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“LL, you can afford a new PC-6B2H4 (Pilatus Turbo Porter) with full IFR package, extended range tanks and up-powered radar.”

Just because I can, does not mean that I will. I have some business pending that could push me off the decision making fence, though. Best wait and see how it all works out…but…you know about boys and toys and the prize going to he who has the most.

Pilatus is taking orders for another month and they’ll roll out the last of the PC-6 aircraft in 2019. I’ve been toying with putting an order in.

Those in touch with the LL philosophy will understand that one of my dreams for retirement is barnstorming across the US and Canada in the summer months with my grandchildren. The Porter (turbo) is one of the more rugged and effective VSTOL aircraft in the civilian world, with a reputation stretching back sixty years. The Pratt and Whitney PT-6 engine doubles the horsepower in the original engine. Add a 4 blade variable pitch propellor and it’s pretty cool.

The engine is capable of putting out 750 horsepower (instead of the rated 550 HP) but doing that reduces the life of the engine. Life is nothing but trade-offs.

I’m driving to the White Wolf Mine and you know that I’ll be thinking that it would have been better if I simply flew there. The Porter doesn’t break any speed records, but that’s not what aircraft is about. It will haul over one ton of cargo, ten people or a bit of both. Are you thinking that it would be sort of a camper for a barnstormer working his way from here to there? If so, you’re reading my mind.
I know what you’re thinking. I know how your evil minds work. You want to tell me that if it flies, floats or does something else, I should lease, not buy.
Yes, there’s that.

PS – I am fond of other aircraft as well like the North American OV-10A Bronco. Some are in private hands, though many of those are repurposed for firefighting. The cost of the aircraft and the operating costs of an OV-10A push it beyond what is realistic for me.

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  1. Stick with the Power Wagon. Less things to go wrong, and I assume you are not in a hurry to get from here to there and back.

  2. Extremely capable airplane when professionally operated. Recall a 1960's FBO saying, "If it weren't for Bonanzas, we would be up to our asses in doctors".

  3. Though the Porter doesn't come with handy stub-wings for mounting machine guns for strafing thine enemies, the Porter is a more than reasonable compromise.

  4. This is one of those planes whose beauty transcends it's physical appearance.

    Is it "prettier" than a P-51D?

    Hell no.

    But then you can't set a Mustang down at the WWM, and unload a freaking TON (!?!) of cargo from it.

    Owned 1/3 of a Cessna 150 Aerobat years ago. One of the other owners was a 1st class A&P mechanic, and the other owner's parents owned the airport, so as far as operating costs go, we were dirt cheap!

  5. I only deleted because I can't write English.

    Neat plane. I guess you can put in a Porter capable strip at the WWM? As a former TAC Airlifter that would be a fun bunch of aluminum to maneuver around the sky. I have seen some films of the more "challenging" operations those aircraft have done. Some would shake in their boots; me, I would say just bring it on.

  6. My question as well. Are you contemplating your own landing strip at WWM, or is there something handy nearby, at least for fuel?

  7. This is the first time I've actually envied someone something he could own in a long time…you'll regret it if you don't do it, I think. Worst case, I'm sure you could mount an LMG or two in the door, just in case something needed the 'Spooky' treatment.

  8. If you are going PP-PC-6, go whole hog.
    Lots more landing spots when you can chose between runways and water.

  9. I'm on the road and don't have much time to blog or respond at the moment. I have seen those floats and I'm not saying that I wouldn't. However, they do change the air speed (not a greyhound under the best of circumstances) dynamics and if I was to include them it would be at a later date.

  10. I have a first class aircraft mechanic living up near the White Wolf Mine who used to work in black programs.

  11. I've looked at some of the trainers hard, but they can't carry what I want to carry and they don't have the rough runway capacity that I need. You also don't know how hard they've been flown in the past and where the faults in the airframe structure are.

  12. There are places that I can land a Porter close to home, but would likely keep it in Payson, AZ in a hanger – and where there is fuel available. With extended range tanks, and a normal load this aircraft has a 7.5 hour flight range.

  13. There are old pilots and bold pilots. I'm old. So that speaks volumes about whether or not I'm willing to land it on a postage stamp on the side of a mountain. The aircraft will do it. Whether I want to be a the stick/rudder when that happens is quite another thing.

  14. I figured that and really made that comment in jest. My uncle has one and I have had some fun and scary rides in that plane. He bought it new in the 80s. It was one of twelve planes that were supposed to go to some African country but for some reason never made it. He knew people who knew people and… It's in camo,wing tanks and the like.Super cool plane and he flies it still.

  15. IMHO leasing is the way to go. Besides the cost of buying the plane, there is upkeep, fuel, insurance plus a place to house it. Unless you plan on using it for business and others pay the fair, renting seems the best and cheapest.

  16. "…but there are no old, bold pilots". If one is knowledgeable of one's skills and appropriately trained on the aircraft, then one can do so amazing things. I would not violate that.

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