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An M-240L 

Manufactured by the American division of the Belgian company Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal. To achieve 18% weight savings, the M240L incorporates titanium construction and alternative manufacturing methods for fabricating major components. The resulting improvements reduced the soldier’s combat load while allowing easier handling and movement of the weapon.

The US Navy preferred the “CAR-60” (M60E3) version of the M60 machine gun due to its lighter weight and slower rate of fire, which allows a more effective duration of fire with allowable levels of ammunition carried.

The 7.62mm tracers burn out at 900 meters, but the weapon is effective beyond that range.


In California or Connecticut

The police execute a search warrant and seize four firearms. The headlines pronounce that an arsenal has been seized.

In Arizona we laugh and say, “Hold my beer.”




Bullet Points:


** Fun with contact lenses. The eye is the mirror of the soul, you know.

** The enduring mystery is, given the undisputable truth of all the great VDH says here, why do people keep voting Democrat? Because of the Cabal in power, you are poorer, less safe and less free. WHY? Why does anyone sign up for this, thereby inflicting it on the rest of us? It is truly insane.

(left – Big Mike is unhappy that he won’t get to be president because of white people)

From the article:

“What we are witnessing seems to be utter nihilism. The border is not porous but nonexistent. Mass looting and carjackings are not poorly punished, but simply exempt from all and any consequences. Our downtowns are reduced to a Hobbesian “war of all against all,” where the strong dictate to the weak and the latter adjust as they must. The streets of our major cities in just a few years have become pre-civilizational—there are more human feces on the sidewalks of San Francisco than were in the gutters of Medieval London.”

** The Journal Nature published a study revealing that of the folks who were early adopters of EVs in California (between 2012 and 2018), 20% of PHEV drivers have returned to fully gas-powered vehicles and 18% of full EV drivers returned to gas-powered–with their subsequent vehicle purchase.

** Special Operations Lioness (Rotten Tomatoes) Season 1 has ended. The sense is that Paramount will announce a second season after the writer’s strike ends. If you watched it, did you like it?


From the Mail Bag

I will drag an e-mail discussion here to the blog. The question was outside of General George Patton who had his own ideas about side arms, what did US general officers carry (if anything) during World Wars I, II and the Korean War. There is an answer because the US Army issued them to general officers in particular.

The Colt Pocket Hammerless, either the Model of 1903, in .32 ACP, or the Model of 1908, in .380 ACP.

Let’s face it, the general can carry what general wants to carry, but the fact that there was an issue firearm for generals meant that many of them who carried likely carried that.

Moving on to Patton. General Patton’s daily carry handguns were fitted with ivory grips. “Pearl handles are for New Orleans pimps.” the General famously quipped to a reporter.

Although popularly remembered as the “two-gun” General, Patton actually seldom wore both of his “carrying guns” together. The handguns most associated with him, and which are now in the Patton Collection of the West Point Museum, are a .45 Long Colt Single Action revolver, 1873 Army Model, and a .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver.

Of the two of them, aides and relatives have said that the .45 Colt was the one Patton stressed for everyday carry, while the .357 was to be the “killing gun,” in his words if the battlefield situation ever demanded it. The .45 was his oldest companion, having been purchased in 1916. There are two notches filed in the left-side ivory grip of the highly engraved .45. They came to be through a 1916 gunfight that took place in Mexico where he killed two Mexican irregular officers.

As a young officer, George Patton was part of General Pershing’s punitive expedition into Mexico to hunt down Francisco (Pancho) Villa, Governor of Chihuahua. On 14 May he came under fire while leading a caravan of three vehicles to obtain food for his troops.

Patton was armed with his own Colt SAA .45 revolver. During the fight, he emptied the weapon as many as three times. In a letter to his father after the fight, Patton wrote, “I fired five times with my new pistol and one of them ducked back into the house. I found out later that this was Cardenes and that I had hit both him and his horse.” Captain Julio Cardenes was second in command under Villa when he was shot by Lieutenant George S. Patton.

Thereafter, Patton carried a second, or backup, handgun. General Joyce confirmed that the experience with the Mexican gangsters convinced Patton he should carry at least two handguns. Patton learned through experience as did we all that two is one and one is none.




He should have done it.


Isn’t it interesting how the people who want 87,000 IRS agents crawling over our lives don’t want their government crawling over theirs? It’s an old meme, but still on point.

