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** Jack Ryan – Fourth Season. As with all of these sorts of shows, one must suspend reality to enjoy them. I made it through all the episodes of Jack Ryan but it was painful and I got up and did other things at times without pausing the play because it was boring and stupid. I kept going in the hope that it would get better but it didn’t. I’m glad that Season Four ended the series. Season One was good, the others didn’t impress me much.

** Lioness – First Season, First Two Episodes – It’s a bit like torture porn with a customized SERE program thrown in for good measure. I’ll watch episode 3 (of 6) and see where they plan to take this, but it could have been better. I don’t see it as ‘military propaganda’ but it has to be more if it’s to have legs to stand on going forward.

Could an unarmed, yet angry woman (weighing 105 lbs soaking wet) take out a room full of US Army Rangers? If they’re not trying to hurt her while she goes at them, I guess. Again, suspend disbelief and it all works better. The first two episodes are foundational. It’s a fictionalized account of an actual program.


Bullet Points:

** (John C). There’s a misconception out there that the source of the ruling class’s legitimacy is the consent of the governed. Others would say that it is ultimately money that is the source of power. The ruling class ultimately derives its assumed right to rule from the prestige of academic institutions.

The idea is that the smartest kids are admitted to the best schools, where they’re taught by the top minds in the sciences, philosophy, law, medicine, and the arts. They, therefore, possess both the highest degree of natural aptitude and have been provided with the best possible training, meaning that they are naturally the most suited to take society’s reins.

What universities really sell isn’t an education: it’s the credential.

** A top World Economic Forum (WEF) official has called for so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ to be banned from accessing the internet due to their ‘dangerous’ belief that a global cabal of elites controls the world. Yuval Noah Harari, who is Klaus Schwab’s right-hand man, condemned the theory that a shadowy elite of billionaires and globalists control the world as “anti-Semitic” and “dangerous.”

** Dr. Mark Tykocinski recently resigned as president of Philadelphia’s Thomas Jefferson University after coming under fire for “liking tweets” critical of COVID vaccines and trans surgeries for kids. The unbridled audacity! He’s lucky he didn’t get the electric chair!

** Stop the Windmills –  Save the whales! “Massive offshore wind construction is industrializing our unspoiled coast, to the detriment of marine life, fishermen, boaters, and all who treasure our oceans.”

“To top it all off, these monstrosities are short-lived and generate mountains of waste that cannot be recycled.  Their footprint is massively dirty.  In addition, Europe has already proven that wind turbines are a TERRIBLE way to generate electricity!  Wind power is intermittent and inefficient.  When the wind does blow, the capacity to store any power they produce does not exist.”

When I was young, nothing was more woke than saving a whale. Now the Green Movement and the whale people are at odds.

** At some point over the last generation, the ruling class shifted its emphasis from competence to ideological loyalty. The participation trophy class believes its own press.

** Censorship – What people are not allowed to say. Our illustrious Vice President Kamala Harris illustrated this recently when she went to Florida to criticize Governor Ron DeSantis’s school history policy. She is outraged that “public school students will now be taught that some Black people received “personal benefit” from slavery — because it taught them useful skills.” You can see the point. Slavery cannot be anything but an absolute evil. Period. And you are not allowed to say “yes, but,” because African Americans are both the noblest people and the most helpless victims since nobility and victimhood were invented. So Charles Cooke’s 180-point bullet list is irrelevant. And racist.

** To those who would assert that Joe Biden is the president now, not his former boss, I would simply say: really? It is no longer possible to ignore Biden’s obvious physical and mental incapacitation. Someone else is clearly running the U.S. government.

** A freighter with nearly 3,000 cars on board is burning off the Netherlands. The Coastguard is working hard to try to stop the freighter from sinking in a delicate environmental area. Only 25 cars are EV’s on a burning ship of 2,857 cars. No one is sure what started the fire, but a coastguard spokesperson told Reuters “it began near an electric car”. Firefighters estimate it may burn for days. Even if it didn’t start in an EV, the EV’s on board change the nature of the battle.


