Social Security?

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The government program (also called a Ponzi scheme) that began as a result of the great depression will fall on its own weight by 2016 according to the Congressional Budget Office. The blame game won’t work because there is enough blame to go around and both political parties can be painted with the same brush. The public too, doesn’t want to feel any pain – but they will and Dear Leader’s plan is absurd and won’t work:

* Congress doesn’t want to look at the 800 lbs gorilla sitting in the corner.

* The public considers it a retirement system rather than the income supplement it was intended to be.

* The COST of fixing the problem will be staggering and it will further strain the US Economy.

* Facing reality will cause Dear Leader and the Democratic Party-controlled Congress to scrap their horribly expensive social programs.

So what will we do about it? NOTHING

Last spring, the Social Security Trustees report projected Social Security outlays will exceed revenue by 2016, but the Congressional Budge office show deficits next year of $10 billion an $9 billion in 2011. Dear Leader is focused on a multi-trillion dollar health care game and on his Cap and Trade legacy. It’s unlikely that he’ll put any meaningful spin on Social Security and with his track record, do we want him to? The only real solution Dear Leader floated was a vague “tax the rich” scheme (Congress and retired US Government executives would be exempt).

What do you think we should do to fix the Social Security disaster that’s looming?

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