There are times in my life — little moments — when I can’t help but wonder whether or not President Barack Obama terrifies Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Fox News) President Obama banned eleven top Russians from entering the US in retaliation for the Russian annexation of Crimea, hoping that would slap the Russian strong man down like an unwanted stepchild.

When you’re a little pansy metrosexual drug user and community organizer, you think that passes for a “sanction”. I can’t help but feel that Obama is concerned that the Russians don’t think well of him, after all he’s done for them. His mother, estranged father and grandparents always spoke so glowingly to him of the Soviet Union as did “Uncle Frank”.  Now they only mock him.

President Obama went on the Ellen show to explain how tough he was. Did it keep President Putin up at night wondering if Obama’s next move would be to go on Letterman? I don’t know. If Putin was up past midnight, it was more likely because he was having a high level “discussion” with a Russian super model at his dacha…
The only people who seem to swallow the whole Obama Game whole is the US Press. The foreign press laughs at us – and the Russians laugh hardest, as America has become a running joke.


  1. We do seem to have a President intent on our complete removal from the world's state. And there is certainly no shortage of bad actors that see little reason to hold back right now. If anything, I think many will try to make their moves and consolidate their gains before Obama leaves office. I think it's going to be a very dicey three years.

  2. If you were ever worried about the US keeping peace and order in the past, now it the time to make your move. Nature abhors a vacuum.

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