A Tail Gunner? Really?

When is a crop duster not a crop duster?


Range Day

I realize that this blog’s readers take their firearms out, dust them off and train. LSP has his own private range at his compound. I’ve been there. There are different sorts of training – practical courses that have you bobbing and weaving, and distance courses. All have their uses in building muscle memory. If it’s too warm to go out mid-day, try an early morning romp.

Peace through superior firepower — blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the ‘children of God’.


Identify the SPA & AFV


Increasingly vulnerable to inexpensive drones.


By Popular Request


  1. Coincidentally I went to rifle range today and tried out 4 rifles ( one is becoming a safe queen).

    Local club owns nearly 6000 acres with various setups that include out to half a mile or action match pistol if that’s your thing. Plenty of firearms in rural Australia in spite of the usual suspects wishing otherwise.

      • Yes I have had serval different pistols over the years from Tanfoglio, CZ clone.

        Pistol for target use is not that hard to get. Local club has three ranges. One for western action, one IPSC and one regular target.

        Licenses to carry are very limited (I have had one) and are usually work related ie security guard, cash escort etc.

        Six gun shops in about and hours drive from me. I live near a town of 5000 people so not enough trade for full time shop. Local hardware carries .22, .233 etc.

    • Agreed. Parts of rural are Australia are absolutely perfect to do some long range precision fire or any other shooting at your leisure. You guys play pretty fast and loose by UK standards love it. 0Fu**s given. I don’t drink anymore but is Bundaberg rum still on tap and served in pictures over there?

        • Bundaberg Rum is mostly sold in pre mix cans now in bars. Less mixing for staff I guess.

          Rural areas more likely to see it made like you remember. Army mix was about 1 part rum and one part coke on occasion.

  2. See if this gets through.
    Comment on one site said they should use a Beatles song for the War Turtle – “Fool on the Hill”, due to the line saying “…the man with the foolish grin is standing perfectly still….”

    • YES, your comment survived my screening software.

      I don’t feel sorry for Mitch – Senate Majority Leader. I feel sorry for the man who must realize that he’s on par with Pedo Joe. He’s been significant for most of his life. Now, he needs care.

      • I’m guessing the real bot gave a head fake that the software fell for…hope it now has it’s alignment trued up again. If Mitch retires will he quickly become single again, or will she stand by her man?

  3. We have Wales washing up on the Jersey shore it seems on a weekly basis. Not to mention unreported sharks and other sea life from Cape May all the way up to Cape cod. Between Chinese fishing boats and these ridiculous windmills the ecosystem has taken a heavy toll just in the past two years down the shore.

      • Yes. Here’s what it actually means in the real world…

        Yuval Harari, affiliated with Schwab’s WEF’s [] and one of WEF’s frontman psychopaths [], who is sold as an intellectual “genius” by this crazy world is the person who called you and me and all other commoners “useless people” [] — while millions of those “useless people” have been buying and recommending his books like candy (to learn his “lessons”), serving him very usefully. It’s one proof that most people anywhere are stupid and crazy (while “thinking” they’re intelligent).

        The WEF cabal of psychopaths, including Harari, has always promoted artificial intelligence or AI are now, starting in early 2023, suddenly supposedly have a change of heart makes it clear that their warnings about AI and having it regulated is just a manipulative tactic to deceive the public, again.

        The manipulative “AI open letter” scheme is part of The Hegellian Dialectic in action: problem-reaction-solution.

        This bogus letter campaign is meant to raise public fear/hype panic about an alleged big “PROBLEM” (they helped to create in the first place) so the public demands (REACTION) the governments regulate this technology =they provide the “SOLUTION’ FOR THEIR OWN INTERESTS AND AGENDAS… because… all governments are owned by the leading psychopaths in power …. (or

        What a convenient self-serving trickery … of the ever foolish public.

