The Blessings of Socialism

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The economic meltdown plus anticipatory concern about the new Venezuelan inflation control measures have caused a spike in the number of daily border crossers into Brazil and Colombia. Inflation in Venezuela passed 82,000%. Brazilian authorities expect up to 1,000 migrants a day this week.
It’s all completely predictable. Venezuela used to be a wealthy country. It floats on an ocean of oil. It used to be a happy country with abundant food because the growing season lasts through 12 months of the year. There are verdant mountains, fresh flowing streams of clear, clean water. Everyone had enough, and some did very well. Then envy set in, the people embraced socialism to distribute the wealth (social justice) that some people had accumulated by stealing from the rich. Is it fair that some should have more than others? Capital fled. Business owners were looted and businesses closed. The government said that they’d run those businesses. (Much like the promise of Obamacare was to make all US healthcare as good as the VA)
In May, the Red Cross reported that more than a million Venezuelans have crossed into Colombia in the past year. A recent UN report said that 2.3 million Venezuelans from a population of 31.3 million have fled to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil. Ecuador and Peru will soon begin refusing to accept anyone without a visa. 
Brazilian President Michel Temer is sending more troops and more police to the border after locals in the town of Pacaraima, Roraima State, clashed with Venezuelan migrants. The mission of the troops is to protect the migrants. Three Brazilians were injured in the clashes.
In Pacaraima on the 18th, several migrant encampments were attacked by angry residents following reports that a local restaurant owner had been badly beaten by Venezuelans. The tents and belongings of the migrants were torched by the locals.
The Brazilian government will not close the border, according to the Institutional Security Minister. However, the government of Roraima State want the Brazilian Supreme Court to order the border closed to migrants. The number of troops is expected to rise to 150.
The great Venezuelan exodus is one of the largest population movements in South American history. 
Large population movements are inherently destabilizing because they impose extra burdens on local resources. They cause resentment and tension because they often result in the failure of the government to satisfy the needs and wants of the residents. Those conditions create stress, and stress is the gateway to violent internal instability. The weekend violence in Pacaraima was a textbook manifestation of stress.
Increased regional tension also is one of the ripple effects of the Maduro government’s mismanagement of the Venezuelan economy. Mass movements are one source of conflict between countries.

20 thoughts on “The Blessings of Socialism

  1. She heap big chief, no doubting that. Her vision is to make the entire world into Venezuela so that there's nowhere for the refugees to run.

  2. Sounds familiar. Destabilizing influence.
    When I get home I would like to share this on facebook, if you and they will let me.

  3. I can only vote but beyond that I'm powerless to stop the low-iQ masses who want free stuff. How do we win?

  4. We've managed to win as a nation so far – by in large. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. The lapse brings the night, and that's always a bad thing.

  5. If you ask the liberals among us, the problem with socialism is that it hasn't been implemented by the 'right people.' Namely, those of us who know more, have more compassion, are smarter and are just, well, better. You know, THOSE guys.

    Lord save us from those guys.

  6. Bit redundant for the audience here, but here is JP on "real communism".

  7. Lenin doubled down. Stalin tripled down. So did Mao.

    During the cultural revolution somewhere between 50 million and 60 million Chinese died. Then again, a socialist/communist – same thing – would tell you that you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

  8. There's no iron curtain to keep them in, so the 'revolutionaries' are all leaving while they can. It's a pressure valve, which is what the US border has been for Mexico for generations.

  9. Respect your betters, Fredd. They're looking out for you. The Great White Father in DC loves his children.

    Mike_C, the crowd here on Virtual Mirage doesn't want Big Brother.

  10. It angers me to read the comments after Venezuela articles making allusions to the Trump administration as though it's the same thing. Excuse me. I can't believe the level of stupid of these people, but you keep loading up the country with them and they'll win. Sorry for venting.

  11. When they 'acknowledge' that 10% of the population has left, you know it's bad. And Brazil and the others aren't in any shape to assimilate or support that many immigrants.

  12. It seems as though the borders of neighboring nations are starting to tighten up as the limits of charity are strained.

  13. Venezuela doubled down on stupid.

    I'm nearly positive that there are professors across our great nation filling student's heads with the glory of it all. Viva revolution.

  14. In an acrimonious online discussion with a Democratic Socialist (actually a far-left Minnesota Democrat-Farmer-Labor type) I once referred to Obama as our Great Half-White Father in Washington. It was rather fun watching the heads explode and white feathers flying. 🙂

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