Your Sunday Sermonette message comes early this week.
Passing – Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), a sharecropper’s son and one of seven children, is dead at age 68. So I guess we’ll never know where that $1.4 billion that was earmarked to improve Baltimore ended up. Trudeau is going out trick-or-treating as Cummings this Halloween, but I don’t judge.
Treacherous – Former National Security Advisor, John Bolton, is remembered in office as the man who cultivated the ‘whistle blower’ by providing him false details of President Trump’s phone call with the Ukranian president. He’ll end up in a hole near Cummings eventually.
Good old Shep – Known as the “Mississippi Queen” at Fox News, vanished into the ether with millions in his pocket. It’s never good news when the US Attorney General drops by to visit your boss. One can only wonder what mischief Shep was up to. But it’s good that he’s off the Fox line-up. He always gave me the creeps.
Hong Kong – The NBA’s love affair with China may be one positive thing to come out of the dust up in Hong Kong. I’m sure that there will be more to come as people pick sides in that situation. One thing is sure. There are a lot more US flags at a demonstration in Hong Kong than there are at a Democrat Party debate.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – May be more unlikeable than Hillary Clinton. Clearly she offers resets of her life (also called lies) more than Hillary did, which is nothing short of remarkable. It would be very interesting if Hillary became her running mate, but we’re not good enough to get that sort of gift for Christmas. I had thought that maybe one of the Squad would join her in the race, but they backed a different communist – an old white male, part of the patriarchy they despise. 
Syrian KurdsThe Beltway bandits are still spreading a lot of money in Congress to try and get the US in the middle of the Syrian civil war. The map, left, is from the Washington Times and shows the distribution of Kurds in the Middle East. Do you find this the least bit instructive? Keep in mind that the US Military is present in Iraq, supporting the Iraqi Kurds there. And since when was it America’s role to interpose itself in worthless and endless civil wars.
Defense spending is sometimes referred to as ‘welfare for the middle class’. I’m not going to debate the merits of that financial distribution here on Fishwrap Friday. But never forget that war is a racket.
Taxes – I just wrote a property tax check for the first half of 2020. How exciting. But I don’t live in San Francisco or DC and there is a lot to be thankful for. If there is poop on my driveway, it was left by a deer or an elk.
Family Values – One of the most contentious parts of any family is where all of the children and in-laws will line up for the holidays. Some of those negotiations remain underway, but I think that we will have at least two of the four children (and 5 grandkids) up at the White Wolf Mine for Thanksgiving. Christmas is a different matter and I have no idea how that will work. I may get the other two here if there is snow? Or I may go to them? Or none of the above. I’m positive that I’m not the only one with “home for the holidays” discussions ongoing. 
And with the holiday season looming, I’m trying to figure out how to balance my so-called business and travel in light of those obligations.

Follow the Money


Fredd said – Mao’s , uh, er, I mean Xi’s latest threat to the HK protestors: there’s going to be ‘crushed bodies and broken bones.’ 
There’s my lovable potentate, wearing his jack boots on his sleeve. And how exactly is Hong Kong going to compromise with this? “Chairman Xi, with all due respect, we will only accept slightly crushed bodies and mildly broken bones.”
I don’t know it will all fall out. Clearly, China can lay waste to Hong Kong and the money can flee, leaving them a husk with a bunch of miserable, impoverished, starving people who can be incorporated into the communist hive/collective. I don’t think that the worker’s paradise holds much appeal for the people of HK.  
What Xi doesn’t fully appreciate is the level of international backlash that China will experience. I’m confident that will happen. And Xi will be baffled.  
The Hong Kong Basic Law (the cannon of One Party, Two Systems) can be violated with a Red  Chinese invasion but is that the karma that China wants?
Old NFO – Stay safe and stay under the radar

WSF – +1

China is losing patience with the protests, but it can get much worse for the Chinese as well. Martial law and the murder of a million people would play well in the Politburo, but not elsewhere. Stalin said that one death is a tragedy. A million deaths is a statistic. He was right, of course. He and Mao collectively accounted for 100 million deaths. But by so doing, China would reveal itself for what it is. No more global markets for them.


  1. Elija Cummings is being eulogized as the next Martin Luther King, who fought bravely for civil rights, a great man.

    Of course, that billion or two that disappeared instead of going into fixing Baltimore's blight will never be found. Ever. Have we heard or will we ever hear about this? Expect crickets to be chirping on the matter. Case closed. Great man it is. He may even lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda.

    Welcome to the U.S. of Banana Republic.

  2. "I've never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure." Supposedly Twain said that, and whether he did or not is irrelevant, it applies here.

  3. The Ukraine sure is a busy place. "Mississippi Queen," is quite an understatement, but will do quite nicely as he fads into the sunset … OR CNN.

  4. Maybe you can shed some light on this- The web has reports el Chapo's son was arrested by the Federales, and the cartel essentially had a street riot with machine guns -and the feds got worried and released him? Bad ju-ju if the cartel has veto power over the gov. Means they ARE the gov, in all the important areas.

  5. Not a veto, exactly… just more and better soldiers and greater numbers of loyal civilians. More money too, of course.

    Even worse ju-ju, actually.

  6. He was a corrupt and hypocritical SOB, who won't be missed by anyone sane. He couldn't be anyone else, and represent Baltimore.

    I won't particularly celebrate his passing since he will just be replaced by the next corrupt and hypocritical SOB, but I won't mourn him either.


  7. Speaking of endless wars, how about the war on drugs? On one hand we deplore, and spends vast sums fighting opioids, while helping those responsible for much of the world's raw supply. That is a racket, IMO!

  8. And it's a wrap. Have you noticed how the Democrat impeachment circus is fizzling like a damp squib? Not unlike, when you think of it, to CPL and Stormy. He was going to be President and she would be rich. Oh well.

    Trump went to Dallas like a BOSS. I predict a landslide, perhaps part of that is his reluctance to go to war and get our kids killed. Just a thought.

  9. You'd think the Democrats would love him for that – he's the least likely President to resort to military action since at least Jimmy Carter.

    The Dems are always going on about how they're against War and Nation Building and Open-Ended Military Commitments and Mission Creep. They should be out dancing in the streets because Trump pulled us out of the moronic no-win situation in Syria, but they're all a bunch of hypocrite fanatics.


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