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The study shows that most people make four big mistakes in their lives. What are your four?


Bullet Points

* A lapse of judgment from time to time is only human, but you should never have a lapse of judgment every single day. If you do, encouraging other lemmings to follow you into the surf is how “crime” is defined.

This booster was tested on 8 mice. All of those mice caught covid.

So the CDC Director recommends hundreds of millions of Americans take it every two months. Oh, and wear your obedience mask too. You wouldn’t want to be confused with an Ultra MAGA, identified by FJB as the worst threat (behind global warming) that the US faces. Then again, FJB eats checkers, thinking that they’re Oreo cookies.

* (Daily Mail – UK) Four Russian fighter jets were intercepted and forced to return to base after they infringed on Polish air space earlier today, according to Italy’s air force. Aeronautica Militare announced that the squadron took off from the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, and flew an aggressive path that took them through Polish skies.

The Italian jet fighters are currently stationed in Poland as part of the Baltic Air Policing operation, which is an expression of the solidarity of NATO countries with Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, i.e. those countries of the Alliance that does not have their own military aviation.

* FJB $31,000,000,000,000 – The U.S. National Debt topped $31 trillion for the first time today,  but I’ll bet that you feel a lot better off — money well spent, right?

* AOC Unwoke? Say it isn’t so. The Latinx Communist Congresswoman isn’t happy about plans to build a tent city for illegal aliens in her district. According to the NY Daily News. Many of those illegal aliens are her people. Why wouldn’t she want to live with them surrounding her (with love)?

* The Butt Guy Speaks – When you “promote” a mediocre mayor with no positive accomplishments, from a small city to a major position, you get what you get. Despite his promotion of electric cars, he’s a very dim bulb.

* How many countries tax their citizens so that they can send money to the United States?

* Follow the Money – One thing is clear, Arizona’s Mogollon Rim is not in the top 10.

* OPEC Cuts production – FJB blames Russia. The logical response would be for the USA to increase oil production, but whoever is running the USA apparently doesn’t want that to happen.


25 thoughts on “Bullet Points

      1. What does he lose by giving it to China as a goodwill gesture or diverting it into the US supply chain to buy votes? He’s the boss of the Biden Crime Family.

  1. I initially thought that photo of Dr Walensky was a photo of Kamala Harris. Seriously. Anyway, the irony of someone of Walensky’s ethnicity pushing persons into being victims of de facto pseudo-medical experimentation … I don’t have words for it.

    As to Mayor Pete: Young, dumb, and full of … um. Hot air? Yeah, “hot air” is totally what I was thinking.

    1. No matter how many times Mayor Pete inseminated his “wife”, he was unable to get pregnant. So maybe just full of hot air since we know that men can give birth as a matter of national policy.

      Dr. Welensky could change her name to Mengele without argument from me.

  2. Vaxx: I had a beer with a few of the neighbors after clearing some hurricane debris. Someone mentioned the latest “booster” where upon a number boomers present brought up their various statuses: Double vaxxed/doubled boosted but scheduling the latest one too, along with yet another shingles vax. The minimum amongst the actual 70+ crowd was double vaxed, and a couple others, a spry 60 or so, said only 1 and got sick as a dog. Whereupon all the uh, ah, “I got it too” or “I got it twice” started around. I politely asked who had their second polio vax, whereupon someone conveniently changed the subject to the Bucs and did you see that game……

    That photo of Dr Walensky, is she giving the “make sure that’s the saline” look? I’ve never seen anybody stare at the nurse like that while getting an injection. As to AOC, what neighborhood does she live in in D.C.? I can put in a word with DeSantis about a nice street corner to unload another batch of ‘voluneers’, along with a celibrity map. They can knock on her door first, then hit up the rest of the squad.

    1. NY – 14th District, Roughly half of the population of the district is of Hispanic or Latino heritage, making it one of the more Latino districts in New York. It would be a perfect place to drop thousands of illegal alien immigrants who could compete for local jobs, undercutting the wage demands of residents. The district cuts across the Bronx and Queens. The address of the district office is 74-09 37th Avenue, Suite 305, Jackson Heights, NY 11372. Busses could just unload there.

      AOC doesn’t have one white person on her staff despite 23% of the residents being white. It smacks of racism.

  3. I am not a betting guy but I wonder what the odds are that the majority of the “COVID Boosters” our political leadership has gotten are saline? Pretty good odds I would think.

    Also notice diesel jumped up 20 cents a gallon from Monday, yay. Old NFO I think the SPR will continue to shrink. Why not, Biden can make a good sound bite or two if the cost of gas drops a nickel for a week upon the next large release.

    31 Trillion, if we start paying now our grandchildren’s grandchildren will still be paying that mess down. Other countries have repudiated their debts I wonder what would happen if the US did.

  4. The dems and FJB are only concerned about the Saudi’s dropping their output by 2 million gallons a day because of the election. Otherwise, they would be happy….what better way to force people into EV’s than $8 gal. gas. The only way to save the country is to vote out every demorat and keep them out for 2 or 3 decades.

    1. They’ll keep inflating the currency and when the rate sky rockets, they’ll introduce a new currency (evidently electronic) backed by real value. The new currency will be worth $1 to $1,000,000,000 of the current dollar. Debt will be paid off quickly. No one will have any savings, but what the heck, greater good and all that. And down the line they’ll remove the value backing of the new dollar and we’ll start all over again.

