We need to move the UN out of the US.

It has nothing to do with beer luggers, we just need to rid ourselves of this boil. Lance it and move on.


Beer Luggers

Some uncharitable souls might characterize some of the people who follow this blog as beer luggers. I can’t speak to that.

However, to set the record straight, a Beer Lugger is a boat with lug sails. Furthermore, the coastal village of Beer, nestling under Beer Head, has no name-associations with the drink even if copious amounts did (does) pass through mouths of inhabitants and tourists alike.

In the 18th century, luggers were generally used as smugglers’ vessels, even though the Beer Lugger is probably a direct descendant of the Viking trading ships and probably developed in the course of the 11th century.

As with most of the coast between Lands End and the Isle of Wight, there was a lot of untaxed smuggling that went on. Contraband earned by the dastardly deeds of these locals was hidden in caves dotted around their pebbly cove. That most were fishermen is attested by the fact that fishing and lace-making were predominantly what kept the Beer men going. Presumably, the wives worked the lace while the men were busy creating an industry that eventually made Brixham, or so the saying goes, when Beer men moved over the bay to Brixham, with its trawlers, so that the North Sea white fishery emerged.

Beer men sailed their three-masted boats, amongst the last to do so on the south coast. Whereas other fishers abandoned the middle mast and adapted their rig, the Beer men simply reduced the size of their boats. One of the last of these was the Beatrice Annie, E80, that continued fishing up to 1918. But by then all the other boats had dropped the middle mast to become the generic boat typical all along the south coast, with dipping lug mains and standing lug mizzens.

Some will swear when they read those words. Beer luggers are different, angry voices shout in unison. “We’ve the lazy sheet for tacking and the dipping bowsprit,” I was once told. “Oh, and the long bumpkin,” they added, though I wasn’t convinced. But for ease of peace, “yes, they are entirely unique”. And lovely vessels however you view the nitty-gritty.

As with most fishing communities who raced their boats in an annual regatta, so did these boys, starting in 1915. The competition was fierce and boats were prepared for the occasion by being scrubbed and racing sails were taken out of musty sheds. These days the rules are pretty concise and boats must not be far removed from the ‘Beer Beach Boat’ design. Of course, they are still rolled down over the pebbles on greased timbers, and, afterward, the minute details of the races are dissected by those both afloat and ashore. How akin these discussions are to those of the fishermen in bygone days admitting the amount of fish they caught, I’m not sure. But I guess there’s the same amount of indiscretion in both camps as to the actual reality of fact, slugged down with beer of course…and fish and chips, with a little HP Sauce.



It reads:

Welcome to Florida.

If you voted for Biden, continue on to Cuba.


Historical References

Repurposed military hardware was a feature of almost all large wars including the American Civil War/War of Northern Aggression wherein cannon were taken, used and retaken.


  1. So you’re saying John Birch was right after all?

    Well, if you won’t, I will.

    I enjoy a certain local notoriety for identifying myself as the local representative of the John Birch Society to a donk candidate for governor (Joan Finney) some years back. Probably Jim remembers her. Presumably, his recollection would be somewhat less than fond. I was trying to enjoy lunch with a co-worker when she wandered in and started campaigning. Hilarity ensued. Don’t mess with dinner.

    • I’ve known “classic John Birch” people, and while I tend to agree with much of the old literature (I haven’t seen for decades), some people see a conspiracy in a cloudy day. I’ve lived a life behind the curtain and in front of it and know that it’s not all completely evil. However the scales shifted and there’s a lot of evil, a lot of conspiracy, and the swamp, which thirsted for cash THEN, is insatiable today.

      Is the FBI the enforcement arm of the swamp? It always has been but it’s been weaponized now to the point that it has become the American Secret Police.

      The swamp felt that stopping Trump was essential to their survival. The 8 years of Obamanation put a lot of people in places where they pulled levers. The rampant corruption in the Beltway went from what was maybe a 4 pre-Obama to a 9 during the Obamanation. Today it’s a 10. If you want something, it’s pay to play. “Buy a Hunter Biden etching and we’ll talk.”

      Witness the political prisoners from Jan 6. They remain in custody as a warning to all. Paul Manifort (no angel) was another example. The swamp is powerful and it is willful and there are a LOT of people lapping at the trough. It has its own propaganda machine, a puppet ruler and his cackling sidekick, and the shot callers are largely invisible.

    • I remember her alright. The best I can say about her is she was better than Sebelius and Kelly, but then I have a cat that would make a better governor than any of those three.

      • Nearly any cat would do a better job than those three, but Sebelius did sign into law CCW and Class III legislation. Probably because she knew the legislature would bust her veto so she took the easy way out. Other than that, an empty pants-suite.

  2. LOL, anytime there is more than one boat around, there’s gonna be a race, and somebody is going to be cheating… 🙂 And the luggers ARE an interesting design, I’m guessing because they normally ran shorthanded and needed to be able to manage sails will few crew on board AND fish at the same time.

  3. Everyone used everyone else’s weapons.

    The last Italian tank charge was conducted with French tanks given to them by the Germans.

    Much of the pre-Tobruk British armor consisted of captured Italian and German vehicles.

    Rommel loved his British Quad gun truck.

    Weapons work. And even an okay or so-so weapon is better than no weapon, or one of your weapons when resupply is low.

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