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Northern Arizona is not thriving. Yes, there is an influx of refugees from Southern California who infuse money into the place. Still, there’s not much going on in the way of business outside of those services supporting retired Californians and the natural commerce that comes with having an interstate highway pass through town. That might sound harsh, but it’s a fact.

Winslow, Arizona, has one line in an Eagle’s Song that keeps two square blocks thriving with tourists who pop off I-4o to get their photo taken and hope to see a girl in a flatbed Ford who might want to slow down and look at them. Other than that, Winslow is just another dying railroad town that survives on welfare allotments and SSI payments. If the government stopped paying unearned benefits, the place would die completely. The only thing that keeps Winslow going is railroad pensions that will peter out as those people die. The poverty rate is even higher for Indians who reside on the reservations. Reservation poverty rates are high because there are few economic opportunities; indeed, most reservations lack any semblance of a formal, private sector. Hence, the average reservation unemployment rate has been 50% or higher for decades.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides federal money for food every month to low-income individuals and families. It is a program of the U.S. Agriculture Department and administered by state and local agencies. It was formerly known as the Food Stamp Program. The average SNAP benefit for a single person in 2023 is $195 per month, with a maximum of $281. The average benefit for a family of four is  $684, with a maximum of $939, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP).

Many people down the mountain from me in Strawberry and Pine, Arizona, make do on $600/month. I’ve spoken with charitable organizations that provide food and assistance. Many of those people burn wood for heat and cooking. APS provides inexpensive electric power (baseline rate) for these households.

I am not mocking their poverty or their situations in life. I am not suggesting that USDA withdraw the $195/mo in food.  The question of how society should react to this poverty and dependency applies to the nation. There are thousands of Winslows, Strawberries, and other tiny towns. For example, the railroad towns in Texas that teeter on dissolution are legion.


Bullet Points:

** Josh Brolin will stare down into a hole in the ground on his ranch once again as Season Two of Open Range airs on May 16th with all seven episodes available to binge-watch.

** The Swamp Rewards its Own – SINCE RETIRING FROM the military last year, former Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army Gen. Mark Milley has become a senior adviser to JPMorgan Chase bank, joined the faculties of Princeton and Georgetown, and embraced the lucrative paid speaking circuit. From military pay of $204,000 a year, Milley will skyrocket to compensation in the millions, primarily because the same high-powered speakers’ agency represents him as Hillary Clinton, who faced criticism in 2016 for her paid speeches to investment bank Goldman Sachs.

** Another Kamala clip – because. Just because.

** The Daily Mail reported, “Toronto police sparked outrage after advising residents to leave their car keys at the front door and let thieves take their vehicles. This shocking message comes as car thefts have soared by 150% in Canada’s largest city over six years, forcing residents to hide their cars in secret locations and fortify them with round-the-clock security.”

** Jordan Peterson mansplains men to a womyn.

** I’m cool with Chicago. Harriet Jones is brilliant!

** The San Francisco Chronicle reported, “One of S.F.’s best burritos now costs $22. Why this acclaimed taqueria nearly doubled its price.” Welcome to the Democrat Diet. Restaurants close because of crime or double prices due to inflation.

** Scripps News reported, “Tyson Foods wants to hire 52,000 asylum seekers for factory jobs.” Flashback to 1750: “Simon Legree hires 52 immigrants from Africa.” We had an entire post dedicated to this on VM, but it’s back again in case you forgot.


Meme of the Day 

From Monty Python h/t Frank









Identify the Armor

Yes, it’s a real, deployed weapon system


Identify the Aircraft



60 thoughts on “Standing on the Corner

    1. Funny that, similar to R-v-W being tossed back to the states to manage as required by that pesky document The Constitution. Cherry-picking is the political game.

        1. Yup…another Marxist plant that doesn’t comprehend The Constitution she took an Oath to uphold. Effectively said “government has 1A rights”. Uhh, stupid, no it doesn’t, We The People have those rights, yours are negative (what you can’t do). Uncharitable? Not anymore when Obama and his Pals install Marxist’s on The Supreme Court to misinterpret plain language to fit their anarchist agenda to destroy our Nation’s underpinnings. Betting that if some “MAGA” types protested outside her house the weaponized DOJ/FBI would be there in a heartbeat to arrest every one of them (rightfully so, but not so much done for terrorizing Kavanaugh in the same manner).

        2. Piling on…best comment read thusfar this morning on the subject of “Marxists in Places of High Esteem” (stolen for your reading pleasure):

          Farangi Jackson Brown is a friggin retard. She makes the Wise Empathetic Latina look like a genius. Somehow, this moron went Magna Cum Laude at Hah-vahd undergrad (LOL) and then went to Hah-vahd Lawn Care School for her JD. What a joke. Hah-vahd is a complete joke, furnishing low-IQ America-hating scum with credentials to get them installed in positions of power. That place should be burned to the ground and the Earth salted to keep anything from ever growing there, again.

