Ashli Babbitt, who served four enlistments in the United States Air Force was married and lived near San Diego with her husband, Aaron

“I’m numb. I’m devastated. Nobody from DC notified my son and we found out on TV,” the husband’s mother, Robin Babbitt, told The New York Post, saying of her daughter-in-law, “She is a Trump supporter.”

Everything is “pretty surreal,” added Aaron’s brother, Justin. “It’s hard, because we haven’t been officially notified.

RIP Sergeant.

Based on all accounts Sergeant Ashli Babbit was not attacking anyone. But she’s been shot and killed by the Capitol Police and she’s not coming back. Please keep her family in your prayers.

There was a lot of push back when George Floyd, a drugged up felon, died while in police custody. Ashli Babbit is shot in the neck and – crickets.

There are a number of donkeys who have said that “being an unarmed Trump supporter” is cause enough to be executed by the police.


  1. I haven’t read of the circumstances of her death, other than what you mentioned. I heard the shot came from behind a closed door, and I heard she was hit in the back of the head.

    We’ll probably never know the truth.

    RIP, Ma’am, and my condolences to your family.

    • Yes, she was murdered by a black Capitol Police officer.

      The matter will be shoved under the rug because of the optics. If the races had been reversed and it was a BLM protester, the media would have hosted a lynching.

      • Then there’s this: “Homicide investigation opened into death of Capitol Police officer”

        But none for an American who served her country.


        • The trigger puller was black…

          There will be a quiet cash settlement, non-disclosure forms will be signed. Hubby will move on and re-marry, etc.

          • Won’t even be a settlement. Our Masters only wish all the civilians there had been killed, and the ministry of Truth has already buried her death.


          • I disagree. They will buy off their family with taxpayer money, Kle. It’s not coming out of the pocket of one of your betters. Google isn’t going to pay them and neither is Disney or Facebook.

      • Criminally, the most deadly thing to a white female is a black male. Seriously. Used to follow the statistics before the FBI started really burying them.

        If’n youse a white female, you will be killed at about a 4 times greater rate by a black man than a white female.

        Just like Justine Diamond. Who the media and the powers-that-be have had forgotten out of the national memory.

        No. I am not racist. And I used to not be a bigot. But after a group of similar people call for my death because I sunburn, even though my family on my mother’s side were abolitionists since before the Revolutionary War (yes, there was an abolitionist movement back while we were still British, betcha didn’t know that, didya?) and on my father’s side, swamp dwellers from Louisiana who have always been too poor to afford slaves and also were abolitionists (there were abolitionists in the South, but nobody talks about that either…) But a certain group that isn’t either the Bureau of Land Management or supporters of not the Federal bureau have hardened my heart. Sadly.

        Sorry, if you don’t openly say BLM is wrong, then you are tacitly approving of them.

        Hey, actually, that works using the federal bureau too! Those Jackwagons need to be shut down or ruthlessly downsized.

  2. It appears the Capital Police were instruct3d to open up the barricades and said “come on in”…so some did. Ms. Babbitt was not an insurrectionist (a Fredd-Level pox on the scum who characterized her as such). The “crickets” part is reprehensible. Yet it shows the Left’s true colors, and they ain’t pretty. Who the eff do these congress people think they are by stating Trump supporters should be imprisoned, etc….they’re nothing more than Satan’s minions running amok, like a kid let loose in a candy store, drunk on their own self-importance, giddy they can do anything without consequence. Smiting…I keep thinking of smiting (started up gain when that scumbag Pelosi was speaking). God does keep score, whether they believe in Him or not.

  3. It’s odd.
    The pictures coming out from inside the Capitol during the “riot” don’t seem to show a lot of violence or vandalism? Sure, they broke in. I’ve never seen any legitimate justification for barring US citizens from their own property, though. At some point, they presumably became unruly, and the cops started pushing them out, that’s fine. Once people start fighting with the cops, no real sympathy from me.

    Still, images don’t seem to support all the words of propaganda.

    Ah well. Truth is meaningless, only Revolutionary Truth matters.

    I suppose the silver lining here is that we get to watch all the professional scum screaming and crying about how the police (one of whom has now died to protect their worthless selves) “didn’t do enough to protect us” (from their constituents)… Yeah, those same police whom they have spent a year (and/or their entire lives) disparaging, condemning, insulting, calling the enemy, attacking in the courts and legislatures…

    It’s unfortunate that we no longer have a press, just the Ministry of Truth.
    But then, a lot of things are unfortunate here in the post-civilized world.


  4. what was that kids name, the one the tory killed in boston before the war? tragic as it was, it became a catalyst for change several years later. maybe Ashli’s death won’t be in vain and will become a catalyst as well. from what her husband said, i think she’d like that. Godspeed Ashli.

    • I know you asked LL and not me, plus I only skimmed it, but two things leapt out.
      1. At this point the credibility of Qanon is pretty darned low, at least to me;
      2. The video says something about “a .45 pushes you back and knocks you down” [and therefore Ashli Babbitt was not really shot]. It’s unclear whether it’s referring to someone shooting a .45 or the person being shot, but on top of the editorial failure, IMO there is no 100% hard/fast rule about a particular caliber having a guaranteed outcome, and anyone claiming so is ignorant or attempting to mislead.

      • been my experience that .45 neither pushes you back nor knocks you down. sudden limp dishrag more like it, goes down in a heap. just like every other round that hits a central nervous system.

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