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Captioned photo above:

Sand dunes on Titan, 300 feet high and up to a mile wide. They’re made of frozen hydrocarbons – chemicals found in crude oil – rather than sand.


This day in history – May 31, 1884, Dr John Harvey Kellogg patented “flaked cereal”


Finding the Perfect Lair

Full disclosure, I do live in a lair. The White Wolf Mine may be the perfect lair for me. But could I have done better?


For Your Consideration


Train your Family

They make good force multipliers in these turbulent times.

17 thoughts on “Diverse Topics

  1. SLW is pretty good with her TRR-8 pistol and my Kimber TLE-II, but she has trouble loading magazines.

    And she can’t use a long gun because she has some kind of neck/spinal condition that precludes her from any heavier recoil than maybe a 22LR.

    The rest of the clan out here are quite proficient in rifle and pistol shooting from hunting and growing up around guns.

    I’m the only one that’s had any advanced “tactical” training (a couple are Vets, one was Air Police), but could/would pass along what I know even though my training was mostly close quarters/self-defense stuff.

    But hey…..I’m the COMMS guy!

    1. Everyone needs coms. And everyone needs to shoot accurately to defend themselves.

  2. Well, there’s only two of us, but she always keeps her SP101 by her side.
    My boys can handle themselves.

    Kellogg was a bit flaky himself.

    1. I don’t think that the libidos of high school boys were diminished one bit by corn flakes.

  3. Your lair question… If you’re happy where you are then you’ve found your spot!

  4. The Titan illustration reminded me of the work of Chesley Bonestell. He did astronomical art that looked like it was done by someone who’d been there.

    1. Titan is one of the MOST interesting places in the Solar System. There are dynamic chemical processes that are underway and a vast amount to learn.

  5. That alternate lair seems to offer poor cover, and it looks like the roof might be excessively flammable. Good fire lanes outside the perimeter, though.

    What is under the champagne layer in those drinks?


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