      1. Yes, the new electronic currency is on the way… unless it can be stopped by new congress seated in the mid-terms.

  5. You’re the first source I’ve read saying all 8 of the mice got Covid.

    Honestly, when they said the test with 8 mice was the only test there was going to be, I stopped listening. It’s a test that demonstrates essentially nothing. The essence of why I didn’t take the jab in the first place was that it hadn’t undergone five year tests, but I thought that was bad as it would get.

    Every time I think, “it’s as bad as it can get,” the vax pushers say “hold my beer.”

    1. I read an account of the new testing protocols where a computer is used in lieu of living creatures. The mice were a sop to the old system but weren’t necessary. All got sick, but since they didn’t matter, the testing includes new RNA sequencing…the same testing that went into this year’s flu shot.

      1. “…a computer is used in lieu of living creatures.”

        You mean like climate change models? About as accurate as the daily weather reports on Weatherbug that change every 2 hours.

  6. had my yearly checkup monday. after the doc told me all systems were go, he proceeded to offer me a variety of vaccines for a myriad of ailments. politely declined. offered me statins, again. then “non-statin statins”. wth? are they docs or snake oil salesmen? never mind, i know the answer.

    1. Prolly pcsk9 inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies that reduce cholesterol via a “double negative” mechanism that I can never keep straight in my pointed head. I’ve never prescribed one. Not because they’re bad, but because I left clinical medicine before they came on the market. Anyway, they are all the rage right now. I’m not against monoclonal antibody medications (without them I’d probably be dead now), but there is definitely pressure on MDs to push LOTS of stuff.

      My oncologist tried like hell to get me to take the covid “vaxx”. I told her it would be idiotic for me to do so while undergoing chemotherapy, and explained my reasoning. She admitted that I was making sense, but kept advocating for it (because hospital policy). Then I talked to the Infectious Diseases specialist MD. The ID person initially pushed also, but then agreed my reasoning was completely correct and left me alone. Oncology kept pushing. Finally I said to the oncology team, “I consider the vaxx dangerous to everyone, but particularly to a person with lymphoma, for reasons I’ve explained. If anyone comes at me with a syringe of vaxx, I will consider it an attempt to do me permanent grievous and life-altering injury. And I will defend myself accordingly, using whatever force is necessary to do so. This is NOT a threat; I do NOT want to harm anyone. But it is an honest statement of my sincere belief. Go ahead and document what I just said as part of my medical record, so you can stop having to push this crap on me.”

      I’m NOT recommending that anyone else do this because it CAN be considered a criminal threat. But FWIW they left me alone after that.

      1. My healthcare system keeps pushing plague vaxes and boosters, the NuFlu vax, and so forth. I simply tell them in a quiet voice that I decline them. They push, I say no. I doubt that anyone has the balls to come at me with a syringe. When I had surgery last December 27, I asked my surgeon not to inject me while I was under. He said that he had been FORCED to take the vax to keep his job but thought that it had serious problems. I expect that he spoke truly.

  7. I echo the others, anyone of supposed self-importance taking selfies of themselves getting a jab…besides being narcissistic on steroids (Who does that!?), are either a junkie who likes getting injections, or is a politician, are getting saline or a dummy shot.

    Apparently the Dems and their moronic supporters on the Left are rerunning the well worn “It’s all Russian disinformation/Russia’s fault!!” propaganda play to cover their own actions. Rinse, repeat. No one will notice.

    AOC has enough ill-gotten cheese saved up from the Federal Swamp Bar Tip Jar she should buy all “her peeps” their very own Tesla. Spread the love around….and it’s “renewable/green” so gobs of woke credits in the gifting.

  8. The VA keeps pushing the vac. I only use them for a blood thinner prescription as it saves me some serious money but I need to have an “annual primary care ” visit. At the last one, politely declined anything. The “doc” and I then B.s.d for fifteen minutes. Mutual benefit. They had all the “paperwork” to cover their asses and I had my status renewed.

    1. I just went through that myself. The annual primary care visit — they would stop prescribing medication that I needed unless I showed up. And like you, they pushed stuff on me and as I wrote above, I simply declined.

      It’s a change for me, though. Before the plague, I took the annual Flu Shot. I don’t know whether it worked because some years I came down with the flu and others, I didn’t. Who knows whether or not it worked?

      I had surgery twice since my last primary care visit and nobody told my MD. I guess that I slipped through the cracks.

  9. Sure she got the vaxx and I got Jennifer Anniston last night.
    I will fess up to one mistake, don’t know if it qualifies as a big one but I was young and agreed to sell a tractor to a guy and reneged (my bad for sure) thinking I could get more and much later got hosed when I finally sold it. Any ex wife definitely qualifies.

  10. Bad choices? Several, most involving women, as in sailing the big sailboat I built from Hawaii to San Francisco instead of Tahiti to be with my daughters mother. Finally got a keeper but it took a while.

  11. BIG mistakes? Hmmm…well I turned down a full scholarship to General Motors Institue back in the 70’s. Did it TWICE, in fact. Does that count as one or two?
    And like most other young men, the other BIG mistakes in my life involved women….

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