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For those of you who asked for another look at a portion of the White Wolf Mining and Timber Company site, here you go. 
People come to this part of the world, but there aren’t many.
No, there is nothing in the photos that would let you site this other than somewhere in the Ponderosas in North America. But if you follow this blog, you have an idea of the region’s location

The second to last photo (of East Clear Creek and the photo of West Clear Creek) may allow you to narrow it down just a bit more. Clear Creek runs very near to the White Wolf Mine.

Yes, I did check the area for pokemon cyber monsters and can tell you that it’s clear. That’s good news.

I do not believe that the world or the nation are coming to an end, but the progressive dogma that so pervades society creates a situation where simply living among the progs becomes oppressive.

Progs rely on the cowardice, sloth and indifference of everyone else to succeed. The mainstream media doesn’t lie to us because they think that we believe them. It’s a form of mocking – not unlike taunting a crippled child.

Access – A road less traveled

If you recall the feral, smirking, sneering way that Democrat icon and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton reacted to the world when she was caught violating Federal law concerning the treatment and storage of classified, secret, and top secret documents, you must have realized. The progs are blatant that they do not think they are fooling us. When Hillary asked, “What difference does it make?” in the Benghazi hearings, she meant every word of it.

An Antidote for a Mad World?

East Clear Creek, AZ
Is there an antidote that will fix the world? I doubt it. My friend, LSP, explains to me that Jesus is coming soon to put the enema pipe into San Fransisco, Chicago, Baltimore and Austin, but what to do in the meantime?

Fellow blogger, Juliette expects that actual circus clowns will dominate the country’s system of faith and government. I asked her, “You mean, they’re not doing that now?” – she says that they don’t wear proper big-top make up and while the Dems claim to be asses, and the Reps claim to love pachyderms, none were present at the conventions. (No, I’m going to leave the whole thing about the First Lady looking like her party’s mascot alone)

LSP disagrees and posts pictures of prominent clergy dressed up precisely as clowns, with lesbian acolytes wearing comfortable shoes doing dances. However they don’t have the full white-face make up.

But that’s what it takes for Hillary to cover all of her repellant reptilian skin. Is that a coming fad? A portent of things to come? Hillary wears bulky vacuum bag looking garish outfits. Will big-top make up be next?

West Clear Creek, AZ

Hillary has experts applying it so while it looks troweled on, she hasn’t yet gone full Bozo. (Juliette reminds me that the election cycle isn’t complete and that it’s coming).

Then there’s former Olympian male athlete Bruce Jenner and his make-up scheme.

Is there an elixir that will allow me to tolerate it? You’re looking at it.

Now I have to think about architecture. This entry comes from BRIG:

43 thoughts on “A Place in the Pines

  1. Now THAT looks like a nice place for the Clown Church HQ!

    Ah, you mark my words, Sir. There are definitely clowns at play in terms of lame brained numskulls, who are afraid to show their masks and talk in rhyme without reason but the REAL clowns are coming. Custard pies for dastardly lies, at the ready! Listen for the ice cream van tunes that are set to have you tiptoeing through the tulips in fear if you dare to take anything going on right now seriously. Joking aside, paint on your sinister smile, don your emergency red nose and prepare to be tried by Clown Law. ;)

  2. Looks nice, LL. I am not so sure that you big city guys can just up and log off the grid, and not have some post purchase dissonance after a while of wiping your butt with ponderosa pine needles.

    'It ain't over 'till it's over.' Some really smart guy said that, and his name escapes me at the moment, but it's true: Hillary is so hated by so many, I can't imagine that even the voter fraud machine the Dems have set up can overcome that widespread hate for her.

    She's not in yet. Not yet.

  3. I like the looks of the new digs a lot! The road less traveled is always appealing to me, and leaving the craziness is even more so. Best wishes and hopefully the lizard queen will get what she deserves.

  4. I'm sure you've thought this through but will point out your biggest danger is fire and anything you build should have that in mind. In addition, ways to escape if wildfires come your way.

