Spies, Straws and So Forth

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California Progressiveness
I haven’t heard much outrage from Californians, that their favorite daughter, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) employed a Chinese spy to drive her around for twenty years. The fact that the spy reported back her every thought may have been worse for the Chinese than it was for the USA, though. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi would consider employing Chinese spies to haul her from place to place and listen in on her phone calls? 
Don’t you find it strange that there is no call for s special counsel to investigate Senator Feinstein’s lax behavior that led to espionage, and compromise of almost EVERYTHING she worked on during her career in the US Senate? It sounds a lot like Chinese collusion to me.
Turkey’s Dilemma
It would be easy for Turkey to re-join the family of civilized nations – dump Sultan Erdogan. Return to the doctrines of Kamal Ataturk.  America dumped Barack Obama and Crooked Hillary Clinton and elected President Trump to Make America Great Again. It’s not that tough, Turkey. You just need to do it.

17 thoughts on “Spies, Straws and So Forth

  1. I do not know what it is with the brain of politicians but today the horny minister of fisheries in Norway had to leave since his new Iranian mistress caused him trouble. He is old and she is young and he believe she wants him for his great look. His visit to Iran this summer was private so he did not bather telling anyone else in the Government about it. He will have a lot of time in the future to come to spend with his new Iranian girlfriend.

  2. Nah, let Turkey stew in its own poisonous political juices. They have been doing their own back stabbing to Western interests since, well, forever.

    Screw them.

  3. Ah, the old Iranian mistress trick – and the Persian excursion. It's good that he's gone and he'll have a lot of time with the young Iranian girlfriend, who will quickly tire of him now that he's out of power and will cuckold him or just leave. I'm afraid that much of human behavior has predictable outcomes.

  4. I have several Turkish friends. Sadly, they were forced to leave Turkey, which is indicative of the problem. Yes, they do make passably good small arms.

  5. 'may have been worse for the Chinese than it was for the USA'

    You don't seem to be a fan of the senior Cali banshee.

  6. I feel sorry for the Chinese spy and imagine it was some kind of "punishment assignment." Cruel and unusual at that.

  7. Per Sandberg sounds a bit of a hot mess — and stupid for the Iranian thing — but if Wikipedia's section on his "political views" is accurate, I cannot find him entirely odious. Also, there are these incidents (not for you John, obviously; more for those like me who had no idea who this Sandberg person is):
    1. "On 12 December 2006 Sandberg addressed the Norwegian parliament having consumed three shots of Akvavit and a beer."
    2. "[Sandberg] headbutted and punched an asylum seeker from Yugoslavia in the face after the latter had called him "pale-white, fat and rich" and "racist".

    Hahaha! I find it difficult to listen to our Congress while sober, so I can get behind speaking to Parliament with a buzz on. But I'm decidedly NOT a fan of akvavit.

  8. If they scribed all of her mutterings and sent them back to Beijing as truth, and the Chinese moved their strategic markers here and there based on what she said, it likely cost them far more than they earned.

  9. I can't help but agree. One can't help but feel compassion for the Chinese spy who was forced to "drive Miss Daisy" for all those years.

  10. Our spineless republicans should call for special counsel on Feinstein. But the dems would just make threats and the republicans would back down; so I suspect that is why they don't bother

  11. If Erdogan ends up with chipped teeth, we'll know that Aunt Sally was there serving her world famous lasagne.

  12. Yes, Aunt Sally knows the ins and outs of cooking a Turkey. Stuffing: whatever works for a mattress will do.
    Basting: motor oil, 20W50 Valvoline has a good flavor
    Gravy: motor oil drippings make for some fine gravy, just add some sawdust to thicken it.

    Hmmmm. Cooking with Aunt Sally. Brought to you by Advance Auto Parts.

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