Seafood consumption in Asia per capita per year. This map is for Mike W, an Australian, living in Thailand, sending me e-mail about the delicious Thai food that he’s eating. I do like Thai food, but I can’t eat it as hot as the Thais do. It’s not so much going down as it is suffering through the passage to the exit.


Percentage of indigenous population in the Western Hemisphere, by country.


Mexican population that considers itself negro/afro-descendant. Data from the 2020 census.


Snowfall map by US County


This is an interesting study. I think that part of the reason that the East Coast doesn’t google Mexican food more than they do is because it’s difficult to find good Mexican food there. A lot of the food billed as “Mexican” is El Salvadorian, Guatemalan, etc. and there’s a vast difference between the cuisines – mainly because they were never ruled by France.

It’s a lot like going to a Vietnamese bakery and discovering that it’s all French pastry (and delicious).


Countries with any type of stars present on their flags.


Support for Scottish Independence, 2004 v. 2021. One of my dear friends is heavily involved in the Scottish National Party – pushing independence for Scotland. I’ve known him for forty years and we disagree on the subject. Yes, I know that the Pommies are tough to take, but the UK is better off united. Attack me if you will.


US State Contribution to National GDP.


A friend of mine from Calgary (Targa 88 – no I won’t out you) drifts by this blog from time to time, without commenting. It was he who first mentioned to me that in terms of population, Canada was about the size of California.


  1. Know little of Eastern Canada but, in general, like Canadians. Worst part is coming back through US Customs.

    Snowfall: Need a map showing how many strands of a 4 strand barbed wire fence is covered. Right now NW Colorado is having a two strand winter, ie, upcoming Summer drought.

    • The snow pack came late. Bad news for farmers and ranchers. Too little to late.

      I hate clearing US Customs and I have every trusted traveler credential in the US arsenal. Still I hate it.

  2. States contribution to the GDP – wonder if there is a corresponding map that shows each state’s take from the fed budget, including all the hinky bookkeeping gimmicks in use?
    When I worked in Omaha, there was a good Thai restaurant nearby. While I could take the max hotness, I preferred the medium just because it let me enjoy the taste of the food even more.

    • The hinky bookkeeping gimicks are all secret, mostly are classified, so if you disclose them, they have legal justification to destroy you.

      I’m with you on Thai food. I like it hot, but Thai hot is too hot.

  3. Seafood is generally high protein. I’m stunned to see that residents of the glorious DPRK get 11 kilos of it per annum.

    Canada equivalents is fun, and I understand why they carved up the US into those contiguous blocks, but! In what way is Florida “Deep South”? And that’s the first I’ve heard of quintessentially midwestern Nebraska (or Kansas) becoming “Northwest”.

  4. Yeah, Canada = California on the 2nd largest land area. Australia has the population of New York on the 6th largest.

    Both nations are essentially unpopulated.

    I’m with you on Scots Independence LL – freedom and independence are great, but maybe not worth becoming a 3rd World nation over. Britain has it bad enough united.


  5. I’m from the west coast and I ended up spending some months in Georgia. While there we ate out at different Mexican restaurants, the first thing I noticed was on most simple dishes I could get EITHER beans or rice with the dinner.
    My expectations were bean AND rice with the dinner. The Mexican restaurants always felt not quite right there.

  6. I think a large part of the Mexican / Chinese thing is that out here, at least in the cities / close suburbs, Chinese restaurants deliver. I mean real delivery not the app-based 3rd party BS.

    I’ve never seen Mexican delivery, even in places with actual Mexican populations of meaningful size. Not saying it isn’t there, just that I haven’t noticed if it is.

    Yeah, out here in RI it’s mostly Guatemalan and Salvadorean, but there are a few actual Mexican joints, and a fair number of sorta Tex-Mex places.


    • I don’t know of a straight-up Mexican joint that delivers. I know of one Tex-Mex place that caters – large quantity delivery – that’s pretty good. Chinese, you can get top grade food delivered hot and delicious. WARNING – Northern Arizona Chinese food is something to be avoided. Just don’t do it.

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