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Don’t be Tardy to the Party

I am protesting the Oscars tonight by not watching (I usually don’t watch but I’m not watching for a reason) because the Academy and the actors, directors, producers, and so forth are all racists. If they were the least bit inclusive, they’d invite illegal aliens, radical Muslims, the homeless/hungry and others whose causes they espouse to the Oscars and to all of the after-parties. Thus they are by definition, xenophobic bigots

They will be swilling champagne, eating caviar on crackers and congratulating each other while surrounded by walls and armed guards. Their behavior is the very marrow of progressiveness in America.

Town Hall Meetings

Republicans who are courageous enough to host town hall meetings have been shouted down by people who want to keep ObamaCare. Those citizens, most of whom were Obama voters, are too stupid to understand that most insurance carriers have dumped ObamaCare and that the program is broke. It was poorly conceived and the roll-out was nothing short of disastrous. Unless you’re in the Medicaid category of poor, what coverage remains is vastly expensive for mediocre coverage. If Congress doesn’t pass a fix, it will go broke and those unhappy voters won’t have any insurance at all.
Race Relations
File this one under: You’re only as white as you think you are.

Rachel Dolezal, white woman who identifies as black, now jobless, may soon be homeless (more here from Fox News). Dolezal says that she’s a trans-negro and that she was never comfortable being white. At the moment nobody wants to hire her or pay her rent. She claims that she’s been offered roles in the porn industry.

13 thoughts on “Dribs and Drabs

  1. Maybe Shaun King could get Rachel a job? Just a thought. In the meanwhile, let's hope the nation boycotts the millionaire socialist frenzy of self-congratulation that is the Oscars.

  2. I don't think that Rachel would feel that welcoming love in Texas Hill Country. She's far too progressive for that. San Francisco, on the other hand, might be perfect for her. Has she been nominated for an Oscar? I didn't check (where would one check?).

  3. I think she'd fit in well with San Francisco and Austin, despite being a CIS female, which is pretty intolerant. She is, however, a trans person of color, which earns her points.

    You haven't employed zhir in your think tank?

  4. Not being a porn connoisseur I can't judge her earning potential. In my case she would have to pay me to look at her, naked or wearing clothes. Doubt I'm alone.

  5. The porn industry preys on the mentally unstable…

    I wish MH services would help this poor woman, but her delusion is too similar to that of the "gender fluid" so no one can actually corner her and say "look, just hush and come to therapy for a while, take this medication for schizophrenia, etc…"

    Media is now mocking her, instead. (Unsurprising. They just want a buck.)

    The "progressive" left deserves to be mocked. The individuals suffering from total lack of connection to reality need help. Not porn offers… Ugh. It's all so sick.

  6. Oh, and I didn't even know the Oscars were tonight, so I win points for living in a cave. 🙂 thanks for that news.

    Why are they called Oscars??

  7. I don't think that there's enough whiskey in Texas to keep me viewing while she copulates. I understand that may sound cruel, but it's true.

  8. Academy Award librarian and future Director of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Margaret Herrick. The story goes that when Herrick first saw the statue in 1931, she said that it looked like her Uncle Oscar. According to Emanuel Levy, author of All About Oscar: The History and Politics of the Academy Awards – so that's why. It pained me to look it up for you, Jenny. But I did because you asked.

  9. Last time there was social justice outrage by the negro actors and directors because it was a 'white-out'. I heard on the news that black people won two of the top four awards this time, so I hope that scratches the itch for recognition and social justice.

  10. I think it could be considered anti-priapic medical therapy for those having Viagra or Cialis mishaps. "If your erection should last longer than four hours, view Rachel Dolezal porn …."

  11. I'm sure that the viewing experience could be likened to jumping into the Bering Sea – through a hole in the ice – mid-winter. No priapism could possibly survive.

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