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You load sixteen tons and what do you get?

Mitsubishi built “Gunkanjima” (or “Battleship Island” because of its shape). It is formally Hashima Island an abandoned mining community, 9 miles from the city of Nagasaki (where the second bomb fell), in southern Japan. It was featured as a backdrop for the 007 film, Skyfall.

The island housed 5,000 residents who worked at a coal mine under the island. After the Second World War, Japanese people, desperate for work, toiled there, often owing the company more than they earned. It’s a familiar tale.

In 1974, with the coal reserves nearing depletion, the company closed the mine and all of the residents departed. The island has remained abandoned since.

To keep from having to clean the ruin up, Mitsubishi had the place declared a UN world heritage site. Grease applied at the UN sticks – obviously. Slick move, Mitsubishi.

14 thoughts on “16 Tons

  1. It’s like all the mines that are now collapsing all throughout England. So many, in fact, that it’s become a real problem. But the companies are gone, and many of them took their records with them.

    The island could be a neat place to live. Just break everything down, toss it in the old mines, start all over again. Or not.

    1. Mitsubishi survived and thrives, but they played the UN card and it worked.

      I’m sure that the place retains a certain degree of underground toxicity, and who knows when the coal damp will explode under you. I strongly doubt that they are venting those shafts.

  2. It’s a familiar tale, all right. And our company store is gonna be China, if the Biden Crime Fambly has anything to say about it.

    1. Give Brandon $1 million and he’ll give you the nuclear launch codes. I’m sure that the cackling whore would sell out for much less.

  3. At some point one looks at these “situations” and does not wonder anymore, the grifters take from the producers. Nothing has changed in human history, despite God’s righteous prescription.

    Watched a Starz documentary on NXIVM, the cult of self help that was – once again – nothing more than a cover for an intelligent nerdy reprobate that couldn’t get a date in High School because he was creepy so he creates a sex slave scenario…and they love him for it. Same story as Epstein and Maxwell, or Weinstein, or a host of others evil-doers.

    If I may…watch this (link below) then tell me the Covid/Vax bravo sierra isn’t a cult operating on a grand scale perpetrated by our own government and governments around the world, using the 15 days to suck you in, then change the rules, move the goal posts, using fear as a tool to get you to submit, then offering token “prizes” when you “did good”. But if you show truth to the Covidian’s they will emphatically deny it, then cheer the government on to their further oppression. This came to a head when these same people gladly voted for Biden and Harris, which tells you the mind control is complete. Evil pure and simple.


      1. Brings to mind two quotes:

        “If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything”

        “When men choose not to believe in God, they do not thereafter believe in nothing, they then become capable of believing in anything.”

        The Holy Spirit has given some of us a spiritual discontent over this Covid charade, I choose to follow that leading regardless of secular consequence.

      2. Incidentally, NXIVM was primarily bankrolled by the bored daughters of the Seagrams empire billionaire. When wealthy trust funders get bored they become Lefty’s, with some promoting evil causes. Working for a living tends to keep it real.

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