Identify the Aircraft

1. This aircraft was used for both military and civilian applications

2. Identify the Soviet aircraft that was shot down over Laos.


Bullet Points

** Jeremy Clarkson will be dropped from Amazon Prime as the streaming giant confirms it won’t commission any more seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm after both series end.  The second season of Clarkson’s Farm documenting his efforts to run the Oxfordshire Farm he bought in 2008 is due to launch on February 10 on Prime Video. People are mad at him for insulting the former prince Harry and his shrewish, attention-addicted mixed-race wife – who is aggrieved continually that she is part negro. Clarkson also owns the Diddly Squat farm shop on Chipping Norton Road, Chadlington where he sells candles that smell like his balls.

** Periodically a teletype machine in the Oakland offices of Bird & Sons, Inc., springs to life with a signal from the riverside construction compound outside Bangkok that is serving as office headquarters for the emergency American airlift to Cambodia.

The machine types out a name. The Oakland office of Bird & Sons in the Leamington Hotel contacts the man, informs him he has been recommended for a job by Bangkok, and tells him to submit a résumé The résumé is forwarded to Bangkok for action. The Oakland office rarely sees the recruits. More about Bird Air here.

** Project Aquiline was one of the most unusual—and complicated—technical espionage efforts of the Cold War. The project envisioned a fleet of 12 bird-shaped drones, powered by nuclear energy, that could stay aloft for up to a month. The drone, which was supposed to act as a robotic spy plane and courier for secret payloads, was never completed. The CIA recently declassified and posted documents pertaining to Project Aquiline.

The CIA planned Aquiline to be the first uncrewed intelligence collection platform. The program’s mission was to “develop, attain, and maintain an operational capability to conduct covert reconnaissance in denied areas.”

** Are feelings more important than the truth?


What If?

What if the Confederate States of America successfully separated from the Union?

Another war between the United States and the Confederate States was certainly a distinct possibility, although the Republicans would probably have been annihilated as a political force in the face of a successful secession of the southern States. Negative feelings between the two may very well have. permeated their subsequent actions, eventually leading to another war between the two. On the other hand, the United States and the Confederate States may have pursued policies of reconciliation with one another, neither wanting a repeat of the bloodiest war in American history.




  1. I for one, would move forthwith to a Southern Confederate State. I rather liked living in Alabama when in service and later with my goat farm in the LA area. I am sure if a secession was to commence, they wouldn’t make the same mistake and have enough of an industrial base to kept armed and supplies.

    • Times have changed. The British offered support to the CSA and then withdrew it. If the South should rise again, they have more small arms than the British Army these days…

    • Perhaps a reread of ‘If The South Had Won The Civil War’ by MacKinlay Kantor, better known for ‘Andersonville’, is in order.

    • Clarkson does use the more aristocratically British “bollocks”, which I’m sure Jules will attest it’s a little less visually direct than “The Colonies” term. Heh

      • Yes, that’s true, but if you want to peddle those candles and move them off the shelves, you need to be visceral. He’s competing with Paltrow.

        • He did say as much (re: Paltrow), therefore I concede, more in-your-face is necessary to garner market visibility. Plus it’s funny (especially when he says it).

          Let’s see what Jules says…Is their term better, or ours? hehe (BTW, great cover art, a little Norman Rockwell only slightly creepier that affords a glimpse of what is within…Balls vs Bollocks.)

          • Jules doesn’t drink her tea over ice, pre-sweetened, with a huge hunk of lemon in it. Do you REALLY trust her judgment, PaulM. It’s true that she’s an art genius – but relates heavily with the “Beth” character in Yellowstone.

          • She’s the only in country Brit within reach I can point to, but “Beth”…got it…Miss Kelly is also a Brit, maybe sisters from different mothers.

  2. Having been a “NEVER VOTE BLUE” Yankee all my life, I am much more at home with my southern brothers and sisters than up here in the Land of Assholes. The contrast of how shitty people are in Kommiecticut (actually all of the northeast) smack me hard in the face when I return after a long dose of Southern Hospitality. I would move there tomorrow, but wifey won’t go. She has been told that if something happens to her, I will be holding a huge yard sale and listing the house in between making her funeral arrangements.

    • Yes, a Do 28A. Not a bad STOL aircraft with twin-engine reliability. The An-2 Colts were tied down at the same airport in Vientiane as the Air America aircraft. It was a proxy war.

  3. Dornier Do 28A and AN-2, shot down by Air America over Lima Site 85. The ONLY shoot down or an aircraft by a helicopter during Vietnam. The Helo was from Long Tieng.

  4. Teletype? They are still in use? I enlisted in the USAF with a guaranteed job as a Crypto technician. After basic I got sent to Teletype maintenance school. We were half way through basic electronics when we were told that Teletype and Crypto fields had been merged where we would have a follow on school that covered the Crypto and we were the second class. I never touched a teletype machine after school.

  5. England betrayed the South, I feel, and now the Sceptered Isle’s been betrayed by its onetime vassal. Or something like that.

    Will the South rise again? Hey, Texas isn’t getting any smaller.

    • and desantis has declared florida a “free state”. but frankly i don’t trust the texas gov as far as i can throw him. sara huckaby is talking smack too, more balls than 90% of the gov, combined.

  6. I used to read the teletype machine out of sheer boredom on the third shift.
    I heard it chattering away one morning at about 0300 Hours.
    It was reporting that a boxcar load of M14s had left the Springfield armory destined for a fort in Texas.
    Upon arrival at the fort the shipment, boxcar and all had gone missing while en route.
    To my knowledge there were no other reports regarding the incident in the military or civilian worlds.
    My guess was that Christians In Action had a hand in the incident.

    A number of years ago a well appointed gun store opened up in Northern California specializing in H&Ks, M1As, and other high end goodies. Despite the state of the art security system, within a few months of opening, the inventory vanished one night. The case was never solved.
    The owner collected the insurance but did not re-open. Hmmm.

    • There were times when the civilian, foreign-flagged ships in US waters were boarded by the USCG and shoved them around. I showed up with others in USCG uniforms and we conducted a more detailed safety inspection. The odd thing was that I was never in the US Coast Guard (What?). Never a puddle pirate. Rumor had that on another occasion during a safety inspection, the safety inspectors happened on a merchant marine sailor who hung himself (suicide is painless), leaving a note behind, confessing. Having been overwhelmed by guilt, it would seem. Since it occurred in US waters, a big investigation resulted, finding hidden compartments filled with contraband as the note suggested.

      These things happen.


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