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I know, ours look like first grade squiggles, but the space aliens had a lot of time to work on graphics as they crossed the void in order to graffiti some cornfield in fly-over country.

The End of Women’s Sports?

If you’re a guy and want to set a world record, tell everyone that you’re a woman, call Ripleys or whoever records these things (PT Barnham is dead) and go for it. 
A male weightlifter, who “identifies” as a woman, smashed four women’s world records in a single day, igniting a backlash from female Olympic champions. That’s not the sort of inclusive sportsmanship that most of us would expect from Olympic champions. Mary Gregory is on her way to sweep her weight class at the Olympic Games unless some guys from other countries also identify as women.

Why the backlash? A woman set several world’s records… You think that women would be happy to see a woman who can compete with men on a level playing field… Remember that gender and race are just constructs. You are what you think you are when you wake up on any given day.

For the record, I’d make a hideous woman. I’ll stay male, heterosexual and white. There’s just so much privilege that comes with that choice.

Is it The Environment?
Or is it just a scam?
Failing candidate, and fake Mexican, Irish Bob (Beto) O’Rorque, is trying to snatch headlines from Slow Joe Biden by promising to spend $5 trillion of your tax dollars on saving the planet during the coming ten years to armageddon. Beto says that the clock is counting down to our demise.
The scare tactics used by the left and their (political) scientist cronies in the climate change movement are amusing to most of this blog’s readers. Every ten or so years or so there is another environmental crisis that is bound to end in global warming, global cooling, over-population or under population. It’s a magical number chosen for very specific psychological reasons that have nothing to do with climate models or actual science.
One of the first warnings came from Harvard biologist (and communist) George Wald. He recognized changes in the way many animals were acting and shifting from their habitats and estimated that “civilization will end within 15 or 30 years (twenty years ago) unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” The first Earth Day was organized and unveiled to the world in 1970. The day after the first Earth Day, the New York Times editorial warned, “Man must stop pollution and conserve his resources, not merely to enhance existence but to save the race from intolerable deterioration and possible extinction.”
There have been a lot of them. Once Y2K proved to be a dud of a worldwide catastrophe, the left of the day started latching onto more decade-long doom and gloom predictions, culminating in the infamous Al Gore predictions of the mid-00s. Ten years, and we’re done. But the ice caps have not melted and polar bears thrive. Yet the Left still peddles this crap because there are a lot of weak minded people who will donate to them.  
All you need to do is give up your plastic straws, and the planet will be safe.
The climate on Earth has been changing since the crust cooled. There isn’t much that man can do about that. It’s a complex thing. We can pick up trash and treat the planet kindly. We can avoid polluting. But I don’t know that our impact on the climate is significant. Technology is heading in a direction that is going to make fossil fuel burning obsolete. It isn’t because of doomsday predictions . It’s because logic tells us the fuels on this planet cannot last forever. Real science tells us we need potable water and clean air. Our wallets tell us gas is expensive and nobody likes filling up a gas guzzler. But perhaps most importantly, renewable energy plus carbon-friendly nuclear energy will be better once they become more efficient and less expensive.
However, Irish Bob O’Rorque will save you if only you are willing to send him all of your money. He needs to team up with AOC and do some sort of traveling tent revival meetings, to focus on the mooches who want a crisis and want to feel as if they can fix it.

Final thoughts for this Cinco de Mayo

17 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. I'll give up my straws when you pry them from my cold dead mouth.
    As for pollution, we need a modest nearby black hole to throw it all into. Maybe some thoughtful ecologically friendly scientist will create one. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. If you're against men setting women's records you must be transphobic. Transphobic is a made up nonsense word, like homophobic and islamophobic. The left assumes that if you're against special privileges for a group(excepting, of course, white heterosexual males) it must be because you fear them. As long as they mind their own business, I don't care what they do.
    I was really looking forward to Y2K and the coming apocalypse, but when I got up the next morning, everything still worked. Oh well.

  3. Fear is a powerful motivator. It has worked ever since that first animal crawled out of the ooze a billion years ago: 'Hi, there, tiny caveman. I am Zog, a big huge hairy caveman. See my big gnarly club? Now imagine, tiny caveman, that I swung this great big meaty club at your face. How would that make you feel? Well, we need not go down that path, simply go get me a dinosaur drumstick or two, roast them up over the fire and let me know when they are ready for me to chow down on. How does that sound, tiny caveman? Are you with me? Good to hear, now you better get going and see to Zog's business interests…"

    Yes, I know. Dinosaurs were extinct by the time Zog and his ilk showed up on the planet. And ancient thugs like Zog did not use that nice, polite language. But you get my drift.

