Grouping, Joining, and Danger

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Asymmetric Warfare (low intensity conflicts) dove deep into analysis of Asymmetrical and Fourth Generation Warfare on their website. You can read more about it HERE. I have different thoughts on the subject, but will suggest that any glorification of a “militia movement” in the US brings with it a significant danger. No matter how well intended, most of these ad hoc organizations tend to be hijacked by lunatics.  The article is fair and balanced as far as it goes, but it brings a focus on private, organized militias and gives them a positive spin. My spin on those sorts of organizations, while legal, that suggests an exercise in exceptional prudence and circumspection.
Every election, every flaw in the democratic process brings fear of tyranny. However good an arms and ammo salesman that Barack H. Obama was, the eight years of obamanation were followed by President Trump. It was not the infinitely corrupt Hillary Clinton who won the presidential election. And America gave the Republicans control of Congress. Sure, there was huge push-back from people like former Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan – who hated America’s choice of leadership more than almost everything else. But the point is that America chose and they didn’t choose an enemy of the Republic (for a change).
A study of “Small Wars” and low intensity conflict is useful. I have studied it extensively both from a professional perspective and as a matter of personal interest. Thus the article has value both in its exploration of historical precedence and some of its predictions of potential conflicts in the future as a matter of cause and effect.
To me there is value in “going Galt” and leaving the rush and crush of the city behind. There is value in a pastoral existence – at least there is to me. But I’m not much of a joiner.

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  1. Too many hustlers, undercovers, agent provocateurs, and undisciplined types for my taste. While not a member, I do send a few dollars to Oath Keepers.

  2. I am heartily in favor of the spirit of the militia as a bulwark against tyranny. In practice, I think far too many who are attracted to the idea, also think that if what they imagine comes to pass, there will still be Facebook, Starbucks, and running water.

  3. Given the historical information available in the literature there are many examples on the different civilizations that offered the citizens a "happy life". I guess the last 75 years in the US and most of Europa top the list on the time scale but lately in the last 25 years a degradation takes place and the society segregates into ethnic groups with conflict potential. The future looks grim and I guess we will end up with cities where liberals will experience plague, crime and poverty. The rest will establish areas with a conservative approach with work ethic and a high degree of law and order where people feel safe and secure.

  4. Trump is a glitch…an aberration…just a bump in the road as we head towards socialism/communism. The House is once again under the control of the wicked witch of San Fran….Peloser. The GOP controls the Senate by the slimmest of margins….with several of the GOP senators of questionable political orientation. Expect roadblocks from the House trying to keep Trump from accomplishing anything….including constant impeachment efforts. The efforts don't have to succeed to be useful. Whether or not Trump wins a second term is still in doubt….unless the dems are stupid enough to run Clinton again. Enjoy what little freedom remains….and look at California to see what the future holds. America is dying. Trump is life support…but there is no cure for the obsession with communism more than half the populace is infected by.

  5. Ever since Oblahma won the first term, hubby and I have discussed the possibilities and probabilities of revolution.
    Many have.
    I just don't see it as feasible because all the conservatives are pretty well separated. There would have to be communication between groups, etc, to be successful.
    And I expect the lib/commies would fight in that case.
    But I would definitely, at least, attempt to protect my family if at all possible.

  6. There was an oath keepers group in Orange County, CA. The president was a vet. The vice president had never served (anywhere). No oath. He was there for the donations. Best check the resumes of those involved.

  7. Most of the people I have seen flocking to one movement or another would get me killed because of their inept behavior.

  8. That's the way it appears. It's important to stand for what is right, but sacrificing yourself on the altar for the undeserving doesn't seem like a good choice.

  9. Well it's all a larf until the money runs out. Then it might be wise to have a place in the country.

  10. It's always nice to have a place to flee to. Unless you're already there at the White Wolf Mine, lighting off claymore mines as the evil goblin hoard comes within range. Flares illuminate those creeping creeps and they are picked off one-at-a-time by the Dallas Light Cavalry (Irregular) and auxiliary volunteers… or something to that effect.

  11. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

    We have a winner here…..

    My advanced firearms training instructor said almost exactly the same thing.

  12. DRJIM, I don't want to get shot in the back (Pat Tillman) because some moron has bad muzzle and trigger discipline. I'm better off by myself.

  13. Agree completely.

    Not only bad muzzle discipline, but also bad trigger discipline.

    I saw that same instructor throw 3 different people out of three different classes because of that.

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