Challenge: Give to Barry’s Kids!

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Barack Obama, the foreign student from Indonesia
Yesterday, Donald Trump offered $5million to the charity of President Obama’s choice if he released his college applications, college transcripts and his passport (travel records) before becoming president. It’s an opportunity for the president to give to Barry’s Kids!
Donald Trump knows something that many Americans seem to be completely out to lunch on. President Obama is embarrassed about his college transcripts not because he was a lackluster student. He doesn’t want to release them because they’ll show that he was a “foreign student” from Indonesia with the declared faith of Islam. It would be a poison pill for a would-be president running for re-election. 
OR maybe Trump is completely wrong. If that’s the case, Barack should do the right thing and release his records and help BARRY’S KIDS!

6 thoughts on “Challenge: Give to Barry’s Kids!

  1. I bet, if he does take on the challenge, he will have his Chicago forgers working overtime.

  2. He already spent millions of dollars concealing them. 5 mil is a drop in the bucket compared to holding the power of the presidency.

  3. It's not only the presidency – it's the Obama legacy that he cherishes. He wants to go down in history as the world's most influential and intelligent man. Not as a cheater who used his skin color to scam votes.

  4. You're not suggesting that a Chicago politician would stoop to something so low as "crime" to keep himself in office?

  5. Balls? The balls to stab an unarmed person, handcuffed and hog tied — in the back. But that's about it.

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