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Twenty-five years ago today, “Tank Man” made his immortal stand in Tiananmen Square. The Chinese Communist government panicked. They were sure that their tankers would grease their treads with the guts of ordinary people who might stand up to them. Training now attempts to thwart that sort of reaction to a man with courage.

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  1. Sometimes you get to a point where you just won't bow anymore.
    And make a stand.

  2. 1989. I think that makes it 30 years ago.

    Brave people all. But he was the bravest.

  3. It is interesting from a psychological point of view- it is the very illustration of Stalin's quote, one man is a tragedy, a million is a statistic. The tank commander was confronted not with a mob, or an "other", but one of his countrymen- the left loves to divide people according to race, or sex, or color or whatever, and refuses to see the individual- everyone must be a cog in their particular group- this man made it individual- he would be "the tragedy".
    PS- I am not a shrink, Your interpretation may vary!

  4. China's move away from conscripts in various services, including tankers 'may' preclude that happening again, or it may not. Either case, fingers will be pointed, and people will die.

  5. The PRC was very disturbed. That sort of thing ought not happen in the workers paradise. You do what the government tells you to do, when they tell you to do it.

    Likewise the democrats were outraged when deplorable people didn’t vote for Hillary.

  6. The Chinese oligarchy has a retention of power as their core concern. A few million lives are irrelevant unless we’re speaking of elite lives.

  7. The PRC eventually found soldiers in their forces willing to murder their countrymen on command.

    Then they set about disappearing all the witnesses, and anyone who was stupid enough to admit having ever heard of such a thing.

    The lying filth on the news last night said that although the death toll from Tiananmen was uncertain, it was "at least" hundreds. Pretty sure it amounted to "at least" tens of thousands before the CCP was finished.

  8. The protesters and their extended families all disappeared. And if they ever land on Taiwan, they’ll behave in the same way.

  9. The Chinese in power then weren't concerned in he least with the killing of unarmed citizens. They cared about the optics. Even in 1989 there were plenty of video cameras in the "wrong" hands. So while the Chinese government didn't want to appear violent that didn't stop them from killing hundreds and perhaps thousands of demonstrators when they felt they could keep things hushed up.

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