Should Obama be Impeached?

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My sense is that while it would be entertaining to impeach Obama or better still, Holder, it would be destructive to the nation.  In short:

Never try to teach a pig to sing,
You waste your time and you annoy the pig.

Never roll in the mud with a pig.
You both get dirty and the pig enjoys it.

24 thoughts on “Should Obama be Impeached?

  1. The short answer is simply no . . . That said, I truly wish the Republican House would use its power of the purse to curtail much of the lawlessness our president is displaying. Reduced funding to the IRS, the Justice Department, Department of Education . . . to name just a few might go a long way to getting us back on track.

    Or . . . the "folks" might just enjoy all the free ice cream so much that we've crested the muddy hill and are sliding down the other side at an ever increasing speed . . .

  2. Not yet, but if he tries any more unilateral, unconstitutional acts, it would be time. The nation may already be done for, given the number of voting takers, as opposed to makers, and if so, the shock of an impeachment couldn't really make anything worse.

  3. Obama will be shut-down for the most part if the Republicans take the US Senate in November. He knows that. They will push I'm into vetoing every piece of legislation that makes its way to the White House.

  4. "They said: 'Who has hate in his soul? Who has envied his neighbour?
    Let him arise and control both that man and his labour.'
    They said: 'Who is eaten by sloth? Whose unthrift has destroyed him?
    He shall levy a tribute from all because none have employed him.'
    They said: 'Who hath toiled, who hath striven, and gathered possession?
    Let him be spoiled. He hath given full proof of transgression.'
    They said: 'Who is irked by the Law? Though we may not remove it,
    If he lend us his aid in this raid, we will set him above it!'
    So the robber did judgment again upon such as displeased him,
    The slayer, too, boasted his slain, and the judges released him."
    –Kipling, The City of Brass.

  5. Impeachment would silence Obama. Being a pig, he would end up "disgruntled" (shaboom)

    What do you get when a pig mixed two colors? pigment

  6. I've actually thought about this a lot and my gut says he should be and really should have been a few years ago. in my eyes, any leader that openly ignores the law of the land has no right in office. Yet, I know politically it would never fly.

    That being said, I counter with another question. When did it become acceptable for our leaders to openly flout the law? When did we as a people and our elected leaders lose the moral courage to hold law breaking officials responsible for tjheir actions?

  7. The American people voted for his lawless behavior by sending the cur to the White House for a second term. That's when it became somehow acceptable in this surreal, twisted world.

  8. Yep, he's 'free and clear'… He thinks… But J.Q. Public is quickly turning on him…

  9. True, the Emperor's fancy clothes are fading to show just a skinny bi-sexual huckster, who is far more communist at heart than he is anything else. The fact that he's a communist and Putin isn't is disturbing.

  10. He's also an interesting quasi-Muslim, because he works very hard to "look like a Muslim" and the genuine Muslims around the world know that he's a fraud. The even more interesting question is whether or not he's a fraud at simply everything that he does. I suspect that's delving down into the granularity and looking at his soul.

  11. Impeach Obama and Idiot Joe becomes President. Six of one, half dozen of the other. Two incompetents for the price of one. You'd have to have Biden committed for dementia.

  12. Joe may be better at stealing money than obama. He also says really, really, really dumb things, and his voters applaud.

  13. Likely Joe (Slow Joe) Biden would select Nancy (Nasty) Pelosi as his Vice President — just one heart beat away. If he picked Hillary, she'd have him iced as soon as she thought that she could pull it off. Joe is an idiot, but putting Hillary in as #2 would be the act of a madman.

  14. Joe Biden is really the perfect politician. It says a lot for Delaware voters that they kept returning him to the US Senate for all those years.

  15. ooo — yuck, yuck — my mind read your first reply too literally. REALLY could have done without the idea of being able to see through his clothes!

    The man (if you can call him that… now that I've imagined him naked, I'm afraid I can't…) has been a disastrous experiment. You can't put an "idea" into the presidential office– I don't care how eloquent or "inspiring" he is. He's always been a bunch of hot air, even before he was president. He didn't have a track record of standing up for anything — a political pansy. "Hope" is not exactly a solid game plan when it comes to critical domestic and international situations.
    I *hope* the left has learned, but at least I have the grounding to realize that's *wishful thinking*…

    (As for impeachment– I agree with your comment to JB– that our country has gotten exactly what they elected into office for a second term. I want the guy gone, but if you KNOWINGLY buy an off-season watermelon at the grocery store, do you really have the grounds to return it when you see it's nothing more than bland pink water with a bunch of seeds? And with Biden next in line, that's like trying to exchange one useless off-season fruit for another.)

  16. When you step in something bad, you have to clean it off your shoe eventually. This is what happened to Pres. Jimmy Carter. Now his son or grandson is running for office and doesn't want Jimmy anywhere around.

    One of the most pathetic things I have ever seen was one of Carter's sons running for the US Senate in Nevada about fifteen years ago. The Carter entourage stood on a stage built in the parking lot of a grocery store and were talking to a crowd of about five people. Some people were coming and going from the store. The news media didn't show up. Nobody cared. That's Obama's fate. That will be legacy, dimming over time as people realize how bad he has been for the country.

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