All the people who were foaming at the mouth over President Trump’s tax records are remarkably silent about Pedo Joe’s money laundering through banks and the FTX Scandal where Ukrainian aid was laundered back to democrat politicians. It’s interesting, isn’t it?




I was there – a little later. This is a 1969 photo but the subject matter changed very little.


Let’s go Brandon!


Identify the Aircraft



In 1939, the French Armée de l’Air and Aéronavale ordered 200 and 30 of these aircraft respectively. Of these, 111 had been delivered before France surrendered to the Germans. The Germans put their livery on the aircraft and they flew for the Third Reich. I couldn’t find a photo of one with crosses on it but if I had, it would have been more difficult for this blog’s readers to identify.


What special ordnance was it designed to carry?

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  1. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. North American A-36
    2. North American T-6 Texan
    3. North American AJ Savage built to carry the atomic bomb.

    1. Ok, that’s just not normal…was the microsecond delay from taking a sip of coffee? Wow Surly.

      1. Speaking of the T-6 Texan. Been told there was a marked difference in the AT-6 & T-6 planes, leading me to think there might be a physical difference in the two. However, all I’ve been able to find, is those are used interchangeable terms to describe the aircraft. Would appreciate info. if there is a difference.
        Cletus Valvecore

        1. Cletus is was nothing more than a designator change from ‘trainer’ to ‘advanced trainer’. All the Navy versions were designated as SNJs.

        2. Jeff, Old+NFO…thanks for the info. I always assumed (and you know what that does) it was a nomenclature issue rather than a mechanical/design change. But nice to get some outside input on the issue.

  2. A-36 (eventually the Mustang)

    Vultee V-11 ?

    AJ Savage, carrier-launched nuke bomber.


    1. The A-36 was a dive bomber and in the photos you can see the dive brakes/flaps extended. The Mustang came along later with a very similar hull form.

  3. Hallway hardware- My dad: “Who took a chunk out of the baseboard!, what the hell were you doing in my hallway? and how do you plan on fixing it? (LH side mid)

    To the modern Joy Reid Lunatic Program watcher, those who enjoy their soft slavery (as VDH discusses)…everything is wrong with the “Let’s go to Mexico” picture; men dressed in suits and hats, woman (actual) in dresses and ankle’s crossed demurely, kids not strapped into 5-Point harnesses, white, no tats or metal, all smiling enjoying the trip, and no one is massively overweight. That is outrageous I say! Get on a plane and half the people look like they just rolled out of bed. Contrast that with 1000 mile walking journey “migrants and asylum seekers”…shorts and t-shirts and Nike’s, all very clean and freshly showered from their extended arduous journey….of five feet from the AirCon Biden Bus.

    Armstrong should have…give Walter Cronkite a heart attack on set.

    1. … and the men wore hats…
      Good quality felt fedoras.
      Not baseball caps, not skull caps, not turbans, not bandanas, but good quality hats: inside a car yet!
      And automobile manufacturers at that time made certain to provide headroom for them.
      Sometime post-Korean American men adopted the dress standards of the lower class and the Soviet factory worker became our GQ model.
      Why? So American men could display their more feminized hair styling?

      1. Yesterday I watched a short Rogan clip of him asking his guest (can’t recall) what those 11 steelworkers sitting on the Rockefeller Center RCA building beam eating their lunch hanging over 830 feet of air would think if they were dropped into today’s tech conference where the name tags included “preferred pronouns…Chris-He/Him”.

        In his inimitable fashion he says they’d be like, “WTF happened?” Funny.

  4. While I was stationed in West Germany in the mid-70’s, we received an invitation from our sister unit in the Bundeswehr for anyone who would like to join them at the range. Oh, hell yes. Got to shoot and qualify with the P-38 and the MG-3. I was truly impressed with the firepower of the MG-3. I have since come to understand that logistics is important too. Earned myself a Schützenschnur in bronze.

    M-60E4. 850 rounds. One trigger pull. From back in the day.

  5. Rank does have its privileges and not just with the military. Some years back I knew a captain, later the chief now retired, in the KCMO PD. One day I ran into him and noted that he was packing a S&W 4006 which was no longer the issue weapon.
    “I though people carried G22s,” I commented.
    “I like this better,” he replied.

    I do own a Model 1903 Colt of 1918 vintage. It’s a pretty decent shooter. Due to the cartridge I wouldn’t want to rely on it but would at least function well if I had to.

