Race, Credibility and Politics

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Progressives have picked a champion in the fight against Donald Trump, but of all the people out there, they picked one with even less credibility than Hillary Clinton. Hillary may be a liar, but Elizabeth Warren’s ENTIRE schtick was based on the fact that she’s an Indian (also referred to as a Native American in some quarters though anyone born in America is a Native American by definition). But she’s not an Indian. 
Look, I don’t blame her for lying her way to the the top of a political party that is entirely constructed on fabrications…it’s what you do when you’re a liberal Dem/Prog. The whole Elizabeth Warren experience is not without precedent. That she would attack Donald Trump (who calls her “Pocahontas”) as being ‘inauthentic’ is taking the theater of the absurd into a realm that I never thought possible. 
There are a lot of things going on that I never thought possible…and not in a good way. 
The concept of credibility is absolutely vacant to roughly half of the US population – most of whom watch the mainstream media and swallow what they are told to believe. What a bunch of lemmings – but in a democracy they all get a vote. And they’ve been voting hard for a long time to have the government take from me and give to the shiftless.
It’s Father’s Day in a land where there is a direct assault on fatherhood. Somewhere around 90% of African American children are born into homes where there is no father. Progressives don’t mind the stat, but it results in a population that is best represented by Detroit, Baltimore and inner city slums (who vote themselves free cheese with regularity).

9 thoughts on “Race, Credibility and Politics

  1. The fatherless thingy is making great headway in the white population, too. We have a whole bunch of white girls around here who specialize in having illegitimate children. They fawn over each other on Fakebook and tell each other what good mommies they all are. Uh, no. A good mommie is a married mommie who provides a father for her children.

    One gal I know quite well (I was her Confirmation sponsor)now has three kids by three different men. Father's Day must be a nightmare.

  2. I'll vote Democrat when they give me, tax free, a new F150 pulling a 20' pontoon because my great grandmother was Cherokee. Reparation for the Trail of Tears or Wounded Knee or something.

  3. Well she's a few feathers short of a headdress. Surely people don't buy into this kind of crap, do they?

    Happy Fathers Day, LL.

  4. Yes, the whites are catching up. The society we have built is nothing to be proud of.

  5. You should have voted for Bernie… He said that he would make all your (and everyone else's) dreams come true. Hillary says the same thing but she cackles like a witch when she does and it puts people off.

  6. The end result of several generations of children and our public "educational" system…..

    Happy Father's Day, LL!

  7. The whole angle of getting ahead by lying is based on one thing: articulation. Pochahontas is extremely well spoken, exceptionally so. So is Barry Sotero. Both are complete frauds, but to their constituents they are entirely credible simply based on how well they orate their lies and deception.

    Dubya talked like a hayseed hick from the sticks, and Donald Trump is not exactly what anyone would call well spoken.

    Maybe the Right would do well to take diction lessons, as that is all that seems to matter to the dummies out there.

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