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The Second Amendment does not apply to semi-automatic rifles or to bolt action rifles, pistols or revolvers. The Second Amendment RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT. The technology of the firearm is irrelevant. The restrictions on government remain the same irrespective of the firearm. The Second Amendment was not written to grant permission for citizens to own and bear firearms. It forbids government interference in the right to keep and bear arms, period. The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.


In the Grand Canyon

The River Trail was the most difficult trail built at the Grand Canyon and was the work of the Civilian Conservation Corps. They blasted it out of the sheer schist and granite of the Inner Gorge.


Identify the AFV



From the BBC

(h/t Claudio) In any war, there are units that distinguish themselves and others that become symbolic of failure. The 331st Guards Parachute Regiment had high hopes of being the first, but now represents the disintegration of Russia’s plan for a quick war.

The regiment’s commanding officer, Col Sergei Sukharev, was killed in Ukraine on 13 March, and was posthumously awarded the Hero of the Russian Federation medal. At his funeral, deputy defence minister Gen Yuri Sadovenko said the colonel “lived for the future, for the future of our people, a future without Nazism”.

…The men in the 331st regarded themselves as the pick of Russia’s army. In a video posted online last May, a general tells soldiers of the 331st Parachute Regiment that they are “the best of the best”. The unit served in the Balkans, Chechnya, and the 2014 Russian intervention in the Donbas region of Ukraine, and regularly took part in Red Square parades in Moscow. The 331st was also a showcase for Russia’s policy of replacing national service soldiers with contraktniki – professionals under contract. It is understandable why the generals should have given it an important role in the invasion.


The VDV (Airborne Forces) have been a big disappointment to Russia.


  1. MCV-80 WARRIOR Infantry Fighting Vehicle in the “Desert Warrior” version (with aprons). This is the version used by Kuwait.
    The WARRIOR IFV is supposed to be phased out soon and will allegedly be replaced by BOXER AFVs.
    (Ha, the Brits buying German tanks!)

    • Nailed it.

      The British military sank a long way and they are coming back as they’re able. They’ve had a lot of problems with their AFVs lately.

  2. beware the ides of april? durham filed what amounts to rico allegations on hillary and company, assuring nuclear attack soon….how far the mighty airborne have fallen. i wouldn’t put much stock in ours now either. twenty years ago we replaced the 82nd in bosnia, they were a soup sandwich. no semblance of the ’80s strac troops i once knew. last time i was down there i ran into a trooper doing a drug deal in the px. happy humpday!

    • My only direct contact with the 82nd came in the 80s and I thought they were tight. Blood upon the risers and all that.

      Hillary has a lot of shit on a lot of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had physical possession of the Epstein tapes.

  3. May be wrong but I don’t believe mercenaries were ever successful when used as the primary force. Sure did not work out here.

    Agree with the 2nd amendment. It is pretty clear when the Constitution is pretty clear when you read it and don’t try to twist the meaning to mean what you want it to. The type of weapons an individual owns should be governed by what they can afford to buy or make.

    • Historically, they were very successful. Janisaries, Swiss Pikemen, Genoese Crossbowmen, English Longbowmen, at times different groups of mercenaries were brigaded together. Because of the numbers and equipment, they’re force multipliers these days unless they are operating on a very small scale. They are better used when they’re task-oriented. Ukraine is a great place for them, training Ukrainians and providing deniability for the action of great powers against Russia. At the same time, your point is well taken.

      After the USSR fell and the Russian army disintegrated, they tried several measures to bring back a credible military. Establishing more of a mercenary organization structure in the airborne troops, Wagner Group, and Spetznaz/GRU was one of those measures. The problem they have is that they’re Russians. I don’t mean that in any pejorative way. I have no particular animosity against Russians in general. The culture is not what it once was there. A lot of the young men who are of age are feral. There is a cultural tendency for NCOs to be brutish and to steal from their men. The airborne troops are common thieves with significant substance abuse problems and while a knifeman from the streets of Moscow might be an adequate debt collector, he’s not going to make much of a soldier – as we’ve seen in Ukraine.

      The Russians don’t have the basic material to work with. They can cobble together ten or twenty here or there, but that’s not even a platoon and they keep those people for special projects (Spetznaz types) not for regular army.

  4. The Founders create an ironclad 2A only to have the thieves and power mongers work for the past 80 years to undermine it, bit by sleazy bit.

    With the world taking advantage of the thin-skinned The HollowMan and going to you-know-what, Mr. O himself was excitedly welcomed back into the White House to add a coat of wax his Unaffordable Care Act turd, while doddering Joe was on full irrelevant display hanging with the backdrop curtains. Watch what happens next…Harris was a purposeful screw-up of grand proportion to generate the idea she must be removed. They then put Mr. O in her place “because the world is going to hell and he’s seasoned”. Shortly after Joe gets 25A out, and wallah, O is back in the Oval Office saddle. All before November. Yesterday was the trial balloon.

    • Maybe, but would the Folding O/Half Blood Prince want to get back into it rather than pulling the strings? Maybe. We know that the donkeys are looking for solutions.

      • Yes. He wants the spotlight…he’s like a reverse Vampire but with the same result.

        This dumpster fire has been fully orchestrated from 2015. And because the R’s are inside traders they won’t do anything about it. Wussies, with a ‘p’.

        • Barack has been the shadow president with Joe as a feeble cat’s paw. Even if the democrats do something before November, I don’t think that will change. Maybe a different figurehead? Kamala is worse for them than Joe – and just as feeble-minded. If Barack takes the stage as the new president, a lot of the old skeletons will resurface.

    • The FedGov and StateGovs have been violating the 2nd Amendment since at least the Civil War. That would be over 120 years of violations.

      If you count the various ‘can’t sell guns to slaves’ thingy, then both the FedGov and various StateGovs have been violating the 2nd since the 2nd was passed.

      • True, seems to have accelerated in modern times. Reading “Unintended Consequences”, and not being ensconced in the firearm world, really opened my eyes to the level of 2A undermining from WW1 on.

  5. The Second Amendment RESTRICTS GOVERNMENT
    There you go again disputing and disrupting the “Narrative”. You are trying to get the pallet nearest the non functioning stove in the reeducation camp.
    Paul M
    This is the Lightbringer’s third term. Might as well get it out in the open.

  6. Nightmare scenario (One of several): They have to get rid of the desiccated vegetable before the midterms, obviously. Heels Up Harris is forced out, easily done. The dems and the WH announce a state of emergency and constitutional crisis and due to Covid variants, the war, food shortages and famine, illegal immigration crisis, so and and so forth, pick your ginned-up catastrophe, they announce that a seasoned and experienced leader is needed to replace Harris…in walks Obama. Biden is then removed via 25th amendment and voila! Obama is back. And since his team from his last occupation in the WH is already running the show, he just slides in to save the day. The media have an orgasm and we’re off to the races.

    • I believe this has been their orchestrated play all along. It’s a script. Pay Harris a pile of cash to be her asinine self – Joe’s the placeholder – Obama is operating in the wings waiting to step in as the savior…and some people will fawn with glee.

      I’ll repeat: Every single one of these traitors would have been publicly hung in Jefferson’s time as an effective way to remove the rot and dissuade others from doing the same.

      • The tell is obvious with Harris, all 12 of her staff have jumped ship and she’s only replaced one…her speech writer. Obama will probably nominate Tank Abrams to be his VP. Something wicked this way comes.

  7. Yep, ‘show’ troops that didn’t quite preform… Not like we’ve ever seen that before. And yes, 82nd and 101st both have ‘problems’ living up to their reputations.

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