  5. I think I may have posted pictures of a few candidates for your cabin over the years. That looks like a great place to hang. I'll bet the stars at night are a vivid splash.

  6. Nice looking place for a compound and who knows, maybe a refuge from the sinister clowns that've taken over the circus.

  7. >Jesus is coming soon to put the enema pipe into San Fransisco

    Maybe. If so, San Francisco will probably enjoy the experience.

  8. Ponderosa country is God's country. I don't care if the folks from other places think differently. There is one spot in southern Chile that is paradise, except for the fact that it's in Chile.

    The clown idea has merit, but I'm thinking that Hillary looks more like the Whore of Babylon.

  9. If you delve into antiquity and review stone carvings of the original Whore of Babylon, I believe that it looks just like HRC wearing clown clothing and a (red) clown nose. The red paint wore off or faded from the original glyph, but it's a wicked looking toad indeed.

  10. I can't imagine the real thing. Just looking at the pictures made me relax a bit.

  11. Yeah, but that Lake District of Chile is full of German ex-pats, so that makes it a little more tolerable. But it's still too close to Argentina.

  12. Like Clear Creek's gonna be on any electronic maps! Maybe some paper ones. Beautiful country, LL! And I love the discussion about Hillary and Co. going "Full Bozo." I have a suspicious, though, that she will go "Full Terminator" first.

  13. Chile and Uruguay are both spectacularly beautiful places, but my heart remains in the U. S. of A. (as Euripides suggests)

  14. That's an excellent photo of Hillary. I'm surprised that her flying monkeys allowed you to get that close.

  15. I'm praying for both of us that things hold together long enough that we can both get out of the 3rd world shit hole that Kaliforniastan has become….

  16. Beautiful land. I'd like a similar spot in Florida. I have too much family here to leave altogether, but my husband and I would dearly like to get away from our suburb which is too close to the city for comfort. We're looking.

  17. Looked like a borg to me, but then I'm obsessed with Trek. She's only a terminator if we're a low-fo voter, a felon, an unregistered alien… she won't win if the rest of us don't let her.

  18. She might be a cybernetic organism (Star Trek) or something even more sinister. It's tough to measure a craven cur scale once you've pegged the needle (something like forty years ago in HRC's case).

  19. I was talking to my lender today and mentioned that I planned to leave California. She said, "Isn't everyone?"

    We'll leave the progs behind to deal with what they created.

  20. Either way, just being there at the White Wolf Mine (and environs) is too intoxicating not to make the move. I've done my time in the bucket. Now I need to live my life for me.

  21. Better to be tried by Clown Law than Sharia…though if you mention that in the UK, I think that they can put you in jail.

  22. I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you this, LL, but -ah- you know that the Wet Beaver Wilderness in that area probably isn't named for… Oh, never mind.

  23. Keep the ground cover cleared and thin the trees near your abode. We saved 2100 acres from a huge fire a few years back because we'd just finished thinning the trees out.

  24. I have no problem with Wet Beavers. None at all. Much better a wet beaver than a dry one. And the shrine is located very close to the White Wolf Mining and Timber Company.

  25. Most of it is thinned in my area, but your'e spot on. That is the key. It's the brush that causes the balance of the problems, not the tall, old ponderosas.

  26. I don't know about you, but a six hour drive sounds rough. I'd need lots of coffee for that.

  27. Over the next several months, I'll begin to get the design (including a fire suppression system) drawn up. Rome wasn't built in a day and it needs to be done right.

  28. Yeah, in that area (like this one), fire suppression is going to be key. It's good that you're getting prepared. I recommend just keeping a lot of wet beavers around. Brush fires are generally no match for them.

  29. A friend of mine who works in the oil (drilling) industry has offered to install a large steel tank (bury it) to use as a reservoir for fire suppression. The pump will run off the diesel generator in the cabin and the tank will feed nozzles strategically placed around the place.

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