    It works every time it's tried. Met Life warns us all that unless we get an expensive term life policy, our loved ones are all destined to homelessness and eating out of dumpsters. Met Life is a very successful insurance company.

    William Devane, a washed up has-been B-list actor, now warns us that we subject ourselves to poverty and despair in our old age unless we invest in gold and silver from Rosland Capital. Rosland Capital is doing very well these days.

    The good folks at Colo-guard tell us to crap on a stick, send it in and they will tell us within 75% accuracy whether or not we have colon cancer. The other 25% of the time, they are dead wrong, and convince you to chase down their false-positive findings with about $20,000.00 worth of additional medical screenings, etc. Colo-guard is doing a bang-up business.

    Fear does wonders. It makes people do things that they otherwise would not do absent these phony fears that scalawags, ne-er-do-wells and miscreants plant in our consciousness.

    Fear sells. Nothing we can do about it. Just ask your run of the mill doomsday prepper about how much fear has cost them.

  4. I think the guy winning all the women's weight lifting titles is hilarious. They get what they asked for.

    I agree with all your points about the environment.

    But I lost my train of thought, so have a blessed Sunday.

  5. I'm sure most here have heard some version of the story (insert hairy dog here) about the cargo aboard RMS Titanic, part of which was a ton or so of Mayonnaise bound for Mexico. History and several convolutions later, we have the Mexican holiday–Sinko de Mayo.

    Moving right along–

    Irish Bob. For some reason, the image of English Bob (played by an Irishman) in the movie "Unforgiven" popped into my head. However in my version, it's Beto who gets the stuffing kicked out of him by Gene Hackman. I suspect Beto's demeanor would more have resembled the writer who peed himself, W. W. Beauchamp.

  6. You know if engineers COULD create a black hole to throw garbage into, they would talk themselves into it, cheered on by AOC.

  7. I’m with you.

    People can worship who or what they want. They can stuff living rodents into their rectums if they want to. They can eat Tide Pods and die. They can declare an end to gender and race if it makes them happy. Just don’t make me pay for it and don’t take it to heart when I laugh.

  8. I have no life insurance. When I shuffle off this mortal coil, those left here on the Third Rock can divide up my wares as they see fit.

    Most people leave me alone. The Scary Larry persona, you see. But walking softly and carrying a big f-ing stick has always worked.

    Fear of cause and effect differentiates us from many animals. Fear of the clock has women spending trillions worldwide on cosmetics. Don’t fear the reaper, Fredd

  9. Unforgiven is one of my favorite films of all time.

    Irish Bob O’Rorque, a tool, in any epoch in time, would definitely be the guy who pissed himself. He doesn’t have the brains to be “Skinny-the-Pimp” or the motivation to be the Fat Deputy.

  10. They do the 'chicken little' thing every 5 years as their grants start running out. They get funded again for the 'new' problem, then lather, rinse, repeat… sigh

  11. Yes, those gals fret about every dang wrinkle that comes their way and go to great lengths to get rid of them. I recall some years ago when Mae West died, and the last photo while she was still with us showed almost no skin on her face: it was all spackle, rouge, eye liner and lipstick. Applied with a trowel. Men (other than Dennis Quaid, Robert Wagner, and a few others) just live with the warts. They say men are like fine wines, they age well. Not me, buddy. I age like hell, and I really don't care. Don't fear the warts, LL.

    Now, Aunt Sally's leftover meatloaf, that will put the fear of God into the bravest soul's heart. Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about that….

  12. Intestinal distress is no laughing matter. Diahrea from rotten frozen corn dogs is said to only be exceeded by Aunt Sally’s chili con carne

  13. Must be a bitch for all the climate change hustlers when one of their own (funded by taxpayers) releases a study showing more CO2 is increasing plant growth worldwide.

    New frontier for climate hustlers could be seabed methane. That has a grim potential for life as we know it should it be released into the atmosphere.

  14. Maybe we should launch a concerted effort to destroy the seabed to save the planet?

    Once all the cows are dead and all of the straws are rounded up.

  15. What a great movie! Complete with comedy Brit gunslinger, result.

    Faux-Mex Beto's flailing and jealous of Bootyjugjug. I predict he goes the way of Abortion Barbie. Remember her? Neither does anyone else.

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