          Jackson Browne is worried that the plaintiff’s interpretation of the First Amendment might disallow the feral government from performing its all-important and fundamental job of censoring speech – specifically, at times when the feral government is trying to impose insane and completely un-Constituional and un-American dictates and mandates on the citizenry.

          This country is toast. It’s only a question what arises in its place when it all comes crashing down – as it soon will. All bets are off, really, because it is our society that is truly sick.

        3. Katanji Jackson – the wife and mother who is so intelligent that she doesn’t know what a woman is…we wouldn’t want to be able to restrain the federal government. Katenji – Swahili for cowpie.

  1. Ten years ago I had breakfast in Winslow Arizona and watched a steady stream of people who looked my age show up and spend a few minutes at that corner and then move on. I wondered what will happen when the song ages out?

    1. The Rez will supply the poor to replace the retired railway workers and people living on veteran’s pensions. I-40 will supply a little commerce. Subsistance level government benefits will fill in. It won’t die completely because people drop off the Interstate to refuel and grab McFood. There aren’t many options for McFood though.

      I will say this for Winslow. The dismal fast food restaurants and the Walmart are kept very clean. The people do the best they can with what they have.

  2. I don’t think there’s anyone with a lower ability at the “Identify the whatever” things than me, but the first Identify the Armor really looks like improper use of the word Armor. It looks like canvas – never known as good armor. It also looks like the driver’s position is even worse than in just about anything else, with that barrel almost on his shoulder. Between the job with “Shoot Me First” sign on him, there’s that whole “gone deaf in one day” thing.

    1. “anyone with a lower ability at the “Identify the whatever” things than me”

      Not while I’m around you’re not the worst.

  3. “Illegals Aliens” was morphed into “Undocumented Immigrants”, and has now been morphed to the feather light term, “Asylum Seekers. This wordsmithing affords the warm and fuzzy that allows select protected businesses like Tyson, who are in bed with The Collective, to sidestep the ‘hire illegals and get fined” laws in similar fashion as the “non-essential” businesses as defined by “others” get treated.

    Peterson proves the truth that facts instantly dismantle the Left’s microscopic selected argument, picking the tiny aspect while ignoring the whole in order to create a negative perception.

    Crab Pot Theory- Cooking crustaceans while still alive (while this is common practice to insure freshness) is where we are as a nation, turning up the pot of water on the unsuspecting or ignorant is the play. Those of us “We The People” who demand to climb out once realizing what’s happening get vilified (Letitia Scumbag James says she’ll seize Trump’s assets to fulfill “his $450MM bond”, FBI/DOJ showing up at regular folks houses at 3AM with half an army unit…etc, etc). Time For A Reset ™


      1. Well, not sure, are they truly uninvited in their clean attire, Nike’s, and Obamaphones after a few thousand mile “journey”? Like fish, they too start to stink after 3 days.

        1. They’re flown in, paid for with laundered taxpayer money, given a meal and put on a bus where they’re driven to a disembarkation point where they can be seen to trudge through the dust to the river. Never fear, Tyson will fire an American so they can work for 1/3 the cost of a citizen.

      2. Uninvited? Are you some kind of racist or something? That implies they NEED to be invited. Which is obviously false. America is for everyone. The West is for everyone. The more stupid and the more impulsive and the more violent the better. Come to think of it, Hungary, Finland, and so forth also need to be borderless. (Ditto China, Japan and ROKorea.) There can be only one ethnostate.

    1. Is Open Range worth watching? This inquiring – yet needing cheap decompression time – mind wants to know.

      I like Brolin but have yet to watch it…and a little bummed Night Sky did not continue post “15 days to stop the spread” 3 year Lockdown idiocy.

      1. Paul M,

        I watched Open Range Season 1 and liked it. I kept looking to see if there was another season, but thought it was probably not coming back as it had been so long since the first season. The acting is good, and it has a catchy story line. It is “time travel” type story.

        1. Still one of our favorites…especially the shotgun blast in the bar…surround sound helps gain reality.

      2. I liked Open Range. I liked Night Sky and am with you on that. There should have been 4 more seasons.

          1. A [cesspool] by any other name… (plug in any odoriferous “item” into the brackets to describe DC et al)

    1. I went to a hole in the wall joint in Camp Verde (sort of a hole-in the wall of a city), Arizona and ordered 2 burritos and two drinks. $43.00.

