Christianity vs Socialism

Feeding the poor from your own pocket, and your own efforts is Christianity.

Feeding the poor from other people’s money is Socialism.

If you’re woke, you won’t see the difference. This is your sermonette for this Sunday.


Container Ship Offloading Crisis (link)

WSF asked for my comment.

Would you comment on the turmoil in ocean shipping?

My daughter, Emilie, queen of the selfie, snapped this photo as I continue on vacation. In the photo, above, you’ll see container ships backed up off Huntington Beach, CA (for the Port of Long Beach) in the background.

Moving on to that issue, “The normal number of container ships at anchor is between zero and one,” Louttit said.

Some of the container ships have been waiting off the shore for weeks, pushing back delivery dates and driving up the cost of transportation. Of the ships waiting to dock, half of them are what Marine Exchange calls “mega-container ships” or ships with the carrying capacity of 10,000 TEUs.

“Part of the problem is the ships are double or triple the size of the ships we were seeing 10 or 15 years ago,” Louttit told Insider. “They take longer to unload. You need more trucks, more trains, more warehouses to put the cargo.”

Customers are already seeing the impact of the delays.  They are facing rising prices and limited options as commodities become increasingly difficult to obtain and produce due to port delays. Companies are being increasingly forced to compete for containers and delivery dates.

There is no way that I’d manufacture outside of North America if I produced goods for the North American market (a huge market). This sort of problem would become much worse if a limited war broke out with China and unrestricted submarine warfare began.

Seems China has put the brakes on, blaming their virus.

The supply chain is messed up from the Gulf of Suez to the Port of Long Beach with other international hotspots stalled.

From what I read, if a ship has been in an Indian port, the Chinese won’t allow it to load in China.

I think that’s rooted in racism and a Chinese desire to damage India (a rival).

Will China go to war with India?

It would be a big bite to take, it would weaken China and I think that the return on investment would be small considering the challenge of swallowing India.

Is China part of the “Great Reset”?

Of course not.



Jules Smith has been writing since she could hold a pen. Her life experience has been unusual, exciting, and extensive and this is reflected in her style. Everyone asks me why such a talented writer would team up with a lump like me to produce a science fiction novel? It’s a fair question.

RED MIST – now available across electronic media and in soft cover.

Jules also has a blog, published on a Wednesday. Satirical Snapshots — Whimsy on a Wednesday helps to cure the ubiquitous hump experienced by those with mid-week monotony and earned the blog a listing in ‘Top 10 UK Satire Blogs and Websites’  and lots of invites to various places.

Jules has written for numerous local tabloids, including a few pieces in the Daily Express and works on PR for various companies adding whimsical humor to their product or service.

Her novel, Sophie’s Throughway, reached number 13 in the Kindle charts, earned her an interview on BBC Radio and a book signing at Waterstones.

The Malocchio of Bodie is a Western that Jules was asked to write by an ex CNN war correspondent for his collection. In order to write it effectively, Jules went to Texas for three months at a time over a four-year period and did not take her cowboy boots off once.

Her book of short stories ~ 33 ~ came about because of her love of doors and that behind each and every one lies an untold story; ranging from the observations of humanity to the complexities and misunderstandings of love, with of course a clown somewhere in between.

In The Meaning of Life, which she refers to as a book by the people, for the people. Jules set about interviewing 100 hundred people across a broad range asking them each a set of 9 deep and meaningful formulated questions to lead them to their answer to the meaning of life. She then dissected all the information to come up with a collaborative answer which wasn’t 42. She will tell you that it is the only self-help book you will ever need.

I was personally chagrined because I was certain that the answer would. be 42.


And from the Far Side


  1. Too bad some of those ships hadn’t planned to come to Nawlins. Might have helped a little.

    That’s a nice Selfie. You all be safe and God bless!

  2. How much of the delay is shipping scramble and how much is the longshoreman union holding out for more pay and benefits? They are notorious for slowing down work there and a large part of why Long Beach/ LA is losing traffic to East Coast and Gulf Coast ports…

  3. Christianity vs. Socialism. — Weekend happenings in Portlandia. Antifa are the scum of the Earth and should either be in jail (I volunteer to weld the doors shut) or looking up at the daisies.

  4. Ah, yes, the Maritime Exchange and Captain Loutit. I’ve been there many times as a guest. Kip was how we arranged a tour of the off-limits tunnels under Fort MacArthur. We always had our Field Day event at the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur, and usually set up one or two radio stations in the far end of the parking lot there. The little start-up I worked for doing the GPS stuff was trying to break into the Vessel Tracking business, but wouldn’t spend the money to build something “Marine Rated”. Learned all about the protocols (it’s basically “Packet Radio”) of the Vessel Tracking System and a bunch of other stuff.

    The first wife’s extended family was heavy with longies. Astounding how much $$ they were making back in the 1980’s. Back then, if you were making $50k you were doing pretty good. The longies in the family were making three to five times as much. Wonder if they still rake in thet kind of dough…..

    • They still do, with substantial benefits on top. Total compensation at Port of Long Beach for a crane operator can be $300K or more with OT

      • Back then they were guaranteed at least two hours of OT per day, whether they were there ot not.

        Nothing to unload today? 8 plus 2 regardless.

        Didn’t realize how much it was like The Sporanos until many years later.

        • Not always a no-show job, but getting into the union required friends in the union – and you’d be a millionaire.

  5. Well, I can promise you that I’m not as exciting as my resumé sounds. If you could see me now in a baggy hoody, hair in a scruffy bun, on my 79th tepid cup of tea (because I keep forgetting to drink it) my eyes burning from uploading Red Mist to every possible book platform, and two large wolfdogs getting bored of me sitting at my computer, you might wonder indeed why Larry worked with me!

    I just looked in the mirror and there’s a Red Mist in my eyes… Oh – and it’s raining.. spooky?

    In all honesty, I’m both honoured and flattered to have been part of this wonderful book and hope that all the discerning readers of this blog give it a try and let us know what you think. Please take the time to review it wherever you bought it as recommendations and reviews all help with sales and platform algorithms. The book can be bought in stores – if they don’t have it yet please quote
    ISBN: 978-1-7399278-0-6 and ask them to order it in – in droves! Tch! Like any decent bookshop wouldn’t have Red Mist shining from the bookcase! However, it is early days and distribution takes time.

    Thank you DEEPLY for your support!

  6. I ordered Red Mist and look forward to read it… soon. It seems, with all the construction going on in Long Beach, an update to bigger and better on the old Navy base is need… more jobs in a shit state.

  7. Why was the title not, “Blood Red Mist”?
    As in ” …seen through a blood red mist”.
    I guess we will have to read it to find out…or we could just pass it, so we could find out what’s in it.
    Did that make any sense to anyone ever?

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