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What would it take to provoke a TEXIT?

Under a Clinton presidency, everyone anticipates the wholesale efforts toward banning the sale, of firearms and ammunition that will lead to eventual collection of same, but the question hangs – who will do the collecting? Clearly it’s a job designed for inner city people, but do they have the spine for the work and the numbers to pull it off (i.e. how many rounds of ammunition in Texas at one per inner city person)? And would that sort of thing provoke a TEXIT?

To be a free people requires armed people, and they should need no permission to bare arms. Only slaves are disarmed so that they may be controlled by their masters.

Would the Lone Star State merely knuckle under, hand in their firearms (sort of like German Jews lining up like good Jews to march to the ovens) and do the bidding of its mistress in Washington DC?

Would Texans accept the edict of their betters inside the Beltway, who have been toiling ceaselessly to repeal the Constitution and replace it with a far more “progressive” document?

Timelines are interesting things.

Of course that was then…and then was a long time ago.

Historical Reference: Edward Conrad traveled to Texas through Natchitoches, Louisiana, in December 1835. On December 10, 1835, at Nacogdoches, he was made second lieutenant of the United States Independent Volunteer Cavalry under Benjamin L. Lawrence. Conrad was one of four representatives from Refugio Municipality at the Convention of 1836 at Washington-on-the-Brazos and there signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. He also served as a member of the committee to draft the Texas constitution. Conrad designed the flag (left).

I’m not a Texan, so I have no standing on the issue, but if there was a TEXIT, would fly-over country follow suit? And what would the corporations who funded the Bitch of Benghazi say about a TEXIT?  Clearly Hollywood would cut off the INDEPENDENT State of Texas from any of the movies that they produce.

19 thoughts on “TEXIT?

  1. Having spent some time there and witnessing a very proud state, I cannot imagine the Texans doing anything they don't want to.

  2. I've been a property owner in Texas for just over 60 days now, so I'm a Texan. I just don't live there right now, so I am not currently using my Texan standing. I officially loan LL my Texas standing. I want it back, though, when you're done with it, LL.

  3. But what if the corrupt, lying, crone becomes Queen of America? She could enforce her will on TX.

  4. First off, Fredd, I'm proud of you for making the decision to leave the place you're living and to move to TX.

    Jules, I have FIRST DIBS on loaned TX standing until Fredd moves there, however I am willing to share it.

  5. I would wish that Louisiana would follow Texas; but now that they voted in a liberal governor, we might have to settle for bugging out instead.
    All I can do is pray and wait and see.

  6. You're going Galt in Texas with borrowed cred and a Brit, interesting, what could possibly go wrong…

  7. There aren't any decent mountains in Texas, which creates a problem with a boy who was raised in mountains. However being an HONORARY Texan is something to treasure.

  8. Why would Louisiana want a liberal running things? Likely he promised free government paid for cheese and ObamaPhones.

  9. I, for one, look forward to the TEXIT. And look, the Crone can try and enforce her magic on the Lone Star State, but let's see how far that monkey flies.

  10. Boy, you guys are putting a lot of mileage on my loaned Texas bonfides. I think a stipend of some sort sent my way would be in order here….

  11. I'll con LSP into taking you to his secret fishing spot where you can haul in a 20lbs bass.

  12. Fredd, Since I rec'd my honorary from Miss Della, you'll just have to stick your stipend… to the others.

  13. I just watched Hunger Games for the first time last night, so I'm pretty primed for some grassroots rebellion.
    I can't imagine the flying monkeys being able to round up all our guns; at worst, people will oblige by turning in their least favorite, keeping the rest of their arsenal tucked safely under their mattresses.

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