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  1. Naaaaah….they wouldn't black out the Coastal Elites.

    Might fun to watch them scramble around for their Safe Spaces, though…..

  2. As they say, elections have consequences.

    California has been electing liberal Democrats statewide for decades now, and have super majorities calling the shots. The shots they have called for and have implemented are:

    1. Restrictions on capitalism – building permits are as hard to get as Acts of Congress, the demand for housing has outstripped supply a long time ago, and homelessness is now considered the norm in The Golden State.

    2. Restrictions on the environment. Regulations now prohibit clearing brush, cutting down trees, allowing water to flow to arrid lands, and now California has dried up. And now it is burning up.

    3 A major utility (PG&E) has been forced to provide power without money enough to operate safely. Rolling blackouts are the California voter's remedy for the chaos that now ensues.

    4. Taxes in CA are through the roof now, out of control. Many productive entities (corporations and individuals) are fleeing the state, and taking their money with them. California is broke.

    Californians have voted in this devastation. They have made their bed. Now lie in it. No sympathy from anyone with any brains coming your way, Golden Staters. Your state will go up in flames every damn year, and unless you pull your heads out of your asses and start kicking liberals out of office, the place will remain a hell hole.

    Elections have consequences, and when you vote the wrong way, chaos ensues.

  3. What do California and North Korea have in common?

    The same form of government – Feudalism masquerading as Communism – in different degrees.


  4. They don't build the infrastructure they need, in any way.

    They don't require the construction standards to make houses fireproof, nor do they have the zoning standards to keep houses safe distances apart, and with safe locations and volumes of decorative plants.

    They don't have the numbers of firefighting personnel nor the numbers and quality of equipment they need.

    They don't have any serious wildfire detection equipment, so they can catch these things while they are small.

    They scapegoat PG&E, even though they have always had full permitting and budgeting control over PG&E, and all the utility has ever done is what the State government has told them to.

    They require rooftop PV generation on every new-build house, even though that will further stress the ignition-source power grid, and even though PV generation is a significant ignition source risk by itself.

    They pretend that these fires are abnormal and can't be predicted or dealt with, even though they have been happening twice a year for so many millennia that many local plants have evolved to need the fires as part of their life cycle.

    As far as property damage and loss of life go, the California wildfire season is a man-made problem, created by the government and people of California through blind, willful stupidity.

    P.S. – sorry about the comment deletes, I have been Captain Typo this morning.

  5. Maybe one of you folks know the answer to this – what is the huge blob of light in northwest North Dakota? Oil field stuff?

  6. …and the place is on fire as well (Getty fire is 66,000 acres and growing with 5% contained…not good.)

    The result of another genius Lefty bureaucrat approach to anything, in this case wild land management. Native American's (aka "Indians") would burn their Summer pastures before heading to Winter grounds…eliminating weeds and underbrush while fostering new growth. The next season they had lush grass.

    BUT, the Left – "our betters" (I've now adopted this…h/t LL) – believe they know better. In spite of the obvious (to the rational) the moronic leadership has adopted the position of this isn't their fault but PG&E's (who's also saying it's not theirs either). Typical political approach…pass the blame onto another entity.

    Calif. is reaping what it has foolishly sown.

  7. Yup, all true. Once liberals get a toe hold in a desirable local, they raise taxes through the roof because they know that the taxpayers will eat the tax hikes because of the pleasant year-round weather.

    There is a limit to what taxpayers can take, regardless of what it looks like out the window. Eventually, people leave high tax states because they hate high taxes, nice weather be damned.

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