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At least 740,000 ballots violated the chain of custody requirements in Maricopa County. As I understand it, there is the same sort of audit going on in Pima County but there are fewer people/voters in Pima. Without these voting irregularities, President Trump would have won Arizona. The question now is what can be done about it and the follow-up to that is what WILL be done about it. I live a long way from Maricopa County and am not involved in politics there. The race for the US Senate (seat currently held by Sen. Mark Kelly D-AZ) is heating up as Republicans smell blood in the water. None of them – that I’m aware of – are saying much about the last election. Despite the fact that Brandon lost big in Arizona (and elsewhere apparently), his installation to the presidency will remain. Let’s go Brandon!


Canadian Trucker Commentary

Canadian progressives are openly discussing imprisoning citizens who disagree with them – making them political prisoners. The dialog is no different than American progs. The current trucker strike in Ottawa is emblematic of movements all around the globe.  I’m sure that you’ve heard that they’re all clandestine Russian agents. Will Canada have its own gulag archipelago? Fidel’s kid, who runs the place feels that if they did, it would calm everyone down. The prison bulls would beat the heart out of the protest in much the same way as the imprisoned  Jan 6 protesters are being treated. Suddenly the “free world” is not so free.

BW Bandy, who follows this blog sent information that indicates that the Canadian Prime Minister can’t turn the military out to crush the trucker strike. That news must have hit Castro’s bastard particularly hard.


Reacher (Amazon Prime)

Jack Reacher, a former U.S. Army military policeman, visits the fictional rural town of Margrave, Georgia, and quickly becomes embroiled in a violent clash with a brutal criminal conspiracy.

The eight-part series was well done and there will be a second season.

Episode 1: At midnight, a man is shot dead just outside Margrave, Georgia. The following morning, Jack Reacher arrives on a Greyhound bus and walks into town, where he is arrested at a diner for the murder. He is sent to be held in the local prison with a banker – Paul Hubble – who falsely confessed to the murder. A crooked guard, Spivey, puts them in with the general population, and an unsuccessful attempt is made on their lives. Hubble explains he confessed to covering for a criminal organization that would have otherwise killed him and his family. After being released, Reacher is verbally threatened in town by the son of a local businessman, Kliner. When he later returns to the police station, he is informed about a second killing, and taken to the morgue, where a discussion about both the recent murder and another one earlier in the week leads him to identify the first victim as his elder brother, Joe.

Alan Ritchson does a good job of playing Jack Reacher and is true to Lee Child’s vision. Child is the author of the successful book series.

In this world of “not much on TV”, it’s an alternative.


A Brief Tutorial


    • Equality, of course. Everyone starts with the same opportunity to win, but there is only one true winner.

      Equal Opportunity = American style freedom
      Equal Outcome = Communism. And the outcome for all is MISERY.

      • In life, only one sperm is successful in creating each of us. If there is only a participation trophy at the end, there is no need to try (equal outcome) and extended to society as a whole, everyone becomes a drone.

        George Bernard Shaw wrote, The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.

        In life, there is room for an infinite number of winners, depending on how you define a “win” and in our diverse world, there are many paths to success. However, if somebody comes along and takes what you’ve worked hard for and gives it to somebody else who didn’t (socialism/communism), it removes the incentive.

        Starting from nothing, I worked very hard through my life so that I could build the White Wolf Mine in the mountains, where I now live. It is not a commune for the shiftless and layabouts. If the socialists would have their way, we would all live in hive cities as drones.

        • I see, and it does make sense. But what about historical distortions? How do we know where to draw the line.

          • Supply and demand balance because they must in order to maintain profitability. Allowing free enterprise to flourish with minimal government interference usually works. If a monopoly threatens the balance, intervention is called for. The profit motive drives success. If your workers are content and treated well, history shows that the company is more successful than those who are not.

