Is it a red star, rising over an alien world, or is it the Sun, trying to burn through cloud cover at the White Wolf Mine? Yes, you know the answer, photo taken from my deck. I just couldn’t capture the weirdness digitally. But trust me, it looked weird.

The first winter storm is coming. We expect rain but Colorado will be getting snow. Batten down the hatches, DRJIM, WSF and Camperfixer. At least it will put out the fires that Colorado is experiencing and will clear the air.


Fun with Gravitational Waves

For all its vast emptiness, the universe is humming with activity in the form of gravitational waves. Produced by extreme astrophysical phenomena, these reverberations ripple forth and shake the fabric of space-time, like the clang of a cosmic bell.

Now researchers have detected a signal from what may be the most massive black hole merger yet observed in gravitational waves. The product of the merger is the first clear detection of an “intermediate-mass” black hole, with a mass between 100 and 1,000 times that of the sun.

They detected the signal, which they have labeled GW190521, on May 21, 2019, with the National Science Foundation’s Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO), a pair of identical, 4-kilometer-long interferometers in the United States; and Virgo, a 3-kilometer-long detector in Italy.

The signal, resembling about four short wiggles, is extremely brief in duration, lasting less than one-tenth of a second. From what the researchers can tell, GW190521 was generated by a source that is roughly 5 gigaparsecs away, when the universe was about half its age, making it one of the most distant gravitational-wave sources detected so far.

Almost every confirmed gravitational-wave signal to date has been from a binary merger, either between two black holes or two neutron stars. This newest merger appears to be the most massive yet, involving two inspiraling black holes with masses about 85 and 66 times the mass of the sun.

There may be another way to look at it.


Hunting in a dry Forest with a Flintlock

Photo of firing a flintlock at night.


Willingness of EU Countries to Defend Greece/Turkey If They Were Under Military Attack.


Median Housing Price By County


Tomorrow we will discuss Valkyries


  1. With Erdogan in charge, who would willingly want to defend Turkey from an attack? And does anybody really care? Heck, of those not willing to defend, how many would join in the attack?

    Me? Call a Crusade and sweep the heretics and heathens from the country.

    As to gravitational waves, apparently our solar system, in it’s push through the galaxy, is acting like a ship in water, creating a gravitational bow-wave and wake. Which might wipe out our Voyager probes as they pass through said wake. Nice thing, though, is said wake also pushes stuff away from our solar system.

    Nice boat. The secret is she flexes and moves with the water. For a neat look at longships, go look at the movie “The Longships” and watch Kirk Douglas actually run on the extended oars. Man was very athletic.

  2. Due to the [let it burn wildland management protocol] 102K acre Cameron Peak fire, Fort Collins to Denver hardly saw the sun for a few days. Went from 90 to 20 overnight with rain and snow which tamped it back pretty good (USFS should put God on the payroll). We, however, were treated to a couple of spectacular evening pyrocumulus cloud formations…no way to properly capture the incredible sight on the phone camera.

  3. That last photo, a Viking long boat: standard issue to my ancestors. If European Caucasians ever demanded reparations for slavery, it would be the Norwegians who would be coughing up the big bucks: their Viking ancestors enslaved almost the entire white population in northern Europe from 900 to 1000AD. Give or take a century or two, I’m too lazy to Google it.

    White people want justice.

  4. Neat scyfy alien planet rising photo, and the black hole story’s interesting too. I’ve been following it loosely.

    More long ships.

    • There was a digital art site I discovered a number of years ago, and I’ve gotten some screensavers from the.
      The name strikes me as something some tipsy college freshmen, during a dorm bull session, decided would be a real cool name – digitalblasphemy
      As the art is good, I’ve ignored the name itself.

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