15 thoughts on “Identify the Movie

  1. "Anatoly, you've lost weight."
    "Da, Mr. Wick, almost forty kilos."
    "Take the rest of the night off, Anatoly."
    "Thank you, Mr. Wick."
    Having just been granted the right to live for another day, Anatoly turns and walks away and Wick enters the club, music thumping in the background, ready to serve violent justice to multiple bad guys.
    A great, if sort of silly, scene.

  2. Shooter: They killed Fluffy."
    "Who's Fluffy?"
    "Your dog."
    "Dog's name was Sam, good dog. Now I'm gonna burn down their playhouse '

  3. Can't wait for JW4. Wife has agreed to do a 4 movie slaughterfest when it comes out.

    And… Keanu knows how to run a gun. A modern version of Eastwood's 'Man with no name' character. A bad man pushed too far.

  4. No option. Kill the Russian mob…with extreme prejudice. His dead wife gave him the dog.

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