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I’ve been busy lately and rarely home. Late nights working, traveling, looking for solace in toys. This morning I’m be back on a commercial hauler, headed to Washington DC (in first class seating).


I am in Raptor mode these days, having purchased a Ford Raptor recently. Yes, you may accuse me of being so lazy as to have purchased a Ford F-150 (with a really big engine) that is already equipped with a long travel suspension rather than doing the work myself with post-OEM parts. Finding a Raptor with the “sand color” Terrain paint scheme was more difficult than it should have been. If you drive a Raptor, it stands to reason that you’d also carry a raptor doesn’t it?

For those of you who know me, yes, of course I 
kept my “built” Toyota FJ Cruiser. You can’t have
too many toys can you? No. Not if you’re a boy.

But I digress…

There are several custom Colt 1911 frame builds that are superb out there, but of the lot, I’m partial to the Kimber, and for reasons which are now apparent, for the Raptor.

Kimber Raptor II (.45 ACP)

I recently purchased a Kimber Raptor II in my buying binge to make myself feel better. I’ve been generally peevish over the past month and a half (Women buy jewels, shoes and accessories – I have another solution).

My second oldest daughter, Heather, took exception to my purchase by pointing out that it was highly unlikely that I would ever shoot a(nother) human target at my advanced stage of life — in my 50’s, since I’m not actively hunting people for a living anymore. I responded by asking her if she remembered her birthday two years ago. I took her to a movie and two young tweaker thugs made the mistake of attempting to rob me at knife-point at night in the movie theater parking lot. Goaded by me, her memory was jogged and she said, “yes, it would have been very bad had you not been armed.” 

The most basic of all natural rights is the ability to defend oneself. Every creature on Earth knows this inherent truth. When danger lurks and our lives are threatened, whether we be field mouse or man, we will do everything and anything we can to protect ourselves. We have the natural right to Life. This right is not based on civilization or a legal system or a government. It is the birthright of every human being.
There was much that our founding fathers did not agree on: states’ rights versus federal rights, a standing army versus militias, how involved we should be with the international community, the manner in which we managed debt, and many more significant arguments that still rage today. Almost universally, however, they believed in a man’s right to bear arms. A gun is the great equalizer. It protects a man from those who would do him violence. It protects a people from tyranny. It keeps a man free. The quotes on the subject are numerous, but Thomas Jefferson said it most clearly, “Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.”
They don’t need to.
And any government that believes in a free citizenry would never infringe on their right to do so.

The Raptor II is a fancy, tooled up 1911 and is gaudier than most of my firearms but I wear it on a daily basis these days even though it is a large .45 handgun frame. My daughter thought that a smaller handgun would be more appropriate. I explained that this weapon makes a statement, and it’s wicked accurate for a semi-auto Colt design. She asked about speed clearing the holster. Speed is fine, accuracy is final. 
The 1911 has a smaller magazine capacity than many modern handgun designs, but 8+1 with four mag reloads will quell most large issues with the exception of a Zombie Apocalypse. 

21 thoughts on “In Raptor Mode

  1. Very nice . . .

    It always amazes me that so many folks do not agree that an individual has the right to defend their own life. They would rather put their faith in the prompt arrival of the local police than in their own hands. In all to many cases that proves to be fatal logic.

    Advanced stage of life . . . yep, we are all getting there way to quick! Safe travels sir . . .

  2. Both nice ones! And I'll be curious to get your impression of the Raptor's off-road capability. I'm in town this week, give me a call if you get a chance.

  3. I apologize in advance for a lack of proper etiquette in these matters… but shouldn't that read: Drive Drive Drive, Unzip Unzip Unzip, Bang Bang Bang

  4. I'll take a rain check. Trying to wrap things up and go wheels up to be with kids and grand kids on Fathers Day.

  5. I have shot a Kimber, and I liked it. I carry my Springfield 1911 everywhere. Its heavy with sharp edges that have shredded my clothes. Plus…the price was right.

    There's an old F-150 for sale down the road. Its primer gray with some bondo mauve for effect. With an unmatched camper and some bungee cords, I think he wants 1250. I'm gonna pretend I need it, but tell him, no way am I going over a thousand bucks…even with the bungees.

  6. Here's an elegant alternative solution:

  7. I like the Jefferson quote.
    Glad you were armed that night with your daughter. No doubt taught the thugs to think twice, too! well done!

  8. Time to move to a "Free" state. Hell, it's even available in CT!

    Have a Great Papa's Day!

  9. My Kimber is an Eclipse Pro II. Love it, even though it doesn't match my Dodge 1500.

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