        The official narrative is… “trust official science” and “trust the authorities” but as with all other “official narratives” …

        “We’ll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” —William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime

        “Who masters those technologies [eg artificial intelligence (AI)] —in some way— will be the master of the world.” — Klaus Schwab, at the World Government Summit in Dubai, 2023

        “COVID is critical because this is what convinces people to accept, to legitimize, total biometric surveillance.” — Yuval Noah Harari, WEF Forum member []

  4. Mitch had a Glitch, Fetterman had an I95 tick, Feinstein was told to vote ‘Aye” by a staffer…and The Big Guy is an angry shrinking violet. This constitutes tyranny on steroids as these people are not in charge of anything except running cover for The Magical Kenyan, Susan Rice, and Valerie Jarrett.

    Windmills- Don’t get me started. The infrasound (below 10 Hz) ruins migration patterns on land nd sea, and generates weird hoof growth in cattle, deer, and elk, while being the Super Chopper for raptors. Add to that Carbon Fiber has a 500 year half life. Yeah, “green”…what a bunch a cheats and liars stealing taxpayer “subsidies” to line pockets.

    Dad used to say “College is a high class work permit, proves to an employer you can successfully start and complete something.” Now these places have become the worst in corporate structure and greed while attacking their private sector counterparts for doing less than the same. Hillsdale and a few others actually educate, the rest indoctrinate.

    Gladwell’s “Outliers” shows how certain people end up with better coaching, instruction, and a leg up on classmates, often due to income (standing) and/or an earlier birthdate, usually manifesting during school age. This gives these people a false sense of superiority that translates when they move into “public service”…or the HOA ninny.

    • It’s useful for the elites to have weak, intellectually small, and demented politicians, which is why we are $32 TRILLION under water.

  5. I found the riddle of power as stated in GOT interesting:

    “Power resides where men believes it resides.”

    I tend to agree with this statement on small items,
    like Governments and Religions…
    For important matters, Not so much.
    Fortunately, for us, democracy and autocracy does NOT get to decide important issues.
    My Faith is in Him

    MSG Grumpy

  6. Thought the 32T was topside at the Biden/Bama Left Ukraine laundromat? I don’t think the hoe was smart enough to get in on that. She was probably conducting Borderzar operations thinking the southern border was in Jacksonville Florida 🤔.

  7. Sidebar: I’m interested in what the shooting mat/surface is under LSP’s rifle? (not an assault rifle because it’s brown) Rubberized gym matting?

    • I don’t know if that is LSP’s rifle because that doesn’t look at all like the area near Hillsboro TX as I lived 12 miles NW of there 15 years ago.

  8. It’s rubber paving. Created by combining recycled rubber crumb with a proprietary binding agent. I believe it was developed by the Canucks. As far as Lsp’s rifle last time I checked that was a FN 17 SCAR SBR. Very nice LSP. There’s a lot of shooters that don’t like the FN I’m not one of them.

    • Thx. We installed a thin version used for gyms under equipment in our tack room over the ply subfloor, but this other material looks more durable. I suppose different manufacturer’s have different blends. We’re thinking of it in 1-1/4″ thickness for the barn aisle way (over compacted crushed limestone) instead of rubber pavers – which get pricey and require more labor – and that material looks more suited for our application. Need to be able to drive the tractor on it and not have it twist.

      • I was going to guess that it wasn’t actually a tailgun, but a gunship cannon like on an AC-130 that could fire to either side.

        Photoshop is a good answer, though.


  9. It was difficult to get through season 1 of Jack Ryan. Thanks for the heads up on the following seasons.

  10. Can a 105lb woman clear a room full of Special Forces? Yes. That’s what grenades, satchel charges, claymores, artillery barrages, air strikes, IEDs and other area effect weapons work.

