Tax Cuts and “social justice”

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The obama agenda from the first day in office in the White House has been one of “economic cleansing” or “social justice”. Social justice does not take the economy into account, and one can argue that the economy that rewards workers and punishes drones is to blame for social inequality. There has been a historic cost for balancing social justice (CLICK HERE TO VIEW) that nobody in the obama regime cares to mention. 

“If we look at the actual, real world results of all the ‘social justice’ crap that the left has been pushing for a hundred years,it seems only socially just to define it as: malignant social policies, which originate from the narcissistic core of the postmodern political left; in which humans are forced into a Procrustean bed of ‘equality’ using ruthless or arbitrary means.” (Sowell) (emphasis added)

(LINK) Pajamas Media quotes Victor Davis Hanson: “Survey the world’s statist systems of every stripe, from soft to hard. One sees either failure and misery or stasis and lethargy. At the most extreme, a North Korea is turning into a Neanderthal society where subjects eat grass. Castro’s Cuba is imploding, and the Great Leader in his dotage is now renouncing his communist catastrophe. Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela proves that an even an oil-rich exporter can destroy itself with self-imposed socialism.” 
Much to the puzzlement and rage of leftist intellectuals, in those places in the world where socialist and communist theory have triumphed, wealth is disappearing; initiative is in decline; and the human misery index is steadily climbing. This is the legacy of Marx’s “social justice”. Instead of creating a ‘utopia for the proletariat’, Marx and his theories only generated the necessary conditions for societal suicide and/or societal homicide. This is why any any advertised “great leap forward” by the progressive, postmodern political left is really a leap backwards into the primitive and uncivilized past of humanity, where human life is cheap and the State is dear.
Back to Tax Policy During a Recession
Private industry creates real jobs. And wealthy people and corporations do the hiring. Most of us can attest that we have never worked for poor people. The impetus for creating jobs and expanding business is profit. The concept of profit is kryptonite to barack hussein obama, which is why the combination of unemployment (12.6% in Los Angeles County) and underemployment (another 15% in Los Angeles County for a total of 27.6% – apx) exists today. Raising ANY taxes during a recession leads to private businesses and investors sitting on their capital. There is $2 trillion in capital waiting for a policy change and the President demonizes ‘the rich’ for not spending it – so he can loot it to pay for more worthless and wasteful government programs.
According to the President

According to Obama, vast ranges of undeserved inequalities found everywhere are the fault of “society” and so the redressing of those inequalities “social justice”, requires that the government go beyond the traditional justice of presenting each individual with the same rules and standards. Thus they push for equality of outcome while casting aside any notion of equality of opportunity as the golden rule.
Obama & friends are not trying to destroy the rule of law. They are not trying to undermine the American republic. Because ordinary Americans have not yet abandoned traditional justice, those who seek universal social justice must try to justify it politically as meeting traditional concepts of justice. A failure to achieve the new vision of justice must be represented to the public and to the courts as “discrimination.” Tests that register the results of innumerable inequalities must be represented as being the cause of those inequalities or as deliberate efforts to perpetuate those inequalities by erecting arbitrary barriers to the advancement of the less fortunate.
As Joseph Schumpeter once said: “The first thing a man will do for his ideals is lie. The next thing the idealist will do is character assassination. All those who disagree with the great vision must be shown to have malign intentions, if not deep-seated character flaws…. Obama’s view of the Tea Party. Ironically, the quest for greater economic and social equality is promoted through a far greater inequality of political power. If rules cannot produce cosmic justice, only raw power is left as the way to produce the kinds of results being sought. (Sowell cited and paraphrased).

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  1. A friend called me this afternoon and suggested that the Tea Party shouldn't do anything to damage the relationship that the Republicans have with the Democrats. That essentially means RINO business as usual – and the machine is too far broken for that to be an effective strategy.

  2. Andrew, we're in a very tight spot as a nation and we need to find the pivot point soon to turn the economy around.

  3. Spot on definition of social justice!
    The liberal's version of social justice is the antithesis of true social justice and equal opportunity for all. Liberals want an added advantage instead of to be equals.

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