple. Before that, it is an "ignorance is bliss" situation, I'm afraid.

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