The Top 1% – Who wants it?

By Dr. Jordan Peterson – worth a few minutes of your time. What is the relationship between money and well-being? 

“The more female doctors that you have, the more female doctors that you need to have” 

Occupational Redundancy Planning

Within the next ten years, one of the aggressively inventive AI companies will build a reliable self-driving and navigating system for private and commercial vehicles. That will put somewhere in the order of 4.5 million Americans out of work. (3.5 million truck drivers and another million misc. drivers who make their living that way) It’s something to think about, worth a pause. There are a lot of jobs like barrel maker, cable splicer, ice cutter, pin setter, switchboard operator, etc. that no longer exist and won’t be coming back. ‘Driver’ will be one of those. Twenty years from now, the young won’t really grasp that you have to drive the automobile. Just state the destination and play games, or sleep until you arrive. 
Taking people out of the mix (overhead) and replacing them with robots will create an increasingly disassociated group of people who won’t be able to find the sort of work that they’re accustomed to doing. I’ve blogged about this before, but I see it getting worse.
Propaganda and Political Correctness
I have no idea how long the present propaganda machine will grind on. As our fellow blogger, Mike C points out, the big news now is that criticizing Jeffrey Epstein, late famous exploiter of children is being put out as ‘anti Semitic’. Thus, if you’re bothered by his conduct (or that of his friends) while he lived, you’re a Jew hater. I realize that one doesn’t conflate with the other, but the media machine spins continually. Maybe there will be a tipping point, but maybe not? Orwellian studies indicate that the Ministry of Truth scenario grinds on and on and on. Face it. You’re all racists. Embrace it and move on.
There are more American flags on the surface of the Moon than were present at the Democrat Party’s debates. They seem to be ashamed of being Americans. Curious, isn’t it? Why would they want to be commander-in-chief if not to damage things? 
Stork Biz
My grandson will be born on Monday, whether naturally or by C-Section. As of 11 pm on the Pacific Coast, labor continues, and I wanted to put a box around this blog for the night. Hospitals are hospitals. I’m not particularly fond of hanging out in them.
Whenever another grandchild is delivered, I wonder what sort of world they will inherit. No matter what, the world around them will be different than the world that I (and we) inherited half a century ago.


  1. That self-driving car/truck thing… 10 years is dreaming.
    Quite possibly 50, though.

    It won't put as many driver out of work as you think, though. Humans are just much cheaper than automation for any job that requires flexibility. Most of those truckers have to load and unload their own cargo at various skid-row warehouse and manufacturing facilities with completely different arrangements for such activities. Good luck on the robot reading the scribbled bill of lading too, and being able to determine that that skid of ORM-D toluene in cans shouldn't be labelled as sheet plywood. It'll revolutionize the big fancy carriers that have big fancy contracts with big fancy companies who can install all the necessary computer-controlled automated warehousing and S/R, but that's only a tiny fraction of the US business world – an awful lot of it is filthy, marginal small businesses, barely hanging on. They all survive by being cheap, and cheap means a few low-paid employees, all doing ten jobs.

    I drive a school bus, and let me tell you no robot is going to be able to do that job until we can build robots who are people, and then we'll have to pay them. All you'll get from a robot school bus at the end of the first month is some dead kids, a bunch of truant kids in the wind, and a vandalized bus, on fire in a ditch.

    The only kind of solace I can offer about future generations is that it will seem normal to them, because they won't have grown up with what we had so they won't miss it. I know it's not much.


  2. I really enjoyed the Jordon Peterson clip and may have to follow the link to the entire lecture if I get a chance.

  3. Complete automation will allow the elite to control who gets what, completely.

    Good luck and God bless! Waiting for the report. 🙂

  4. I'm with you there – to me, the push for self driving vehicles is moving too fast for its own (or our) good.
    I suspect that there will be a spate of crashes and other problems that will push the government to crack down, which will ultimately delay the industry more than if they had taken the proper time and care to do the job right. And of course this doesn't even bring in the issues you brought up – cost, decision making, additional labor, etc.

    The Army has been trying to get self driving gear to work for 30 years, to the tune of billions of dollars – and they haven't succeeded; a group of self important internet millionaires who constantly get distracted by the next shiny thing won't do any better.

  5. Congrats to the daughter! I don't think the self drivers will actually make it in 10 years. Too many dissimilar roads/idiots on the road with them.

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