            In the old Soviet Union, the saying was, “They pretend to pay us, and we pretend to work…

          • It’s amusing that today’s Marxists in Canada, support the elites who run the government over the truckers, fighting for rights. It would be like supporting the Pigs on the Animal Farm rather than the animals.

  1. My wife stayed home from work not feeling well the other day (not the Chi-Com Xi Flu). I came home and caught her binge watching “Reacher.” She normally hates violent shoot-em-ups, but she says its really good. I guess I’ll have to check it out.

    • The plot holds together and it’s well acted. Of course, it’s Hollywood, so the filmmakers have to suspend reality at times. All in all, worth watching.

  2. Looks as though the “small fringe minority” isn’t so small. Let’s see if Justine goes full J6 Stasi in Ottawa in the next few days.

    • I don’t know what Castro’s kid’s options are. He can stand in the Assembly, surrounded by guards and call the racially diverse truckers “racists”, but it’s very hollow. RCMP doesn’t support him and the army won’t turn out to kill the truckers, who just want him to remove the vax mandate.

      Now that we know that the vaccines don’t prevent you from contracting or spreading plague, and may be dangerous in themselves to some people, keeping the mandates up is – stupid – unless the goal population control – not public health.

      • Agreed, it’s becoming increasingly stupid and vote losing. Still, lots of $$ involved and Castreaux may believe in his own drama teacher superiority. See Causescu (nice piece on Zero)

  3. With the advent of electronic voting systems, election theft has gotten easier, not harder as sold. Add paid box stuffers at 2 AM and nothing is off the table for the Dem’s…they simply can’t be stupid enough to try it again in November. Maybe why 30+ are bailing beforehand, getting their amateur hour operations nailed in place to make it harder to undo their brand of tyranny.

    The Winter Wonderland Tailgate Party will continue, Canada Goose makes warm parkas, and trucker cabs are toasty. Ottawa might start looking like London Fog with all the idling. It is ironic the Lefty’s have “flexible” loyalties, but they are in the minority so resort to their go-to tactic of name calling. It’s not working.

    Like Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour (BBC Top Gear boys reprise) or Clarkson’s Farm, Reacher Season 1 was well done, very close to the book (Killing Floor). Ritchson was excellent, apparently he’s a vet so understand the character persona. The “Child’s” live up the road, Book 18 was based in Laramie/Tie Siding, so a familiar fun read.

      • Getting jiggy out there…will certainly get more “interesting” as the Dem’s house of cards is crumbling. “A house built on rock vs. sand.”

    • Not London Fog, China smog, I’m thinking.

      Canada Goose parkas aren’t that great, IMNSHO. They are however about a kilobuck each, and the fashion choice of the Asian college students around here (along with a Fjallraven Kanken backpack). Not everyone who wears Canada Goose is a jackass, but it’s a concerning prognostic factor….

      FWIW my Canuck winter gear of choice is Arc’teryx.

      • Good call…LF was merely a visual, CF is more accurate.

        Funny you mention the Arc’teryx…my Canada Goose joke aside. Saw the CG Expedition model in a movie, liked the red with the coyote fur. Ordered one for MrsPaulM, at the time it was $800, now $1200+. Eventually everything ends up at the barn so was a little skeptical. Came in a really nice box, was stunning and well made (best I could tell). Sent it back, not practical for her.

        BUT…Renner in Bourne Legacy is wearing the Arc’teryx over-parka, and since I prefer layering, started looking. $600 for that particular model. None in stock in the red (and today gotta be careful of Chinesium knockoffs). My 20 year old Helly-Hansen parka is bulletproof and versatile, but that Arc’teryx is in the cards at some point.

        • I have an HH Arctic Patrol Parka but it cooks me in the coldest of AZ weather. I have no idea what they cost now, but an excellent layered system for cold weather.

