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Comparison in size between Earth and Mars
If you have the GOOGLE CHROME Browser, you can look at these panning shots from various spacecraft on the surface of Mars including the Curiosity Rover. Posted here courtesy of the Ashima Group of Companies: MARS You can pan around 360 degrees with each picture once you’re on the website. It’s the next best thing to landing there yourself and getting your shoes covered with red Martian dust.

Download Google Chrome Here

It’s not the Hollywood version of Mars (below)

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  1. Too bad Mars is so small and cold. That started the trouble where the core became un-molten, lost Mars it's magnetic field and then most of its atmosphere. Other than that, it would be a nice-ish place to live.

  2. It makes where we are the only game in town. Just a mote of dust in the endless expanse, but it's home.

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