    1. Pretty sure UN troops wouldn’t last long on US streets. They do not have a record of toughness.


    1. You need more than one ammo monkey. It’s difficult to completely scratch the itch. One ammo monkey to supply the ammo and a second to supply the replacement barrels.

      Hai, ammunition mules and Gunga Din!

  6. It’s said that lack of headroom in after war cars killed hat-wearing.
    That’s not a problem those guys are having.
    Nonetheless I manage to get in my sedan without knocking my fedora off most of the time.

    1. Why I drive a pickup, altho the stupid headrest gets in the way of the Stetson so it sits on the dash…otherwise it’s a ballcap.

      1. Outback Brumby Rider straw, no matter which vehicle.
        I need a straw down here even in the winter. I left the felts back in Oregon.
        Made in China but not chinesium – appears to be good quality. Sorry to say, the Stetson fell apart in 6 months.

        1. That’s a good hat…I need a new straw, might look into one. Besides, am a fan of The Man From Snowy River…great felt hat.

          My best felt isn’t a Stetson, I’m fairly particular about shape and brim size (still have my Outback Drover) so MrsPaulM got me a custom from Colorado Hats in Estes Park, Longmire style. Terrific folks. MrsPaulM’s best is a custom from them and is black cherry felt, inly one they made…stops me dead when she wears it…gals just look better in a good fitting felt hat.

  7. Only four? Geez…I know people that carry four guns. I’m surprised the Lamestream Media didn’t wet themselves over “THOUSANDS of rounds of bullets, too!”

    Why do they continue to vote The Donkey? Because they get FREE STUFF. And now they’re allowed to have their “Days Of Rage” where they gets da BIG stuff that their “allowance” won’t cover.

    EV’s? The Market Has Spoken!

    Two Moms, two Dads, two children, and a dog. Notice how the gentleman in back is offset so he doesn’t have to look through the Driver, and the kids get “window seats”? Pure 1950’s Americana.

    I think Buzz said something like: “Boy, that may have been a small one for Neil, but it sure was a big one for me”.

    And Joy Reid is a dumbshit…..

  8. ** The enduring mystery is, given the undisputable truth of all the great VDH says here, why do people keep voting Democrat? Because of the Cabal in power, you are poorer, less safe and less free. WHY? Why does anyone sign up for this, thereby inflicting it on the rest of us? It is truly insane.

    I don’t think it’s insane: adjective: insane 1. in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill. Instead, I think acting as if the Norman Rockwell magazine cover fantasy paintings are reality is normal, usual, typical, common, standard, expected; the thing which we should expect most average people to do in most common situations.

    No doubt VDH has a box in his pocket, upon which if he pressed ten buttons he could talk to any of several billion people (a cell phone). You’ll notice the lack of VDH using any of the dozen “free” social media platforms to organize a movement to vote/recall for freedom. But he doesn’t do it because it would work! He doesn’t want it to work, because he’s domesticated.

    1. What is to stop you, or me, from organizing a movement? In his case, VDH is 70 years of age. Age has a lot to do with it. You could argue that VDH has been around for a long time, teaching and farming and what not. The truth is that most of us don’t want to be politicians even if we have an interest in current events (and history).

    2. The fox domestication experiments showed the foxes stop biting and start barking. VDH has barked for decades, but I get the sense that any politics that might succeed in escaping government is unthinkable, precisely because it might succeed. Writing in Ron Paul for president was widely avoided precisely because everyone knew it would work. says Jacob Hornberger is running as presidental candidate with the national Libertarian party. Valedictorian, Virginia Military Institute; JD from Univ of Texas; professor Univ of Dallas; Infantry school, Ft. Benning; plays bridge (like Eisenhower); wrote nine books. Typical libertarian platform. The LP presidential candidates typically get a couple percent of the popular vote. The 98% of Americans who didn’t vote for freedom can’t be insane, that means 98% would have abnormal perception, behavior, or social interaction. Exponentially poorer, less safe and less free until a genocidal collapse is normal human behavior. Government employees continuously tell you otherwise, but of course they would.

      What is to stop you, or me, from organizing a movement?

      The deep state calling the suicide hotline and putting in an order. Then, 200 million Democrat voters plus 100 million Republican voters calling in position updates on their cell phones to a remake of The Running Man movie.

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