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US Foreign Aid

There is a lot of confusion about US foreign aid and how it works. In the age of Obama (less so with Trump to tended to question it) and now again with Joe Brandon. I’ll try to clear it up for you.

There was a time when it was completely (mis)managed by the US State Department’s Foreign Service officers or FSO’s (sometimes called faggots serving overseas). Now, increasingly, aid packages are consigned to non-governmental organizations to manage. In fact, the money is earmarked through those NGO’s.

There are a large number of NGO’s out there, but the chosen NGO’s to administer aid are fewer and more select. Let me give an example through a fictional NGO that we will call “Feed Colored People and Lesbians”. Note the fetching and progressive title, focusing on equity. Next, there must be a headliner – a face to the NGO. People like Rev. Al Sharpton are often tapped because (1) they are holy – Sharpton is a reverend, (2) they have the proper skin tone, (3) they could care less how the money is spent so long as they’re paid (often to an account off-shore in a nominee name). Some like Michelle Obama (correct skin color, correct party, ambiguous gender) are selected because who would question the former first lady/person?

So we have $500 million en route to a deserving country such as Pakistan to aid homosexuals being persecuted by the Islamic government. Or it’s headed to Burkina Faso to feed starving children – whatever. But not quite…

The NGO gets a large cut for the administration of funds that ends up in the pockets of the parasites who run the outfit (and the headliner) and the NGO, in turn, contributes heavily to a political action committee, which we all call The Committee for a Better America. The PAC then distributes funds to key Congresspeople who voted for the foreign aid. Maybe $75,000 each, maybe it’s spread through several PAC’s if the amounts are large enough.

Some of the money goes to the NGO people in-country (our man in Pakistan) and some usually reach the homosexuals in distress or the starving children or hummingbird eradication. This is certified by the NGO, since it’s an earmark. There are State Department types (bleeding hearts) who complained in the past about money never reaching the ‘deserving’,  so it’s taken out their hands.

The lucre reaches the filthy hands of republicans and democrats along with other swamp creatures.


Identify the Experimental Aircraft

What was it used for?


Identify the Armored Car


Government…gotta love it


A Few Memes


Suicide Mission

Atomic demolition munition developed to be carried by US Special Forces and Navy SEALs to be used against Soviet bases and infrastructure in the case of a full-scale war.

By destroying key terrain features or chokepoints such as bridges, dams, mountain passes, and tunnels, ADMs could serve to create physical as well as radiological obstacles to the movement of enemy forces and thus channel them into prepared killing zones.

At the time they were designed, there was a timer designed to allow the SEAL time to evade the blast radius. We now know it was a dummy and that when you set it, the weapon detonated.


  1. The armored car is a M-8 GREYHOUND “light armored car”; very probably in an AA role with a quad mount of .50 cal. machine guns.
    The strange-looking aircraft is beyond the scope of my knowledge, me being a mere infantryman of the footslogger variety.

    • Yes, Surly. As I understand it, they found that ejections from that position yielded unfortunate results. They had a much more difficult time managing G-loading too.

      Nailed it, Martin.

  2. With your Popular Mechanix style instructional, and warped modern culture saying it’s normal to profess what you are not, I’m now identifying as an NGO….where do I sign up to “assist” in spreading the ubiquitous foreign aid wealth around for my made-up pet cause, of which I’ll take a healthy cut for all my hard work?

    We used to call that money-laundering/graft/theft/criminal/treason, with appropriate consequences. Now you become President.

  3. i do love the mp5. i had a hk94, semi version, back in the day. traded it for an ar15, good trade at the time. thought i would just go buy another when i got back to town. about a week later bush the senior banned importation. since then i have drooled over them but refused to pay 5 grand for a gun i bought for 600 bucks. just offends my senses….the judges ruling on the healthcare workers is tantamount to slavery….foreign aid, payola for congressmen. military contracts, payola for the bosses. bigger bucks. all of them had front companies that “won” contracts in the war zones. took the money, closed the company, never delivered a thing. no investigation, no media…. don’t forget hillary’s offspring in ukraine. chelsie’s hubby is heavy into their steel industry. made a fortune illegally dumping inferior steel on the u.s. market, bankrupting several small u.s. foundries.