      I’ve eaten at that place before. Good food, run by a single mom and an old lady who does most of the cooking. Reasonable prices. Ok, until this last time. I paid the bill but don’t plan to go back. I felt abused. I could have turned around and walked out but there wasn’t anyone in the place and I know their story so paid, ate and left. Never to return.

  4. The carry map is misleading.
    Yes, technically (i.e. by the law) Mass and R.I. are “shall issue” States. However, the law does not
    apply to the likes of us. Just try getting a carry permit in either place w/o some sort of pull or

    – Kle.

    1. beat me to it. ditto with the west coast shall-issue crowd. va is truly shall-issue. pa tends to be in the rural areas. i have a non-res permit from there and utah too. together they gave me 40 some states legal carry. that reminds me, time to renew….seeing that map, i may let the non-res permits lapse as i have no need to go to those other places anymore.

  5. Dying towns. They export their children to places with jobs, usually cities. At the time I graduated from high school (1961) the available career path was chopping brush for the Forest Service in the summer and plowing snow in the winter. With the right connections, you might get on at a coal mine.

    Reservations. Vivid examples of life when the government runs things. Less visible but much the same; the Great Society.

    1. Read somewhere moons ago that City Managers are those [usually] responsible for a towns ability to prosper or their demise, even if far flung. Usually tourism is the mainstay for out of the way places to attract customers to their brand of uniqueness. Unfortunately, like anything, many are not able to make something happen. I should have bought a Flathead Lake (MT) property when I first moved out to Colorado, they were $15K…now you can’t touch one, assuming any vacant ones are available, for less than half a mil. In trying to remake the mistake, I have always thought Saratoga, WY, would be the next destination vacation spot – airport, golf course, hunting, fishing, boating, hot springs, nice historic downtown, riverfront properties as well as more rural properties…but not so much. Missed opportunity by town managers? Seems so.

    2. I don’t comment much on dying towns but I went to Jr. High and High School living in one of those. I went back this summer to a HS reunion. It hasn’t grown but hasn’t died off either. The children with brains left for opportunities.

      There were maybe 8 prosperous families: town MD, the guy who owned the grocery store, the guy with the county road contract and some land owners. I could have worked in the coal mine or on a county road crew. I could have married into a prosperous family and owed my living to the in-laws. I left and never returned until the reunion. Nobody recognized me. 50 years will do that to you. My name was well known, still. I’d been voted most likely to succeed and all that. I would have suicided out if I had to stay.

      1. Indeed. From what I read, when they first started out almost no one spoke a word of English. There was no sheet music to be had, so they had to write their own by transposing the music from albums. Just because, here’s another one I like–

        Not really a cover, that’s Jeff Baxter on guitar.

        1. The guy’s a legend…so much talent in the world, that’s what we should be fostering and promoting, not the dweebs and morons. Joy will be had.

  6. Mr. Lambert, I’m glad your site is still up and running.
    D.E.I. to me means Deport Every Illegal.
    As to the CCW map, Louisiana and South Carolina have joined the Constitutional Carry Club. North Carolina legislature is going through the process right now. When they come out board, it’ll make 30 states with C.C.
    As to citizens getting a CCW from several states, enjoy what Chad Albrecht endured and paid!

  7. Point of Order. Florida is not a full Constitutional Carry as it only allows unpermitted concealed carry. Because we have too many RINOs in our state legislature.

  8. Point of order LL…Take it Easy.

    (Juss sayin’…as the song just came on…still paints the picture of the header picture. Brilliant lyrics.)

  9. The holy hand grenade of Antioch that brother Maynard carry’s. All of my movie quotes are lost on the 20-30 something’s I work with on a daily basis. How sad for them!

  10. Do airlines deliberately pick the FA with the worst English to make inflight announcements? I’m figuring out what this Asian-sounding person is saying only because the phrases are so familiar.

    Same goes with the gate agents.

    1. It’s reverse psychology, they figure if you really have to listen to determine what is being said that you’ll actually pay attention, especially if you’re sitting at an exit door and can;t read the English placard on how to operate the handle in case of a water landing.

    2. But at the Pudong Airport in Shanghai, PRC, the announcements are made in fluent Queens English that is understandable. Riddle me that one.

      1. When Dizzy Dean had his radio program, somebody wrote in to complain that he wasn’t a good example for the children because he didn’t speak the King’s English. Mr. Dean replied that Ol’ Diz did in fact know the King’s English, and he knew that the Queen was English, too.

  11. Dying railway towns, oh yes indeed and I’d argue the nation’s weighed in the balance and found wanting on that score. Vaguely on topic, I sure wish Texas, at least my part of it, had working passenger rail. Apparently that’s beyond us.

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