6 thoughts on “Some things are TIMELESS

  1. Funny clip, but its my understanding that amoral persons (narcissists) have no difficulty passing polygraph exams since they have no anxiety when lying.

  2. Great stuff! Amazing how something over 30 years old is still spot on!

    Unfortunately, a simple lie detector wouldn't work here or with most scum politicians! This man is so completely ideological blind and arrogant, he believes his own B.S.! In his mind he is truthful!

    One should not be surprised at the actions of a person who has actually been open about his ideology in the past. That is they shouldn't be if they weren't so open to accepting the lies and deceit that come from almost every politician.

    Please note! This is not just an indictment of the President! Politicians of all stripes take advantage of any situation for political gain, the electorate be damned. Just look at the “establishment Republican scum that is thwarting every issue put forward by the newer members who want to adhere to a more conservative ideal (that’s Tea Partiers for those out there of the liberal ilk). Political scum always somehow rises to the top, be it the President or any of the elected morons who place their own power lust above the needs of this country. As much as I despise the current resident of the White House, I can’t blame him for using the same tired tactics and actions as have been taken by the political class for years now. Nope! Not his fault kids! IT’S OUR FAULT! ALL OF US! Until we as voters accept our responsibility and drive these idiots out, we will continue to reap the disdain for the common American as shown not only by our President, but in fact by the majority of the elected scumballs now in office!

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