22 thoughts on “Second Amendment at Work

  1. No mention of Leland Mole's race. Irrelevant, I guess. I would also guess that Moles is black. I would also guess that would make me a racist, right LL?

  2. You are the child of massive white privilege, and an exceptionally easy life (since you're white). What do you know of the suffering of moles and their exploitation and the hands of Leland? Moles have been subject to genocide and the fact that they are (secretly) pro-Islamic has made them the target of Islamophobic attacks from running dog lackeys of imperialists like yourself… (sigh)

  3. Try This:

  4. And this just in — The Defense Department has decided to rename the AH-64 Apache, the Haji Killer. In this way they avoid marginalizing native Americans. Read more on the Duffle Blog: duffelblog.com/2016/05/citing-pressure-from-native-american-groups-pentagon-renames-apache-helicopters-haji-killers/?utm_source=Duffel+Blog+Fans&utm_campaign=794f8afa9d-Duffel_Blog_Daily&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6d392bc034-794f8afa9d-23759637&goal=0_6d392bc034-794f8afa9d-23759637&mc_cid=794f8afa9d&mc_eid=b27f50a7b7

  5. I had to use this address just above. It really makes old guys know the need to be packing in our own homes.

  6. You got me there, LL. I confess, I am indeed a member of the Running Dog Lackey Imperialist club (dues paying), and I plan on bringing a three-bean salad to the Annual Running Dog Lackey Imperialist Club Picnic. What are you bringing?

  7. Liberal elites would prefer to live in their estates, surrounded by rough men with firearms than to allow the "little people" a chance.

  8. No, we running dog imperialists like fried chicken, and watermellon is OK. Three commercially available fried chicken establishments have the club approval:
    * Church's
    *Kentucky Fried Chicken – original recipe only. If you show up with extra crispy, you will be cited for contempt.

  9. PS- we'll eat the extra crispy KFC anyway, but will give you the stink eye as we chew.

  10. Nice looking woman for 80, too. I was trained well by my first husband (RIP)who drilled me relentlessly on not waving around a gun and threatening to shoot. If you point it, you shoot it. Period.

  11. Strange to hear of that kind of crime in Sultan, a flyspeck town on a minor highway.

  12. I had thoughts of offering my own chicken (better than all of the commercial outlets). However, everybody's a critic and everyone likes something different.

  13. I doubt that anyone would dare breech the sanctity of your castle, Old NFO. Then again, they might hope that you would be slowed by a few seconds as you decide which piece of artillery to unlimber and throw into battery.

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