Political Risk Insurance

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Now there is insurance that will protect you (or more properly your landlord) from attacks from the Internal Revenue Service or the Office of the Attorney General.
Bill Whittle learned first hand about this interesting development as we try to survive the government who serves us. Note that this insurance does not indemnify you from an over-reaching OSHA or EMA bureaucracy. I guess you’d need another insurance policy for that.
Maybe more than just one more policy.
It’s the changing face of the American landscape, the fulfillment of hope, change and radically transforming the nation from what it is into what the American progressives hope that it will become — and Political Risk Insurance is clearly emblematic of that change.

We all know that if, say, the government wants to show that US firearms are being used to arm drug cartels, that the disappointing statistics that they don’t seem to be — the problem can be remedied by simply having the USGOV secretly arm the drug cartels with firearms originating in the US. If some US agents are then murdered with those firearms, the US Attorney General can simply say that, ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs’, and he remains in office for 6 years.
Nothing to see here – please move on.

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  1. Every time a frequent question come up, it has to be reinvestigated. A very expensive way of doing nothing.

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