Tea Party Reality Check

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Let me take a walk down memory lane, back to 2009 when Barack Obama was elected and the economy was weak. 
‘When the GDP grew at 3.5% to 4% under George W. Bush we were pummeled everyday into submission that we were entering a recession. The economy was growing at 3% They called that a near depression. Now we have shrunk in one quarter to -3% and it’s no big deal. Growth is right around the corner’…I’m just happy that we have a mainstream media to lull me into a false sense of security.

I participated in a couple Tea Party rallies. The people there (of all races, both genders and all economic situations) called for fiscal responsibility. That’s it.

The mainstream media vilified us as a bunch of Nazis. NBC interviewed my daughter Emilie at a rally in Orange County, CA and it didn’t end up on the air because she explained how the cow ate the cabbage. They picked on her because she’s young, female and pretty and I think that the news person hoped to trip her up, but it didn’t happen. It would look bad for the mainstream media to interview a young lady who explained very clearly why we were there…wouldn’t want that going out, would we? 

Though I usually don’t tune in to mainstream media broadcasts, I did just this one time. They are not blaming ObamaCare, they are not blaming the shoddy administration. They do suggest that it was a harsh, cold winter. I expect that it will be a harsh, cold spring and summer too.
(left) Mary Ann (MAINFO) and (right) Emilie

10 thoughts on “Tea Party Reality Check

  1. You surely don't think the Tea Party would be correctly portrayed in the national media, do you? Look at the (in)accurate statements at the current IRS hearings for an example of Democratic "truth telling."

  2. Yes, sadly, I expect that you can find more truth in a Russian media broadcast than you can in an American broadcast.

  3. The Tea Party also exposed Charlie Crist, Arlan Spector, and now Thad Chocran for what they are – part of the problem…

  4. It is sad that one can trust the foreign press more than our own. Tea Party was a good idea, just not enough old white guys with deep pockets and brass ones.

  5. The Tea Party was ad hoc. Just people who showed up angry at government. Then there were people who decided to "hijack" the movement and said that everyone of us who didn't like what we saw in DC —- agreed with them. That was part of the problem.

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