    Going hand-to-hand? No. One of the Rangers, probably the big power lifter in the corner, would catch her leg kick and then proceed to destroy the walls and ceiling with her. Or just do the ‘Hulk grabs Loki’ maneuver and stain the floor with her brain matter.

    Please. Guns give the smaller opponent a more equal chance, but 1 Ranger vs a room full of aware Rangers? Even if it’s Reacher or the equivalent, no. Unless she’s John Wick and the Rangers killed her dog, stole her car or burned down her house, of course.

    • The question wasn’t can a 105-lb woman CLEAR a room, it was can the woman TAKE OUT a room full of Rangers. Yes. Of course. That’s what multi-drug resistant STDs are for. (No time frame was specified for the taking out. “Beware spies, button flies.” Hooah.)

      • In the show, she cleared the room without servicing any of the Rangers and using germ warfare against them. She also took out the (male) Marine hand-to-hand/CQB instructor with some ease. Such are the skills of Hollywood’s female warrior class.

      • Ah yes the multi drug resistant STDs. Resistant to multi-penicillin shots, bore punches and other complex multifaceted mystery shots. Capable of taking out any tm, plt, regiment and or legion of warriors. Over not strong enough to kill Hunter or Chinese infantry soldiers apparently.

  11. A rose by any other name is still a rose; and, a tricked out crop duster is still a crop duster. This idea is really bad and gives some insight into how ignorant our military system really is. If an A-10, built to withstand significant battle damage, equipped with the top of the line missile defense equipment, chaff and flares, along with a huge loiter time and gigantic bomb load is too vulnerable in today’s combat environment, how will a crop duster survive?

    Apparently, those behind that project haven’t been watching the shooting match between manpads and attack helicopters. The AT-800U lacks the speed, legs, lift capability and ECM to survive in even a bush war. Someone is making big bucks on this project.

    On a different subject:
    “Nuke the gay, liberated, unborn baby whales for Jesus!” (’70s bumper sticker seen in California)

    • These things are just for Zulu Wars. In a low-MANPADS environment, they do just fine, and operate for 1/10 the cost of an A-10.

      Look at it this way – they can survive any where an AC-130 can, and those gunships do plenty of good work.


      • Kle, the AT-800 is a really bad idea at a bad time. Missiles, drones, ZSUs of various types are all over geographical areas that would be considered Zulu wars. In the same manner that battleships lost status and flattops took the prime time, manned, air breathing platforms are losing their effectiveness. Drones of all sizes, swarms of drones and other unmanned devices are moving up as the preferred weapon of choice.

        Sure, the cost is less, but the combat effectiveness is extremely less. There are better options available. Why have armor on a crop duster that can deliver only a few explosive treats for a very short period of time before having to load and return?

        • Because the Army would rather have something in support rather than nothing.

          … and if USAF gets their way, it will be nothing.


  12. On shows. Suspending disbelief is not my strong suit. Appreciate what you do so I don’t have to.

    Tail gunner. My immediate word association was ‘Stuka’.

    Range Day. Sadly, few and far between of late. Despite all, I did manage a trip to the local indoor range recently, along with a small but satisfying victory. Back in the 90’s, surplus M-1 carbine parts were coming into the market by the box car load. Outfits like Numrich were selling parts kits, less receiver, and surplus receivers. For a time I had a modest side line assembling carbines for customers, two of which I kept for myself. The second was mostly a spare, and only last year I finally got around to shooting it off a bench to see what it could do. About 30 yards out, about 14 inches to the left. Even with the adjustable rear sight cranked full right windage, still way to the left. Drat.

    The barrel that came in that kit is a Winchester. Fortunately in my stash of parts, I had a nice clean, very low mileage barrel by Underwood. A few months back I swapped it for the Winchester. On the above mentioned range trip, I ran a target out to 15 yards, re-centered the rear sight, and shot off hand. Bingo. Dead center for windage.

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