Sermonette and Caulking Off

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As my grandson, age 3, (below-right) prepares for Christmas by wearing a knit hat in 80 degree Southern California weather, the political season grinds down. 
Is it Christmas yet?
Things were supposed to slow down for Christmas but that hasn’t worked out for me. Drat. 
I have a trip planned to visit a troubled Latin American country for work that I’m trying to put off until after the holidays. I feel (just a little) bad that some of my guys away from home, making money for me and I’m trying to caulk off 1.
After a meeting on Thursday, it was off to the Mogollon Rim and a visit to the White Wolf Mine to inspect the progress, and to write a large check. The over ambitious nature of the Arizona project has forced me to continue working instead of being ‘retired’, but the grandkids will enjoy the place too when it’s complete and that makes it even more worthwhile.

1. Caulking is both the processes and material (also called sealant) to seal joints or seams in various structures and some types of piping. The oldest form of caulking was used to make the seams in wooden boats or ships watertight, by driving fibrous materials into the wedge-shaped seams between boards. Sailors who caulked ships did so on their backs – and often went to sleep instead of working, thus the term “caulking off”.

The extended weather forecast shows highs in the 40’s and 50’s and no prediction of snow or precipitation through first of the year. That means that the work crew can keep up the pace and who knows but they we can finish the house on time? The race is to get the masonry complete so that the framing can begin and we can throw up the steel roof. Once the roof is on, the weather is less important.

Updated photos below show some progress. The weather is cooperating. It was in the 50’s during the daytime and it was not that cold at night.

There is a possibility that the house is a bit over-engineered. It has layers, a lot of concrete, block and re-bar.

I came home Saturday night to the usual crisis with things work-related. Your thought of the day (sermonette) is that there is NO REST FOR THE WICKED.

18 thoughts on “Sermonette and Caulking Off

  1. I can't wait to nap on the porch, LL.

    Caulking off? I'll have to remember that since I'm often referred to as the "caulk queen." I love to caulk and I'm super good at it.

  2. The French drains are in place and by January the masonry will be NEARLY complete and they'll begin framing.

  3. The 'over engineering' will pay for itself and hopefully you will not find that you should have done it more so!
    Sorry about the retirement thing; but not for much longer.
    Grandson does look a bit of an imp. 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you all! God bless.

  4. Looks great! We're cranking up on the basement here. Gonna have the carpenter come by this week so we can talk about the basement workbench and shelving, and mull over design ideas for the station operating console.

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