    • It’s a whole different story when you’re the one trained in blue light operations and they explain how you’ll have plenty of time E&E.

  4. As Martin said for the armored car.

    I think that Meteor variant was designed to scare the crap out of the poor bastard in the front.


  5. Great description of foreign aid. It will clear things up for a lot of people.

    I agree with Kle about the Meteor. Landings must have been especially stressful

    Interesting info on the ADMs. I have seen them in the classified museum at Sandia many years ago but did not know about the timers. Not surprising though.

  6. Gloster Meteor F8, a true ‘one off’… Note that the pilot lay on his belly in this iteration. The ‘big’ issue was no ejection capability. The F-16 used a ‘version’ of that with the 30 deg reclined seat to mitigate G forces, but there were/are issues with a vertical fight, as the F-16 drivers pull to ‘local’ vertical based on their position, not the true aircraft position. Re the backpack nukes… Hell to the no!!!

  7. ADM
    One of our jobs as Engineers (mid 60s) was preparing sites along the East German and Czechoslovakian border for these. Main emphasis was around the Fulda Gap. Didn’t ever know about the fuses.

    We prepared far more sites than would ever be used. Theory was to keep Ivan guessing.

      • I’ve written before about walking past a 3/4 ton truck with one in the back and no one around. Turned out to be a training aid. Much excitement after I alerted our SgtMaj. Innocuous looking things. Enhanced radiation for area denial. Special Ops people to work behind “lines”? The unit we supported worked out of Glenhausen and were regular “leg” troops.

  8. The human mind is a partitioned thing, where the chunks don’t talk to each other. Every post here other than the food posts is a documentary of how government betrayed your trust, yet, y’all still trust it.

  9. Lee Childs novel “Night School” with Jack Reacher was about backpack nukes nicknamed “Davy Crockets.” Good read as always.

  10. Nice sub gun.
    I’ll take two they’re small.

    Vet wrap (cohesive bandage): highly recommended.
    A multitude of uses.
    Superior to duct tape for wrapping almost anything.

    • Best duck tape is either rigger’s tape (for theatrical rigging) or actual mil-grade 100mph tape. Both have much more serious stickiness, don’t tear as easy, don’t degrade as easy.

      Trust me. Being in the SCA makes one a duck tape connoisseur.

      Now, for places that need heat resistance, muffler tape is the way to go. The real stuff, which is a thin layer of actual metal with heat resistant sealing adhesive. Bonus points is the stuff is shiny. But don’t use it on SCA weapons because you’ll eventually end up with a stick covered in razor blades. Bad form, don’t you know.

        • Before the ubiquitous vinyl electrical tape we always had friction tape in the house, better for certain things, online is best as HD and Lowes sell tiny rolls.

          Being married to a DVM we keep a stock of Vetwrap…as Wae said, it is great for more than just bandaging and doesn’t leave behind adhesive residue. Gorilla tape is thicker than duck tape, with heavier adhesive so I keep a roll on hand. I do need to buy some riggers tape.

  11. Oh, come on. We adults all know how Foreign Aid works. 80% goes to the actual country, which means 80% of that goes to whatever dictator (and his or her family)/fearless leader (and his or her family)/cabal (and their families) is in control, while the remaining 20% gets filtered down to lesser kleptocrats with about maybe 1% (on a good day) making it to the people or item that it was destined for.

    The other 20% of the original monies gets siphoned off or returned in ‘donations’ and ‘grants’ and ‘studies funds’ to the legislative idiots and their staff and lobbyists who got the foreign aid to begin with.

    Kleptocracy at its finest.

    It’s much like with Big Charity, like March of Dimes, where only 10% makes it out of Corporate’s hands, and of that 10%, most goes to lesser kleptocrats and social workers and maybe, just maybe, 1% actually gets down to buying stuff for local people, most of which goes to not actually take care of the stated goal, but instead gets filtered elsewhere like towards the caregiver’s crack addiction or booze or…

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