RBG – another tough day at the office.

There are a lot of people sending baby back (pork) ribs to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg as replacements for those she broke when she fell. Will she incorporate those pork ribs into her frail frame to keep herself on the high court. Or will she succumb to her deteriorating physical condition and leave The Court?

Maybe somebody is sending her a message. Confirming President Trump’s replacement would be at the top of the agenda for the newly constituted US Senate… I’m thinking that a staunchly pro-life woman would be a fitting replacement for the aging justice. And I’m thinking that the US Senate would agree.
Barack said it best. ‘Elections have consequences’.


  1. The ONE thing that I give credit to democrats is how well they stick together. You're a crook, you're a rapist, you're a murderer… we will stick by you no matter what. You will be re-elected! Republicans fall apart at a word such as … RACIST! We break like a house of straws. It makes me sick.

  2. President Trump will spend the last two years of his first term filling the court system with solid constitutional judges. Replacing RBG will be the icing on the cake.

  3. After Brett Kavanaugh, what's left to throw up as accusations at a candidate? I mean, after alleging he coordinated and took part in gang rapes, the only thing beyond that is mass murder.

    I think Trump should nominate Amy Coney Barrett next. (Actually, he should have put her ahead of Kavanaugh.) What will they throw at her? Yesterday, they decided the problem with the world is white women, and she's definitely one.

    I think it's a reasonable guess that the only thing beyond what they did to Kavanaugh is assassination.

  4. That's probably her regular pose in office each day, too. She has clerks to do the work for her and may even writer her responses. She could be dead and propped up and now one would know the difference… until the stink starts… and that would be Trump's fault.

  5. The "Weekend at Bernie's" scenario where RBG is been dead and is propped up to keep the Dems content has occurred to me. Sort of like the Spanish did to El Cid when they defeated the Muslims?

    The Weekend at Bernies scenario also requires voodoo and we know that the Dems have a lot of those fallen priests in their ranks to call on.

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