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The Chinese Plague has reached Biblical proportions and the virus has done what even the invasion by Hitler’s Nazis couldn’t do. 
Paris has closed its Red Light District.
Drastic measures have taken a turn for the surreal.

Furloughed for the duration.

10 thoughts on “In France

  1. That's sort of profoundly shocking.
    What about Amsterdam?

    Pretty sure everything-but-Vegas is still open.

  2. Guess "being safe" takes on a new meaning.

    The indicator for me is if Keith Richards gets sick and dies…at that point the rest of us normal's should be very worried.

  3. Damn, and here I was going to Paris in the spring especially to visit it's venerable red-light district, I wanted to savor French cuisine…

  4. I don't know what Frenchmen and tourists will do? Though, the tourism business is off just now. They must have been hoping for local trade before the government nixed the whole thing.

    Keith Richards is the canary in the cage for all of us.

  5. I have no idea what that trade will do for a living in these strange modern times. Even the casinos in Vegas have closed.

  6. Casinos here have closed, too. As have the bars. Restaurants open for delivery and carry out only.
    We're headed out later to see what's still open.

  7. Went to town, into the fray…priceless to witness the frenzy. (not in a good way)

    Got to Sam's Club for a few pantry in-fill basics…it was PACKED. Apparently people camped outside to be "first in"….sort like a rock concert but without the music.

    As soon as exited the pick up did it become clear I was in for an enlightening experience….EVERY cart had 1, 2, or 3 TP packages in them, with folks racing around the semi-bare shelves loading whatever they could. Some people split their purchases and were using the flatbeds, loaded to the gills. Huh? Maybe they were all having self-quarantine parties.

    My experience was further enhanced at the checkout, all were five or six deep with people having trouble efficiently running the scanner and credit card terminal. How long does it take to scan 20 bar codes, pay, and get out of the way? Apparently for some this is a very difficult process (and I am not speaking about the elderly at all, they moved steadily and without piles of monster TP packages.)

    Went next door to refill our small stock of adult beverages, no one in the store except the shopkeeper, got in and out inside of ten minutes.

    Went into Home Depot…almost asked if they carried TP but didn't want to start a riot.

    Geez, if this is what passes for our citizenry no wonder The Bern campaign was looking viable.

  8. Haven't "checked out" at Sam's in ages. We use their app. Probably not smart, but the only line we wait in is the one to get out the door.

  9. It was a zoo…very clear people are in panic mode, likely because they don't read LL's blog, the bastion of levelheadedness.

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