        • A friend of mine has an-all black (the patch is black too) CG down parka and it seems quite nice. I tried on a few CG jackets in a campus store (where DO 18-yo’s get the money to buy a thousand-dollar jacket anyway) and was disappointed that all the models I tried had those 2-inch knit cuffs — that stay wet for a long time. Apart from the bad cuffs, I’m enough anti-fashion that I’m opposed to the bright CG patch on most of their jackets. (To be fair, admittedly the dead bird logo isn’t exactly subtle either….)

          And yeah, layering. I totally don’t understand people going out in 10-deg (F) weather wearing nothing but a T-shirt under their big parka. How do you regulate your temperature with that ensemble? Around these parts my daily winter outer wear is an Arc’teryx “Atom LT” jacket (no hood) under an REI Goretex parka. If it is really cold I’ll break out the Arc’teryx “Therme” Goretex/down parka. Still hasn’t got cold enough for the ridiculously warm Fjallraven “Kyl” that I bought in a moment of weakness (found one in my size on sale at 65% off, making it merely expensive and not ruinous).

          Arc’teryx makes great stuff. I find better deals at REI when on sale than at the Arc’teryx “factory outlets”. The Atom LT is a *great* mid-layer which I value more than their Goretex shells. Sure the latter are nice, but more outdoors/climbing oriented than I need for daily wear around urban east Massholia.

          • Wanna know how to spot a Millennial in town? Look at the right rear shoulder, it’ll say North Face.

            LL & I have a dry cold…with sun. Whereas (having grown up in SE Pa), you have that bone-chilling, runs right through you, damp cold and gray skies. I’ll check REI for an end of season deal.

          • Mike_C & PaulM – You may indict me for being a Yuppy, but I do own North Face gear. I don’t wear it much. My go-to here in Arizona is (a) sniper smock(s) (shell) and an old Columbia Sportswear jacket. I wear the sniper smock when it’s wet and layer under it. I have more than one sniper smock so often match them to the foliage or snow.

            As PaulM says, the air here is dry. Drier in the winter than in the summer when we have monsoons. I can often get by with a Pendleton shirt over a t-shirt. In the summer, I wear the 511 ripstop cotton shirts with the interior pockets – my definite go-to. Pockets matter. It doesn’t get that warm in summer and rarely gets below about 10+F in winter. Humidity makes the difference. I either wear Duluth Trading trousers with cargo pockets or old military trousers – same general style. You can call me an anti-fashion type if you’d like. I go for function.

            I try to cover my sidearm with a shirt/jacket. I rarely carry a longarm unless there is mischief afood.

          • I have a couple of NF items, has always been good gear. Have a 35 year old NF Tadpole tent, still perfect as the new similar lightweight ones are too small.

          • Layers for the win. When it gets really nasty here, I break out my Alpha N3-B parka.

            In Sage Green, of course….reminds of my heroes in SAC when I was growing up…

  4. I agree about the Reacher miniseries. Very entertaining if rather gruesome in spots. The ending is reminiscent of the John Wick movies and the bad guys are dealt with in very satisfying ways.

    That said, I find some of the plot elements wildly implausible. Perhaps not so much as in the one Reacher book I read (61 Hours), but I get the feeling that Tolkien’s Middle Earth with its Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs is more believable than Jack Reacher’s world.

    • You don’t watch the John Wick series with the sense that it is a documentary…as you allude to.

      I worked supernote cases in Columbia circa 2002, so to me that was even more absurd than it might be to you. But it was still a fun series.

  5. The Canadians are showing the way. The elitist see their edifice crumbling and are reacting in a predictable fashion. First the threats and derogatory labels. Now a few half assed concessions out in the prairie provinces. Shows a lack of unity among the elites. Among the elites not all animals are equal, especially rural hick elites from out in the vast wastelands.

    A side lesson is, “Don’t piss off Canadians”. Takes a lot to get them riled up but once they are provoked enough, they aren’t quitters. Interesting times.

  6. Childs is a Brit and knows between zip and nothing about guns… Walled the first book of his I read for that.

    I still have my military parka, haven’t had to break it out lately. I like LL Bean stuff and 511 during the summer as a cover garment.

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