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In the photo, below, Turks are trying to pull down the locked gate at the Greek Border. They’re trying to stand back far enough not to get tear gassed.
It’s part of that ongoing struggle between the Turks and their neighbors. In this case, the Greeks. Greece doesn’t want to be overrun with a million or more destitute, military age, Muslim males. They already have a problem with Albanians in Greece. Adding Turks (natural enemies of Greece) is just not in the cards. 
Left wingers call the decision to close the border with Turkey “racist”. Of course. Everything is, isn’t it?
However, Mohammedans have not been the most gracious of immigrants. They always have a lot of demands for free stuff. 
The US has seen it with Mohammedans who have been elected to Congressional seats from ghetto enclaves of Muslim immigrants. They (as a group) have few redeeming qualities.
When I first worked in The Hellenic Republic, twenty years ago or so, I was staying in downtown Athens. There was a rally outside of my hotel where 5,000 or so angry Albanians were protesting their treatment by the Greek Government. They wanted to make Greece into “Little Albania” and the Greeks didn’t see it that way. Do you see a pattern emerging. It’s a familiar one. All of the Albanians carried Albanian flags, not Greek flags. They didn’t want to be part of Greece. They wanted to bring Albania to Greece. 
The same thing is happening today with Turkey, only with much larger numbers of people.
Last week, the USS Ross (DDG 71) saved a civilian Turkish vessel on fire in the Sea of Marmara. At first, they thought that it was crewed more migrants, but it turned out that they were drug smugglers. Of course. The boat was on fire, people were rescued, and turned over to the Turkish Coast Guard. Most of the narcotics that arrive in Greece, originate in Turkey, smuggled in by members of the religion of peace.

Meetings in Greece continue this week with my small company over implementation of some of our recommendations, which would include integrating at least a battalion of Nepalese Ghurkas into the Greek border protection force.

It’s been said that Ghurkas on patrol don’t have much of a sense of humor. That’s what the Greeks need to put some iron into the border. Then again, I don’t have much of a sense of humor when it comes to the Mohammedans invading a Christian country either. I may be Charles Martel, reincarnated? Then again, I might not be.

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  1. I've thought about it, crunched the numbers and think there's real merit in a GREEK LEGION. And armored trains too, obviously.

    And opening dams on the border with Turkey. Smart move, Bulgaria.

    Stop the Moslem invasion.

  2. There are different strategies for stopping the invasion, but Charles (The Hammer) Martel found out early that appeasement didn't work. Nobody wants the great, unwashed, Mohammedan hoard. I might add that Turkey doesn't really want them either.

  3. Ghurkas–inspired choice. The only warriors in WW 2 that scared the crap out of the japs.

  4. Story from my father stationed at an airfield in Assam during WWII. They had some Japanese prisoners. Ghurkas were assigned to walk the prisoners three miles to another facility. The Ghurkas soon returned. Said the prisoners tried to escape.

  5. The learning point for the Turks is that messing with the Ghurkas is not what they want to do. They're good, honest, loyal troops, but they are serious about their craft. Similar things are said to have happened during the Korean War. The Ghurkas would go out at night and come back with Nork Heads, that they put on spikes around their positions. They didn't play polo with the heads, but they didn't have horses.

  6. Bozkashi is a game that the Afghans play with a goat. (Boz=goat kashi=killing) They pull it around on a field on horseback in much the same way as polo is played. Human heads have been used as well.

  7. Reports are in that Greek troops have fired at the 'immigrants' and that armed gangs of Greek thugs are going around putting the thump on reporters and members of non-governmental-organizations.

    Seems that Greece is forever fighting oppression from the east.

    More. Much much more, please.

    And they don't need Ghurkas, though the Ghurkas probably would enjoy the work. Greek mountain troopies are some right tough bastards.

  8. "It's been said that Ghurkas on patrol don't have much of a sense of humor. That's what the Greeks need to put some iron into the border. Then again, I don't have much of a sense of humor when it comes to the Mohammedans invading a Christian country either. "

    I don't see why one can't mix the two. For example, killing communists would be hilarious. We might think the Gurkha's are humorless, but they might be laughing inside. Have to keep a straight face for the officers, yeah?

    BTW, did they finally retire those tiny British issued kukris and go back to the real thing? Looks like it in the photo.

  9. Looks like some Cosco's, people trying to buy terlit paper to fill their garages, you know, just in case the Not My Sharona Virus is really Montezuma's Revenge.

  10. My son married an Albanian. Non-Christians are a small minority there, and he got a good one.
    Someone asked him once what Albania's major export was, and he replied "Albanians".

  11. The Greeks have put a lot of effort into their special forces and mountain troops, but the conscripts are all but worthless. My pitch to the Greeks is that hiring professional soldiers, such as the Ghurkas to fill the gap would mean a reduction in conscription (very unpopular at home – only the poor kids serve).

  12. The real thing is still in use outside of the Home Islands. They serve the Sultanate of Brunei and elsewhere and carry the genuine article.

  13. I'm not anti-Albanian, but in Greece, they wave Albanian Flags and demand rights. The behavior is not popular.

  14. I believe we as Christian men need to become Charles Martel LL. Hardened your heart because they have, that is why muslim men have come across, to battle us and force us to convert to islam or be killed. Hardened our heart includes women and children of islam, if not we will surely do this again and soon.

  15. All I can say is that she is not doing that here.
    Wonder how many of those Albanians in Greece are of the Muslim persuasion? Seems to fit into that modus operandi.

  16. Figured I'd come back and say that idiots come in all sizes, shapes, and nationalities.
    Very happy that the DIL doesn't fit that category.
    From some of what my son said, I think Albania learned all the wrong lessons from being under the Soviet Union.

  17. All of the Albanians carried Albanian flags, not Greek flags. They didn't want to be part of Greece. They wanted to bring Albania to Greece.

    Seems like we sadly see plenty of that here, now days, too. Perhaps we need a few Ghurkas on our Southern border?

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