One of my sons-in-law and I had a discussion about medical research, NIH, Beagles, gain-of-function research, and so forth the other day. Mike_C may wish to weigh in on this because he’s a lot closer to the subject than I am.

When you’re dialed into the research biz, you see that there is a lot of money involved, especially in the use-or-lose situation that comes at the end of the fiscal year.  It’s not just money that flows into the institution, but the money that flows to the researcher,  and skim for overpriced goods and services (mark-ups) involved.

Some research, such as that which will be presented for your review tomorrow, has implications for humanity and should not be undervalued. Other research that is done for profit at the end of the fiscal year (that may involve animals) can be a horror show.


A Sign of the Times?

The Virginia governor’s race and the still-too-close to call New Jersey governor’s race are said by many to be bellwethers – indicators of a change that is coming. I have said to a lot of people that the conscious decision made by the donkeys to f-ck with people’s children was one they would live to regret.

It’s true that indoctrination of the youth is the key to donkey success (along with unrestrained illegal immigration), but once parents wake up to see the cause and effect, it would force the pendulum to swing.


The TT-30 (Russian: 7.62-мм самозарядный пистолет Токарева образца 1930 года)  The 7.62 mm Tokarev self-loading pistol model 1930, is a Russian semi-automatic pistol.

The handgun was developed in the early 1930s by Fedor Tokarev as a service pistol for the Soviet military to replace the Nagant M1895 revolver that had been in use since Tsarist times, though it never fully replaced the M1895.


Let’s Go Brandon!


Identify the Tank

And for bonus points, the tank’s main gun.


  1. Use-or-lose at the end of the fiscal year.
    Sounds like every unit I was attached to in the military.
    But thankfully not like what you are referring to. I hope.

    • There you go. I was replying to Beans while you posted.

      There were a lot of Cromwell variants including the Challenger (stretched Cromwell), Avenger and Comet. It can be a tricky call but nailed it.

  2. The mystery tank is a Mark IV CENTAUR.
    The main armament was a 95 mm howitzer, allowing the British crews to counter the threat by the German PaK and PzKpfw IV and V cannons.
    Secondary armament were two 7.62 mm Besa machine guns.
    It was quite successful during the Normandy landings but was later on gradually phased out and replaced by Shermans and Churchills.

    Thank you for this great challenge — you keep my brain active!

  3. The tank looks Brit. Best I can do.

    The TT-30–I was once enamored with the CZ-52 because of it’s unique roller-lock action. I had a few come through my shop back when they were comparatively cheap. Out of curiosity, I found that 38 Super rounds fit in the magazine. At one time, 9mm replacement barrels were available. I thought it might be an interesting project to chamber one of those barrels in 38 Super. It looked to me like the ejection port may need to be lengthened slightly to enable manual ejection of a cartridge.

  4. Research. How many billions, worldwide, have been spent on finding a cancer cure? Cynical me thinks cures are deeply buried so as to keep the cash flowing.

    • In the same vein, actually read somewhere a person making the argument that the company that developed a cure for Hepatitis C was stupid for making an actual cure rather than a drug that people would be dependent on for the rest of their extended life.

        • What goes on in Big Pharma?

          1) Lobbying/political bedfellows
          2) Will never develop a cancer cure, too much money in the disease.

          MrsPaulM explained there is no vaccine for coronavirus, they’ve been trying for years to no avail.

          Peter Navarro has a new book explaining a lot of what went on behind the scenes, says pipsqueak Fauci is evil and a liar and should be in prison.

          • The thing with cancer research (or any research) is that there isn’t a magical number of dollars that when met, will automatically result in the solution being found.

            So, the endless throwing of money at cancer is not an anodyne, and I’m pretty sure that whatever the sufficient quantity of research funding for a cure(s) is buried many times over with little to no added effect.

            It sure is lucrative for lots of research orgs, pharma companies, and the six-figure-salary Boards of various “charities”, though.


    • It’s still popular at my house, Jim. I have a Russian TT-33 built in 1948 that I brought back from Viet Nam. It’s always functioned 100%. Don’t shoot it much anymore but I’d bet my life on it working right this very instant, if I had to.

  5. love the tok, have a chinese copy. still a good gun, wish i had a russian version though. i have been kicking myself for not buying a dozen or so when they were 69 bucks apiece, like the makarov and sks. i just refuse to pay new gun prices for surplus that was cheap before…..yes, youngkin and company managed to exceed the cheat this time. you see, there was no sending data elsewhere to count it. harder to cheat in quantity like that. i’m impressed with the new lt. govna. i hadn’t bothered to research her, shame on me. more importantly it looks like we got control of the general assembly back, though its close. guess i won’t sell my house yet. dems are making a mistake to assume this was all about the loudoun incident. it goes much deeper.

  6. I’ve been saying the same thing for a while about the vaxx. Watch the SHTF if kids start getting sick from that toxic brew. Sorry thing if that is what it winds up taking to expose this thing.

  7. My favorite Russian pistol is the AEK-919. I carried one for a while when I was in Afghanistan. It is Russia’s answer to the Israeli UZI but in 9x18mm.

  8. Sorry, haven’t got the bandwidth to say anything cogent about NIH funding now. What I can say is that we’ve found the peer review rigorous (been on both sides of that one) and the awards always smaller than requested. But then again our work in cardiac structure and function applies to all adult humans, there’s no race or perversion or other victimhood kink to make it sexy.

    • The gain-of-function in collaboration with Wuhan is a completely different realm than your work in cardiac research and care.

      Multi-national collaboration with the RED CHINESE on building better bio-weapons deserves a seat near the furnace in hell.

  9. Check out the book: Butchered by “Healthcare”, by Robert Yoho, MD

    Eye opening about the FDA and drug companies. Read about 18%, so far.

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